The Greatest Golf Picture Ever

The Best Golf Photo Ever

I think so. This happened in the Ryder Cup when Tiger flat out flubbed a shot into a reporter’s camera. This one will become very famous.

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4 responses to “The Greatest Golf Picture Ever

  1. Teck

    its pretty good…the guy with the cigar on the right might push it over the top.

    I think its def the best action shot…but their are a lot of iconic picture from golf…i got my dad this framed picture of young jack nicklaus paying off a bet to arnold palmer. great pic too

    • Yea I know that picture as well, it’s a good one. This may not be the best ever, it’s pretty cool though just because of how it’s shot and the people in the background. Another classic is of Ben Hogan hitting a 1-iron at what I think is the 1953 US Open at Merion — right outside of Philly and near St. Joe’s.

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