Patriots Take It To Miami, 41-14

Patrick Chung New England Patriots

The New England Patriots offense played well, the defense played better, and the special teams unit played best as the Pats routed the Miami Dolphins 41-14 on Monday Night Football. The Patriots forced 3 interceptions and blocked 2 punts, led second year safety Patrick Chung who was responsible for both blocked punts, and interception, and five tackles. This win echoes my sentiments from previous posts — if the Pats can make a play or two on the defensive side of the ball, they will be very tough to beat.

Tom Brady was all fired up about this win, as he should be — he didn’t have to do this one all on his own. This was a big game for Tom from an individual perspective as well — he did a great job of shutting up his critics who so frequently try to bring him down on this blog. The win was Brady’s 100th, making his the quickest quarterback to 100 wins in NFL history. Faster than Terry Bradshaw. Fast than Brett Favre. Faster than Joe Montana. Faster than Peyton Manning. What else is there to say? Brady is now 100-31 on his career, an absurd average of 12.3-3.7 per season. And for those who have been spitting out the “Tom Brady isn’t that clutch argument,” 29 of those wins are 4th quarter comebacks — so you can take that, shove it in your pipe, and smoke it.

The Patriots have a bye next week, followed by a tough game against the Ravens.

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26 responses to “Patriots Take It To Miami, 41-14

  1. Teck

    Get your stats right if your gonna bash the phins please. one blocked punt which led to a td and one blocked field goal for a touchdown and pick six all for chung. plus a kickoff return.

    The Miami defense came to play only really allowing one New England td. The special teams were obviously atrocious…how the same guy can get through on two different plays completely untouched is unforgivable.

    Patriots have a good special teams….and if i follow the same logic of some other readers i can probably say that Henne and the phins special teams were elite last night.

  2. j-bone

    So Beiber not having to do alot to win shut me up? Thats my arguement; that until Randy and Wes showed up he didn’t do it by himself he did it on defense. As shown by New England being a top ten passing team only twice since 2002 before they arrived. As opposed to Payton who has been every year since 2002.

    Being the fastest to do something means nothing other then you have been on good teams, good teams that were built on defense and coaching

    • 100-31. 29 4th quarter comebacks. The quarterback is the player most responsible for a team’s performance. Since 2002 he’s never had a season with less than 3500+ yards, 23+ touchdowns, and a completion percentage above 60%. Go home.

      • j-bone

        Rich Gannon, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, and Doug Williams have all won superbowls without being even close to the most responsible. That is not including teams that have played in the super bowl with non responsible qb’s. The most responsible person is the coach not the qb.

        Peyton Manning has 35 4th qtr comebacks has never thrown under 27 tds since 2002 and has only thrown under 4000 once at 3700 and an over 65% completion percentage. Those are better stats.

        New England has had 5 top ten defenses since 2002
        Indy has 2, and have also been outside of the top 20 twice.

        So in summary Peyton has more 4th quarter comebacks, smoke on that, more touchdowns on average, yards on average, better completion percentage, and a worse defense.

        I ain’t going nowhere homeboy

      • And he’s been pretty great at losing in the playoffs, so good for him. He’s got a 9-9 career playoff record, whereas Brady has a 14-4 mark. Hi regular season offensive stats are better, and are a result of having multiple pro-bowl receivers nearly his whole career, whereas Tom did not have a single one in any of his super bowl seasons. He also averages more attempts and interceptions.

      • j-bone

        yes and his defense carried him to those super bowls, since he had those pro bowlers he has not won a superbowl. That is because the defense that was so good got old. Also they were playing with an even playing field with out the defenses signals pre play.

      • Sure, the Patriots defense isn’t what it was back then. But those Super Bowls would have been loses if not for Brady driving the ball down the field in the 4th quarter. The defense played well, but not well enough to win any of them without Tommy clutch. This years D has showed some glimpses of potential, but they still suck on a whole. If we could get the D back playing well for the next 2-3 years it’ll be awesome to watch.

      • j-bone

        In the last 10 years we have seen Kurt Warner, Eli Manning, Steve McNair, and Ben Rothlesberger take teams down the field to score late in Super Bowls, so yes impressive but have seen it from a wide variety of qb’s.

        Just for fun here are Brady’s super bowl numbers:
        Brady in his 2001- 16-27 145 yards 1 td
        Brady in his 2003- 32-48 354 3 td 1 pick
        brady in his 2004- 22-33 236 2 tds
        That is one sub par, one decent, and one very good game. Hardly numbers I would expect from the best man to ever walk the face of the earth

      • That’s an average of 245 yards, with a 65% completion percentage, with 6 touchdowns and 1 interception, in 3 super bowl wins. I don’t see any argument against those numbers.

      • j-bone

        You can’t average those numbers, if someone plays in two games in one throws for 490 and 0 in the other, 4 td’s in one and 0 in the other and then 0 picks and 2 in the other he averages the same as Brady. You could say that that player plays pretty good in super bowls when in fact in one he didnt do anything but throw two picks. The math doesnt add up there.

      • I see your point. We’ll just leave it at three 4th quarter game winning drives then?

      • j-bone

        yeah I guess I will give three drives after the defense got them there, held them to x amount of points and then had a clutch kicker finish them off instead of putting it in the endzone

      • Vinateri is as clutch as they come, no doubt about it. But so is Brady — the ball doesn’t move itself up the field. And he didn’t need to put it in the end zone, so that’s pretty irrelevant. As for the defense holding them to X amount of points, well that amount was 29 points one game…….yet we scored 32.

  3. j-bone

    I am saying that it is easier to get your team 40 yards and not putting it in the endzone. Did he have to? No. However the degree of difficulty is more when putting it in the endzone.

    “Just 17 points.”
    Don’t talk to me about points.

    • Of course it’s more difficult to get it in the end zone. Tom Brady takes shits with more talent than Eli Manning. Tom
      Brady is very good.

      • j-bone

        Again this has nothing to do with Eli. How come everytime I come with legit stats to shut down your love affair with Tom Brady the response is “Well he is better then Eli”. No shit, I never claimed he was. My claims are if Eli is garbage and didn’t win his super bowl it was his defense then its the same with Brady for two of his, and that Biebers regular seasons up until Moss and Welker were nothing to write home about. So the “best football player of the last 20 years” doesn’t put up great regular seasons except one and his Super Bowl hero and clutch performer reputation is overblown.

      • Incorrect. Look at the stats that I gave you regarding Tom Brady’s regular season, I’d say that they are very, very good. Also, Tom Brady didn’t heave a hail mary after throwing an interception that one of the best cornerbacks in the league dropped. Nor was the Patriots defense nearly as good as the Giants in any of there super bowl wins. These are all huge differences. And your super bowl hero/ clutch performer reputation cannot possibly be overblown when you lead 3 fourth quarter, super bowl winning drives. There’s no way around it.

      • j-bone

        Tom Brady is very good, a top three qb in this league. He is not the best player of the last 20 years. The fact that he is the fastest to reach 100 wins means nothing. Peyton Mannings stats are better then Bradys. When the Pats beat the Eagles they had a better defense yards wise then the Giants when they won. Brady did not play well his first super bowl and moved the ball about 53 yards in 1:30 in the final drive. Nice but not overly impressive. In his second he put up great numbers, his “clutch” drive was moving the ball 39 yards in a minute, again not overly impressive. I am a little confused about his winning drive against the Eagles, kicking a field goal with 8:43 left in the game is considered a clutch game winnning drive?

      • No one said Tom Brady is the best player of the last 20 years, although you could make that argument very effectively. It certainly does mean something that he was fastest to 100 wins — look at the players he beat out — Peyton, Bradshaw, Favre, Montana — arguably the best quarterbacks ever. That’s what I call a pretty damn strong correlation. Peyton’s stats are better in the regular season, slightly, and are FAR worse in the playoffs, which everyone knows is what truly matters. Drives of 53 yards with 1:30 on the clock and 39 yeard with 1:00 on the clock, when they have to happen in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl are hugely impressive.

  4. J-bone

    And that 32 was Bradys only very good game. I will give him that win

  5. j-bone

    YOU stated Tom Brady was the best player of our generation and made our generation 1990 through 2010. I will go back and copy and paste where you stated that.

  6. j-bone

    so you are stating that tom brady is the best football player in the last 20 years other then Jerry Rice?

    July 21, 2010 at 5:40 pm
    Sure. I’d be willing to reconsider if you can offer me a compelling argument.

    July 21, 2010 at 6:09 pm
    Brett Favre- 2 super bowls 1 win, 3 MVPS. Most passing yards, tds, wins. playoff yards and 2nd in tds. and i hate him

    Emitt Smith- 3 superbowls, mvp, rookie of the year, must career rushing yards and touchdowns

    Manning- 4 time mvp 2 super bowls 1 win, more touchdowns, yards, wins and higher qb rating the Brady, you say records, the guy had one season with the records when he had a receiver whose previous qb had the record. Manning has more total records.

    Marino-statistically much better had shitty teams.

    Steve Young- 3 time champion 2 mvps, highest passing rating, most touchdown passes in a super bowl, more td passes than brady.


    July 21, 2010 at 6:49 pm
    Favre — 1 super bowl win, longetivity is all he’s got.

    Emmitt — a fair comparison

    Manning — He’s played more games than Brady, has 2 less super bowls, and has generally been dominated by Brady head to head.

    Marino — it’s a shame he never had a team.

    Steve Young — underappreciated for sure — a fair comparison even. But he had his boy Jerry all along.

    Emmitt and Jerry are fair comparisons, but I don’t think you provided an argument that makes me feel like I need to take Brady off the list.

  7. j-bone

    followed by but nobody bumps him off the list which i beleive he was the only football player on there, making him the best football player

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