Boston Red Sox Trivia — Think You Really Know the Sox?

Daisuke Matsuzaka

In the next few weeks, I will be posting a series of trivia questions focused on testing your knowledge of various sports or teams. The questions are meant to be very difficult. The idea is that you will take the quizzes, without doing any research, and comment with your answers. I’ll then award someone the high score. Like I said, these are tough questions, especially if the quiz isn’t about your favorite team. So even if you get a few questions right, you could be in the running.

We’ll start with the Red Sox, focusing on the Sox 1995-2010. Here we go.

1) I played my entire career with the Red Sox, finishing with a .303 career batting average. I came in second place in the 1988 AL MVP voting, and was the Red Sox starting left fielder in 1995. They call me “the Gator.”

2) I am the Red Sox pitcher with the most saves in a single season since 1995.

3) Mo Vaughn, aka “The Hit Dog,” won the 1995 MVP in a season where he hit 39 home runs. Which player on the Red Sox had the second most home runs that season?

4) I was the Red Sox primary catcher before Jason Varitek took over.

5) Which Red Sox pitcher was on the mound when the Sox captured the final out of the 2004 World Series?

6) Before Theo Epstein, who was the general manager of the Red Sox?

7) I am the only Red Sox player to come in the top 5 in MVP voting in 5 consecutive seasons.

8)I had a 1.74 ERA the year following my best season.

9) I am Dustin Pedroia’s size, used to play his position, and you can get the plural version of me at McDonald’s.

10) A fellow steroid user, A-Rod once tried to slap a ball out of my hand.

Comment with your answers. Good luck!

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12 responses to “Boston Red Sox Trivia — Think You Really Know the Sox?

  1. j-bone

    10. Arroyo
    9. McGriddle
    8. Papelbon
    7. Williams
    6. Mayor McCheese
    5. Foulke
    4. Whoever taught Veritek to use steriods
    3. Someone with good sabermetrics
    2. Papelbon
    1. Wakefield

  2. Kevin Youkillis

    1. Greenwell, dunno his first name.. the “gator” gave it away
    2. Papelbon
    3. no idea, was that one of the years canseco was on the roster? ill go with him
    4. Nelson, Pedro’s midget
    5.i know pedro pitched, then maybe timlin
    6.Grady Little
    7. Nomar
    8. Schilling? ha
    9. Grimace
    10. Meinkevitcz is in the picture i know, but no clue who was pitching and covering first.. gonna guess the man with the fancy hair, mr. arroyo

  3. Teck

    1) Greenwell
    2) Papelbon
    3) Canseco
    4) Todd “the tank” Pratt
    5) Foulke
    6) Port…my grandfather hated him
    7) Manny
    8) Pedro
    9) McNugget
    10) Arroyo

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