Randy Moss Traded — The Patriots Have Explaining to Do

Randy Moss Tom Brady

I’m sorry, Randy. I’m sure you did have a blowout with the Patriots quarterback coach, I’m sure you were pissed that you didn’t have a reception in the Miami game. But the fact that the Patriots traded you today to the Vikings is completely ridiculous. In your time with the Patriots, you made up half of one of the best quarterback-reciever duos in the history of football. You were a thrilling to watch play, and you will be missed. Look at what happened when they did throw you the ball — 50 passing touchdowns in a season.

Now for the Patriots front office — what the hell were you thinking? Have you seen the plays that this guy makes? Sure, he can bitch a bit at times, but it’s not like he’s that bad. He makes Tom Brady happy. He scores touchdowns, and he opens up the field for every other player. His value truly is immeasurable. And to think that you’d make this trade 4 games into a 3-1 season where we need all the offense we can get? Come on. The Patriots already have the third lowest payroll in football, so it’s not about the money. Sure you have some fancy new tight ends, but they are not Randy Moss. Nor will they ever be. This move basically says that you don’t care that much about winning. It is a slap in the face to Randy Moss, to Tom Brady, and to the New England fans who love watching them. The backlash is going to be fierce, and I hope you are ready for it.

Worst of all, you trade him for a third round draft pick. Newsflash — we already had 2 first round, 2 second round, a third round, and 2 fourth round picks next year. We’re rebuilding, I get it. But we’ve only got Tom Brady for another 4 years, and it could take 2 or 3 years for any of those  draft picks to develop into valuable, contributing players. In Randy you had a contributing player — one of the best in the history of the NFL — and one that could contribute now, with Tom Brady, in a major way.

This move was a huge step in the wrong direction, and as a fan, I for one am pissed.

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11 responses to “Randy Moss Traded — The Patriots Have Explaining to Do

  1. Teck

    I agree with everything written here…i dont understand even if you lose randy at the end of the season i gotta think a full season with him at wide out is more valuable then a third round pick in a draft where you already have 7 picks in the first 4 rounds.

    especially on this team that like you said needs all the offense it can get in order hang with other teams. Not only should tom brady be pissed but so should wes welker who will not have the same room to operate with out moss.

    as a phins fan im ok with this trade it makes the pats worse now and at best might possibly make them marginally better two or three years down the line…as a pats fan i would be downright pissed

  2. I want to believe in Belichick and I know I should but this move is a little baffling.

    To think Marshawn Lynch could be had for a fourth rounder? Is there that little difference in talent between Moss and Lynch?

    The Patriots still have a top 5 offense in the NFL and hopefully an average defense by the second half of the season (its certainly not now, but with all second and first rounders making up the defense, and the best coach in our lifetime, the potential is there).

    Look on the bright side, maybe all these picks are going to San Diego for Vincent Jackson?

    • They just ultimately lost by losing Moss. They won’t get anything in return that brings what he does to the field. And the last thing they needed was another draft pick next year.

  3. Alan Weeks

    I am beside myself. A 3rd round pick? I saw a kid in Davis square wearing a Randy Moss Vikings Jersey, I glared at him, and made it known that he was not welcome in our square.

  4. Teck

    Pats gave up on this season and spit in tom brady’s face in the process…maybe they gave him the ultimatum of cut your hair or lose your best receiver. Brady called their bluff and the pats front office had to show him whose boss….the big test will be if brady cuts his hair before they trade welker

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