The Red Sox Handle Their Business, The US Ryder Cup Team Does Not

Rays win AL East

The Boston Red Sox handled their business this weekend, winning some pride points by taking 2 out of 3 games from the New York Yankees thus denying them the AL East Crown. After losing 6-5 in a 10 inning game on Friday night, the Sox won another 10 inning game 7-6 before beating the Yankees 8-4 in the final game of the season. In the final game Jed Lowrie went 2-3 with 2 home  runs, John Lackey pitched 7+ innings allowing 2 earned runs, and David Ortiz went 3-3 to bring his average up to .270 — quite a feat considering his horrific start to this season. The Rays should send the Red Sox a fruitcake, thanking them for their efforts. It’s good to see them win, considering the team will be dismantled after this season. While I’m happy the Sox helped ensure the division stayed out of the Yankees hands, I’d be pleased if I were a Yankees fan. The Yankees will now face the Minnesota Twins in the first round of the playoffs, a match-up I consider much easier than the Texas Rangers who will now play the Rays.  howiGit’s prediction — spot on.

As for the national league,…..well who cares it’s the national league.

In other news, the US Ryder Cup team stormed back today after going down 9.5-6.5 to the European team. The matches were eventually knotted at 13.5-13.5 with one match left on the course. American Hunter Mahan then proceeded to out-choke Graeme McDowell, and Europe won the Cup. I predicted a European victory, although I predicted a big win, so my prediction was only half right.

Pats-Dolphins tonight, I can’t wait.

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16 responses to “The Red Sox Handle Their Business, The US Ryder Cup Team Does Not

  1. Teck

    To be fair you did pick the Europeans to crush the americans…which was certainly not the case. Hole 17 was a pathetic display by both Graeme and Mahan. inexcusable to leave two shots short of the green on a par three with the Cup on the line…however Tom Brady junior (Fowler) came through pretty big to extend the match at the end. USA had an impressive comeback in singles.

    I agree with your original statement that the Americans were over matched to begin with. It really came down to the European dominated 3rd session where they nearly swept the americans. I was very impressed with Overton (Boom, Baby)…and Poulter may look like a twit but something about the Ryder Cup makes him play like a mad man.

    • Teck

      also i very much missed the antics and emotion of the Boo Weekley and JB Holmes pairing…but Watson and Overton tried. I just felt like there was no emotion from most of the USA team.

      • That’s because they are overpaid sissies that lack the spice of the European team. Not fully true, but partially. I wish the US had one, but I think it’s kind of fitting that Europe likes to get together and spank us in this event.

    • The US was overmatched from the get-go, and the event not only brings the best our of Poulter, but out of almost all of the Europeans. Hence, their recent domination of the event. I was definitely impressed the the US comeback and certainly didn’t see that coming. Everybody says that the Ryder Cup is golf’s most pressure packed event, so seeing the poor play down the stretch is understandable. Try playing golf under huge pressure, it’s incredibly difficult to have any sort of touch when your hand are shaking. Lots of other more physical sports you can funnel that energy into performance, but golf is much more finicky and the margin for error is usually smaller. That being said, it’s tough to see an event end like that. You always want to see something won on a big shot rather than a who chokes less contest.

  2. Teck

    agreed…on your last point poor ending to a great tournament. i can’t wait for the next one in america, the time delay is always frustrating as well, choosing between watching live or watching in its entirety on delay.

    The US needs more charasmatic players who will show the emotion and drive to win. playing golf under pressure is extremely difficult i agree, but watching the matches yesterday in the third session the americans were lifeless pretty much with the exception of Watson/overton. maybe part of that goes back to the captain Pavin who unlike azinger was very stoic throughout.

    It just seemed there was no urgency in the americans…i missed Boo, holmes, Kim from ’08 and those other memorable players who showed some emotion in the past. The euro’s certainly had it and while they were on home turf i dont think that should stop the americans from doing the same thing.

  3. Teck

    exactly…also because he nearly misses tee times due to the fact he was out partying the night before and is hungover…i was skeptical of the fowler selection, but he played very well with alot of pressure on him at the end. I still cant get over his tom brady hair though

  4. A. Rab Money

    you sound like 2 cackling women talking about hair styles and emotional tendencies. do us all a favor — put on some football and drink a beer.

  5. Teck

    i cant wait for a Phils vs Red Sox world series this yea……oh wait

  6. Teck

    yea it is….who are you guys gonna be going after.

    Gonzalez, Crawford, Werth?

    • I’d like to see us get Gonzalez, but I doubt that will happen. Who we get depends entirely on who we are able to resign — we’ve got plenty of players we need to worry about keeping. It’ll be interesting for sure.

  7. Kevin Youkillis

    Dolphins in 5, calling it now. Pats rotation is a bit week as well as their bullpen. Their 6 hole also needs improvement.

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