Best Rap Songs Ever Submissions — Weekend Notes

Best Rap Songs Ever

This weekend, howiGit’s blog is asking for your submissions for the best rap songs ever. We are in the process of compiling a list, which will be released next week. Feel free to submit as many or as few as you like, in order or not in order. Whatever you got, we want your input!

Happy Columbus day.

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20 responses to “Best Rap Songs Ever Submissions — Weekend Notes

  1. Alan Weeks

    Ice Cube: “Today was a good day”

  2. j-bone

    California Love
    B.O.B by Outkast
    Triumph by WuTang
    Mo Money Mo Problems
    Da Rockwilder by Red and Meth
    99 Problems

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    in no specific order and without repeating any of the above:
    hit em up. 2pac
    cross roads. bone thugs
    gin and juice. snoop
    killing me softly. fugees
    cam ron. hey ma
    no diggity. black street
    shakey dog- ghostface

    there are soo many, i may include more later
    also the somewhat new cee lo song. “fuck you” has been playing nonstop for me recently. if you havent heard it check it out

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    also i’m not sure how your blog works but i noticed you included ja rule under your “tags” really? tupac, eminem, dre, biggy, nas, jay-z, fat joe and…. ja rule?

    it is poetry at its finest

  5. A. Rab Money

    Its amazing how much more consistent the rap game was in the 90’s and early 2000’s. When I saw this question the first songs and names that come to mind are all the rappers that came out of the 90’s. Here are a few more that have not been mentioned.

    Hate Me Now – Nas
    Who Am I -Snoop
    Victory- Puff Daddy and the Fam
    My Name Is- Eminem
    Next Episode- Dre and Snoop
    And of course…..
    Ruff Ryder’s Anthem- DMX

    When will here the master list from you, Geoffrey.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      “My name is” was the theme song in Arabs favorite movie Wild Hogs.

      • A. Rab Money

        Im not the one who knows the theme song for it. youre the closet wild hog fanatic

      • Kevin Youkillis

        a rab. it wasnt really the song for wild hogs..dont be so gulliable, at least i dont think so it was. I never saw the movie.. i was making fun of you because “my name is” is one of the most childish, overplayed and worst rap songs and it is one of your favorites.

        ps you are not entitled to your own opinion.

  6. A. Rab Money

    Its the song that made Eminem what he is. Same thing Juicy did for BIG or Gin and Juice did for Snoop. Gotta have at least one Eminem song on there, thats the one I chose.

    My opinion is far more valid than yours

    • Kevin Youkillis

      no arguing your horrible taste i guess. but i don’t think you have to have an eminem song on your list, but if you did i would probably put 15-20 songs above “my name is”. Also Biggie’s first song to get him attention was Party and Bullshit. I guess you could argue that Juicy was what caused him to go more mainstream but what does that have to do with being on your list of favorite rap songs anyway?

  7. A. Rab Money

    there is a difference between favorite rap song and best rap song, and this asks for best rap song. If it asked for my favorite I would have said down bottom by the ruff ryders. All you have to do is read properly and it might have made more sense. I was trying to include some of the best songs by the best artists, that had not already been listed, is all.

  8. Kevin Youkillis

    i know what the post was about and “my name is” is in no way one of the best rap songs, if you truly believe that it is one of the best we have to have a serious discussion. You could say maybe it is a guilty pleasure rap song because it is funny and blew eminem up; but not one of the best rap songs ever.

    also to me my “favorite” rap songs are also the ones i consider to be “the best” rap songs. I wouldn’t list a song that isn’t one of my favorites because then i would not think that it is one of the best.

  9. A. Rab Money

    I think Geoff quit his blog…

    • My name is Geoff, and I am still here, don’t start hyperventilating yet. All of your suggestions for Best Rap Song will be taken into consideration, and a list will be released later this week. I also see “favorite” and “best” has having a bit of overlap when it comes to this list, as it is very opinion based. It’s harder to back up how good a song is with empirical data, in contrast to say, an athlete.

  10. V-Ice is GOD

    C’mon everybody, the best rapper is Vanilla Ice. Just take a look at the list of V-Ice songs:

    1.)Ninja Rap (a true inspiration to nowadays & future rappers, the best rap song eva, simply cannot be beaten)
    2.)Play That Funky Music (just one word: masterpiece)
    3.)Ice Ice Baby (so grrrooovvvy & catchy, yuuuhhhuuu)
    4.)Too Cold (V-Ice gets heavy,this is rap metal, I’m scared)
    5.)Scars (another heavy one, so dark, Slayer is a joke compared to this)
    6.)Living (sometimes life is a real hell, but V-Ice is gonna make it)
    7.)The Wrath (don’t joke with Vanilla, he’s gonna blow your head off)
    8.)Hooked (bitch inspirated, i love it)
    9.)Rollin In My 5.0 (you just feel da flow only Vanilla can bring)
    10.)Roll Em Up (that one is so nasty, V-Ice is the man & he proves it)
    11.)Now Forever (just play this song on your birthday party, ladies just love that one, then take them to your bedroom)
    12.)Minutes of Power (if you have a friend who is gonna get married, play that song on his wedding before he says to his future wife “I do” cuz that would be his lasts minutes of power from that moment on – sorry this is not a joke, unfortunately)
    13.)Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones can go home!!!)
    14.)Life Is A Fantasy (so slow & trippy, just great)
    15.)Rosta Man(Bob Marley would be proud)
    16.)The Weed Song (Bob Marley would be proud for the 2nd time)
    17.)Get Loose (great lyrics, very liberating)
    18.)Blowin My Mind (this is finally a true LOVE song, just play that one in your car with your girlfriend, you won’t regret it. V-Ice is a genius)
    19.)Hit Em Hard (just take a walk thru da streetz of your city or maybe paths of your village holding your radio playin’ loud as possible that song, people would respect you, trust me. Thank you Vanilla)
    20.)I Go Down (this is an easy one, V-Ice proves he is a real life teacher)
    21.)Fame (V-Ice reminds us that fame is nothing if you betray yourself to get to it, WOOOOOOW,… I’m wordless. Thanks again Vanilla, you opened my eyes)
    22.)It’s A Party (probably the best party song ever made, incredible!!!)
    23.)Ice Is Workin It (another horny one, girls just love that one too)
    24.)Dancin (that song make you run on the streetz and scream WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!, then everybody gets out their homes and da fuckin’ whole city (or village) is gonna dance all nite long, some really great girl’s ass shakin are goin’ to happen on that one)
    25.)S.N.A.F.U.(an agressive one, for listenin’ to while torturing your fuckin’ enemies)

    You see now, V-Ice is God. In my opinion he is the best rapper in the whole fuckin’ universe.

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