Appreciating Roy Halladay

roy halladay no hitter

Roy Halladay is one of those guys that has flown under the radar. Partially the result of playing most of his career in Toronto, partially because of his unassuming demeanor. But with the way he’s pitching, now in a bigger market, it’s fair to say those days are over. Halladay put an exclamation mark on his season yesterday, pitching the second no-hitter in postseason history — a 104 pitch gem that would have been Halladay’s second perfect game of the season if not for a fifth inning walk.

Although I only caught this game from the 6th inning on, Halladay’s stuff was electric. This was not a “painting the corners” type no-hitter — Halladay pounded the strike zone all night, consistently throwing all of his pitches for first pitch strikes. Halladay is in all ways a “pitcher’s pitcher,” and the funky motion aside, he’s a blast to watch. He finished this season with a 21-10 record, 250+ innings pitched, a 2.44 ERA, and 9 complete games. I don’t think it would be much of a surprise to see a Cy Young coming his way.

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18 responses to “Appreciating Roy Halladay

  1. Teck

    Hes the man! what else can you say…if he doesnt win the Cy Young it will be a travesty

  2. This game was amazing. It was clear from the first inning he had no-hit stuff.

    On a more interesting note – Can Halladay’s move to the NL be enough to make him a likely hall of fame candidate? He only had around 150 wins before his move to the NL but had 21 this year. It is likely he can get to around 220+ wins while having a close to or sub 3.00 ERA. Not to mention being perhaps the most durable pitcher of our generation, already having 58 CGs (for reference CC only has 30)

    • He’s one of those guys that may be controversial for the Hall of Fame only because he played in a small market and flew under the radar. His 162 game averages are 17-9 with a 3.32 ERA, not to mention the complete games. He should be in no doubt if he puts up a few more big seasons and does something good in the playoffs.

  3. Teck

    I think hes gotta be in the HOF. His number are great…unfortunately he was stuck on a small market teeam that didnt perform very well. but he quietly always put up great numbers. I think with his move to a good team in a bigger market he solidified it…especially if he keeps performing well in the post season.

    • The under-appreciated part of his situation in Toronto was the he was playing in the AL East and averaged 17-9 while frequently playing the Sox and Yankees in a decade where they both had very good teams. He made me a fan last night.

  4. The under-appreciated part of this whole thing is he is putting up unreal numbers in the bandbox known as Citizens Bank Ballpark

  5. J-bone

    Impressive performance indeed. I love the cliff lee who bs. As great as a no hitter was a win is a win, same thing lee got them game 1 last year

    • That’s true, a win is a win. A no hitter makes hitters frustrated though — it doesn’t allow any of the hitters to get some personal momentum going. Plus it’s just cool.

  6. j-bone

    No doubt it is very cool and can get into hitters head, its the philly fans justifying trading lee by saying oh look what halladay did that I find funny

  7. The Lee trade was certainly a little confusing. Trading your number one prospect (Drabek) and Lee for Phillipe Aumont (a SS who may or may not contribute ever) and Halladay. Ill keep the pitching (Drabek) over the hitting (Aumont) everyday of hte week

  8. Teck

    Halladay got off to a pretty damn good start I’d say. They did not get enough back for the Lee trade i completely agreee…i read an article about how teams were dumbfounded by the Lee trade because they were getting together offers that were better then that for Lee. Oh well Halladay wanted to be here though for the long term and Lee was just gonna go where they gave him the most money at the end of this year.

    A line up of Halladay, Lee and hamels would have been absolutely sick…but it didnt happen. That being said the Oswalt trade has turned out to be a good plan B. looking at next year it was probably a good trade.

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