David Ortiz Versus A-Rod…..I’m Just Sayin’

David Ortiz versus Alex Rodriguez

When I first started writing this blog, one of the first ideas that came to me was writing an offensive comparison of David Ortiz versus Alex Rodriguez. That post, which showed Ortiz’s versus A-Rod’s stats since 2004, struck a chord with Red Sox and Yankees fans alike. The numbers pretty much were a push, and I argued that given Ortiz’s postseason prowess, he should be declared the better offensive threat during that period. Yankees fans, unable to listen to reason, fought back. “We’ll see how Ortiz does once he’s off of steroids, I bet he’ll suck,” was the general sentiment. And Yankees fans chuckled after Ortiz had an absolutely abysmal start to the 2010 season. I could hear the “I told you so’s” echoing in my ears. Be patient, I told them. And here we have both Ortiz’s and A-Rod’s stats for 2010. The number of at bats they each had was nearly identical.

David Ortiz — .270 AVG, 32 HR, 102 RBI, 141 hits

A-Rod — .270 AVG, 30 HR, 125 RBI, 140 hits

Those numbers, once again, look frightening similar to me. Now I will certainly give A-Rod the edge, as 23 RBI’s is a significant difference. But you do have to factor in that A-Rod had people on base in front of him much more often than Papi did. Papi consistently had Marco Scutaro and a rotation of other scrubs hitting in front of him. That’s not an excuse, it’s a reality. Regardless, these two had very similar seasons at the plate. Ortiz was just fine “without his steroids.” Ironically, there is no more proof of Ortiz using steroids than there is of anyone who was making these statements using steroids, but that’s another issue and a bridge we’ve crossed all too often. Here’s an updated look at Ortiz and A-Rod’s stats, since 2004.

HR                     RBI                         AVG

David Ortiz                         260                     831                         .286

Alex Rodriguez                268                     841                          .296

Take it for what it is — Alex Rodriguez averages 1.1 more home runs and 1.4 RBI’s more than David Ortiz per season. Whose ears are echoing with “I told you so” now?

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55 responses to “David Ortiz Versus A-Rod…..I’m Just Sayin’

  1. Teck

    Big Papi is better there is no question…he eats babies which i have not seen on the banned substance list.
    I’d be interested to see their postseason numbers in that time period becasue i know Papi’s must be better. I’ll look into it

  2. A. Rab Money

    not sure why you think ortiz is clearly better. their numbers are too close to say either is better. yes, ortiz has historically put up better numbers in the post season, until last year when arod had 6 hr’s and 18 rbi’s, with an average of 365. Also here are some other tid bits for thought on this. A rod has 2 mvp’s in that time, ortiz has none, and a rod plays defense which means a few things. he is more fatigued throughout the year and becuase he plays defense he does not focus solely on his hitting, but also his fielding and being in shape, unlike papi who is basically just fat.

    • Oh, so now Ortiz is fat. I thought it was all the steroids. I certainly give A-Rod credit for playing defense, but this is an offensive comparison. And yes, Ortiz’s postseason numbers dominate. David Ortiz came is the top 5 in MVP voting 5 consecutive years during this period, and if the MVP reflected the playoffs, he surely would have won.

  3. A. Rab Money

    also, if you look at their career post season numbers, they are also very close. A rod has 13 hr’s, 36 rbi’s and an average of .301. Papi has 12 hrs’, 47 rbi’s and batted .283. We know ortiz was very clutch in the 2 world series runs for the sox. but last year arod was just as clutch for the yanks in their only world series run of his career. Arod does have 2 more post season appearances tho. so it is not as skewed as it might seem on the surface. (this is for you j bone)

    • A-Rod’s numbers were absolute garbage before last postseason, but he played so well last year that his number are in fact much better. That being said, he did have some clutch hits last postseason, but a lot of his HR’s and RBI’s were simply add on runs. If the have to make the world series this year, I want to see A-Rod at the plate in Game 7, tie game, full count, 2 outs, runner on third, against a dominant pitcher. That’d be cool.

  4. A. Rab Money

    if you look at my post with the post season numbers its hard to say he dominated. And one last note, despite playing in more post seasons Arod has 206 at bats to Ortiz’s 244. Explain how he “dominates” with those stats.

  5. A. Rab Money

    the arguement that he had a lot of “add-on runs” in post season games is erroneous. In the post season there are no add-ons or easy runs. Everything is earned and needed, and you should know this as a red sox fan who witnessed the collapse in 04. My point is simple, Arod has numbers that are just as good as ortiz in the post season, and he has 38 less at bats. This is one arguement that you just got wrong. And yes he did a lot in last year’s run, but thats exactly the point, hes a great player and as you know baseball is a game of averages and arods post season numbers average out just as good as ortiz over their career.

    • 11 fewer postseason RBI’s is not just as good in my book. A few other tid-bits for you — Ortiz hit a 3- run HR in his first World Series at-bat, he has 3-walk off postseason hits, and he hold the record for the most RBI’s in a postseason.

  6. Chucky Cheese

    Jesus yankees fans… put me hitting cleanup hitting in that order and ill drive in 100 runs.

  7. Chucky Cheese

    oh your right…because game 3 of the 2004 ALCS against the sox….the 19-8 game….i forgot that all 19 didnt have any add-on runs…….nice brah

  8. Teck

    Yes but A-rod slaps like a girl…he loses all credibility, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for rooting for such a queen.

    I dont care if he broke every record and was awesome…hed still suck in my book.

    Papi is a better post season player and is much more clutch then A-Rod. Papi has come up with clutch hits and has two rings, ARod played well last post season for the first time ever…has one ring plus he is slap happy

  9. Chucky Cheese

    and one more thing to A-Rab saying that rodriguez is still better in the postseason….ortiz has done it throughout his postseason CAREER..A-rod only did it last year. I duno about you but I’d much rather have a player produce on a consistent basis rather then just one year

  10. j-bone

    Oh I love the clutch bullshit that gets thrown around on this blog. If numbers and eye tests prove something even or wrong just throw clutch, an intangible quality out there and that solves everything. The problem with how you compare two PLAYERS, is that you consistantly bring up TEAM accomplishments. You have always said bring me stats, prove you point, yet when stats are brought you move towards things that can not be measured, whether it be clutchness, good looks, or baby eating. A-rab brings you legit playoff stats and factors in the fact that Ortiz has played in a signifigant amount more games and he gets called out, its bull shit. If the numbers are so close and A-rod only had one good post season then that post season must have dominated any post season that Ortiz has ever had if he has been that consistant, or maybe if you look at it without you dumbass boston blinders on you would see that really only has two good post seasons 2004 and 2007, yes the years the won, but only one more then A-rod when he won. Ortiz has hit .163 in his last two post season, not clutch at all, has hit under 300 4 times out of seven and under 200 3 of those times, struck out over 10 times 4 times out of 7. That is more then half of mr clutch’s post season that are pretty poor. As usual you pick the best and ignore the worst for the player you are arguing and do the exact opposite for the player you are arguing against.

    • First and foremost, “you move towards things that can not be measured, whether it be clutchness, good looks, or baby eating” — amuses me very much. Well done, points for humor here. I would argue that you can measure good looks on the Ace Thomas 1-10 scale, clutchness in terms of game-winning or tying rbi’s, and baby eating in terms of calories. All of that aside, I understand your frustrations with my methods. I DO always look for stats, and I thank the A-Rab for bringing them forth. Yes, the numbers are comparable and yes, from a pure offensive production A-Rod’s postseason last year was the best. But I’d argue that Papi’s 2004 and 2007 seasons were much more valuable to his team, in terms of game winning or tying hits, clutchness, etc. I think that is a VERY fair statement, and I think that you should agree. This is like the Peyton — Brady argument in many ways. Sure Peyton’s numbers may be a bit better, but ultimately if the numbers are close clutchness tops all. Because it’s all about winning, as I’ve so often heard from Yankees fans. So your own argument is killing you here. If I have a nickle for everytime I’ve heard “27 world championships blah blah blah” I’d have at least 83 dollars.

      • j-bone

        I will agree that he was more valuable, that is true, and if was an arguement of who is more valuable to the team then it would be very valid. However the argument seems to be an offensive comparison, how valuable a player is should not effect this argument, it is another intangible quality that is thrown out there. You could point to Teixeira’s production with A-rod behind him vs not as how valuable he is. I will also point out that Ortiz never won world series mvp, so was he very valuable yes, but he had players such as Manny and Lowell winning the mvp so how valuable can you actually be.

        Yes it is all about winning, when talking about teams. You will hear 27 and hopefully 28 very soon, but that is when we are talking about the Yankees, not one player. If it is all about winning the Derek Jeter may be one of the top ten baseball players of all time when looking at his very good numbers, play off performance, clutchness, and winning. But you neglected to even put him in your top ten athletes of our generation.

      • Jeter did make my top ten hitters list though, as he should. And Ortiz won ALCS MVP, which got them to the world series, in the most dramatic comeback in the history of baseball.

      • j-bone

        he certainly did, but my point is that you have his rep as being so clutch and that is what puts him over the top. Was he very clutch in that series no doubt, and did he have some good performances in the world series I am sure, but its not like the guy turns it on every post season and is an unstoppable force, in fact his playoff performance have been pretty poor. So to say A-rods doesnt count because it was only one time, why does Ortiz count because it was two out of seven?

      • A-Rods counts, it’s just flukish until he does it again. Kinda like Eli.

    • j-bone

      some more stats to chew on for mr clutch if you take out his two good post seasons, his batting average is .213, he averages 3.6 rbi’s, less than 1 hr, 6 hits, 9 strike outs, but still plays in 7.6 games. Take out A-rods “only good post season” and he bats .245, 2.8 rbi, 1.16 hr, 6.8 hits, 5.3 strike outs, and plays in 6 games. Those numbers look pretty close, A-rods might be better, except for strike outs in which Ortiz does almost 4 more, so you might want to know how consistant he is before before throwing consistancy out there Chuckie, he looks to be consistantly mediorce to “post season scrub” then to be consistantly “clutch”

      • Good work pulling the numbers, I like it. I think part of A-Rod’s bad post season rap comes from people expecting him to put up numbers like he does in the regular season in the playoffs, and then he disapoints. Obviously those numbers for both players are not like their regular season numbers. Also, I think a lot of those K’s and some other big outs for A-Rod came in pretty huge situations, which further pissed off a lot of NY fans.

  11. Teck

    deep down none of you Yankees fans actually like A-Rod…i suppose you could say hes a necessary evil, but you can’t actually like him. And if you do….thats just silly

    • Yea I agree. I mean Eli Manning is a stupid player and sucks, but other than that there’s no reason that you have to hate him. My hatred of him is mostly my own doing. But A-Rod is hated by just about everybody. He is intrinsically hateable. There’s really just nothing to like. It’s funny almost. There are very few athletes that are more hateable.

  12. Arod took steroids, Papi took steroids. Who cares. They both suck and they both cheated.

  13. j-bone

    Oh my god is that a Boston fan without his head in the sand, I dont believe it. Glad to see someone with an honest conscience coming out of Bean Town.

    I do completly agree that the way a player acts and is received completly reflects how they are viewed historically. Papi is a fat jolly man, A-Rod is A-Rod. Because of this A-Rod successes are diminished and failures are multiplied. The inverse can be said of David. This also could be a representation of the market they are in. New York markets love the negative and Boston seems to romanticize their accomplishments and players.

    • j-bone

      I am putting an apb out on Chucky, come get some on consistency big boy

      • j-bone

        apb= all points bulletin. Chucky comes in here insulting people and talking about how consistant Ortiz is throughout his post season CAREER, gets some cold hard numbers thrown his direction and we havn’t heard a peep since.

      • I’m not sure who Chucky is, but I can find him. Maybe we’ll hold him by his ankles over the edge of a building until he screams “I Love A-Rod!” at the top his lungs. I almost vomited just having to type those foul letters in that order.

  14. A. Rab Money

    A lot to take in here since this morning. Basically I came out trying to compare raw stats to make a comparison based on one thing, that being offensive production, which is what this post was all about i thought. Since doing that and proving that A rod is just as good as Ortiz, in the regular and post seasons, all I hear from the Boston side is things that are not even part of what this initial comparison was based on. I feel I did my part in making a valid arguement that not only does Arod have as good, or better numbers in the regular season, but also in the post season. If this was to debate who is more clutch or has been more important in their teams recent success it would be completely different, but our blogger here wanted an offensive comparison, well you got one and it looks like, and based on the numbers alone, they are just about equal.

    p.s. I am a die hard yankee fan who does like arod, though it took a few years until he grew on me. i am also willing to admit he has far too many gay tendencies, but who i am to judge that, i lived with ryan foran for 2 years.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      who is this ryan foran you speak of? was that the studly gentlemen from the vegas picture that was posted up here earlier?

    • Hahaha. I like the PS part. As for the offensive comparison, you did a good job with the stats and yes that’s what this post is about. But I think clutchness does factor into that. From an offensive standpoint, you’d rather have a player hit a game winning solo home run than meaningless one, correct?

  15. Kevin Youkillis

    Arod is a centaur.. centaurs eat babies
    Big Papi also eats babies

    coincidence? i think not, they are the exact same

    i also did a quick google search of “arod vs david ortiz stats” and your blog came up as the last link on the first page. well this article at least, it went to fannation.com

    pretty cool

    • That’s because this blog is the shit and has absolutely blown up. You soon will not remember what google or facebook is, because howiGit’s blog is taking over.

  16. Teck

    your blog does provide hours of entertainment…i agree with the APB out on chucky.

    John your ridiculous for liking arod…

    Heres Something else to think about we have already gone over both of their stats ad naueseam…but heres another number $129,708,751.

    Since ’04 A-Rod has made $194,821,251
    Since ’03 Papi has made $65,112,500 (in one more year too)

    So i ask you is the miniscule difference in offensive numbers worth $129,708,751. Even factoring in that Papi doesnt play defense…the numbers are just to big to ignore there.


    • All of you big wig important New York business types — not you A-Rab, playing with your tape measure in sneakers doesn’t count — tell me from a business perspective, which player would be a better investment? Would one of these investments be considered stupid, as opposed to the other? Can I possibly get a power point presentation to break it down for my simplistic Canadian mind?

  17. Teck

    disregard the PS

    • Should be. Won’t be. Eli is ugly.

      • j-bone

        Well again as always howigit writes a post, i rip it to shreds he changes the argument and claims himself the winner. Is A-Rods contract insane money yes, and is it too much yes. However he plays the field every day at a gold glove level, Ortiz eats nachos when the Red Sox are pitching. A-rod also is able to hit righties and lefties, Ortiz can not. Does that make up a difference of 20 mil a year probably not. However that is not the arguement that was started so if you wanna declare yourself the winner go right ahead its your blog, deep down you know i whooped you.

        Chuuuuuucky come out and plaaaaaayaaaaay

      • I never “declared myself the winner.” I think you made some good points, but I countered them with some good points as well. I like to think about Ortiz eating nachos — a fusion of two of my favorite things. You didn’t whoop anything, and I hereby give you 3% ownership of this blog. Unofficially. Chucky’s hiding in the ball pit waiting for some little kid to whiz down the slide….

  18. j-bone

    Lol ill take my 3% thank you very much

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