howiGit’s Blog Giveaway #2 — CSN Stores

CSN StoresSo a few months back howiGit’s blog had our first giveaway, and now it’s time for our second. This is a very nominal way of rewarding our readers or someone who wants to contribute a guest post to us. We’ll keep it simple this time — the first reader who sends me an interesting, well written guest post will receive a $35 gift certificate to CSN Stores, an online retailer consisting of over 200 specialty retail stores. Think of it like a huge online department store. Need a bar stool? They literally have an entire store worth of them. They also have office supplies, fitness equipment, shoes, housewares, etc. They like howiGit’s blog, and we like them. Get yourself something, or buy your mom a Christmas present on us. Why not? It’s a free $35.

E-mail your contribution to me at The first post I receive gets the gift certificate.

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One response to “howiGit’s Blog Giveaway #2 — CSN Stores

  1. So this is what I get as a result of this contest:

    So I wracked my brain for something interesting to say , and found out I was just boring.
    I am waiting for White Collar and Psyche to come back for the last half of the season,
    I shampooed my carpet recently. See, that is all there is.
    Imagine how much more interesting my life would be if I won a gift card?
    I would find some great thing, buy it, remodel so it looked good in my house, have a friend over who had a relative looking for someone with flair…HGTV would call me and I would get my own show, move off the small screen to silver, buy an island and start a shelter for little dogs who
    didn’t potty train well!

    It is all up to you now!

    God help this blog.

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