Sally Davies’ Happy Meal Project — McDonald’s Nightmare

Sally Davies Happy Meal Project

An artist named Sally Davies has embarked on a long and arduous adventure, all in the name of art. Davies purchased a McDonald’s Happy Meal on April 10, 2010, and has left the contents of the meal out on her counter ever since. The project, now over 180 days old, is something of a nightmare for McDonald’s — the food has shown almost no sign of molding or decay over a period of nearly half a year. And we put this stuff inside our bodies?

McDonald’s has responded by saying that the meal must have been frozen or tampered with. Davies replied by inviting McDonald’s executives to her house, in a statement saying “Bite me.” Pretty wild stuff.

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28 responses to “Sally Davies’ Happy Meal Project — McDonald’s Nightmare

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    that is disgusting. no mold on the bread even. and to think we ate that shit almost everyday

    it does seem a little odd though, even the bag for the fries didnt alter at all and atleast whenever i get Mcdonalds fries teh grease goes through that shit before i even get home.. regardless, its nasty. did u ever see that movie Super Size me? where the guy eats Mcdonalds for like 30 days straight?

    • I never saw Super Size me but I know all about it. Needless to say, there’s some weird stuff added to McDonald’s food. One thing is for certain though — America won’t stop eating it.

  2. Teck

    why is this gross???? its still good to eat! all this proves is that the food keeps well.

  3. A. Rab Money

    lame post

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    actually at the end of the movie in super size me the guy puts a bunch of mcdonalds food in glass jars.. after like 2 months the burgers were covered in mold.. the fries however were not..
    this post is fake life

    here is some video evidence

    it is gross that it takes that long for the burgers to get mold but it is well less than 180 days.

    • I’m sure that being in a jar could make a difference, as could the fact that her burger did not have ketchcup, mustard, pickles, etc. on it — it was just a plain burger and bun. And who is to say that Super Size me is correct over this woman?

  5. Kevin Youkillis

    i would think being in a jar would make it less likely to mold, this is why i keep my plants in jars.. but the ketchup mustard statement is a good one.. and probably did have some effect.
    However, I would believe super size me over this women because it was a documentary and McDonalds would have definitely sued them had it not been true. This women just took some pictures and dated them herself, who is to say that McDonalds isnt correct in saying that she altered the food? she at the very least changed the position of it at some point.

    but regardless of whether it is 180 days or 3 weeks, your point still stands. the food has some weird shit in it and cant be good for your body.

  6. J-bone

    New yorks rational is sound. Based on numbers and eyes.

    I unloaded a full double qp with cheese once. My stomach actually put it back together inside me. Mcdonalds is crazy.

  7. J-bone

    Well my excuse is that I did not major in english. Still a pretty poor performance

  8. J-bone

    That is no way to talk to a co owner. And you were an english major and messed that up

  9. I gotta be honest, it tastes good so I really don’t care. Mcdonalds and fast food in general is terrible for you, but as long as you eat healthily for the most part, having it once in a while isn’t bad for you. The problem in North America is that people have too much crap way too often.

    p.s. When I watched supersize me it made me hungry

  10. Josh

    How ironic it would be if McDonalds started telling people to watch Super Size Me to prove that their food gets moldy. It kills you, but it also gets moldy. Sometimes.

  11. Xoxi

    My daughter did a science project several years ago where she and her friend bought a McDonald’s Burger and Fries, an In-and-Out Burger and Fries and a Christopher’s (organic) Burger and Fries. Her experiment was to see which decayed first – Surprisingly, the In-And-Out Burger was neck in neck with Christopher’s and after two weeks, they were both covered in mold – the McDonald’s Burger and Fries looked almost as good(or should I say bad) as the day we bought it. GROSS!

  12. terren

    The fries and burger bun have been moved – they are in different positions. I know the camera shot is at a different angle but in the first picture, the bun is touching the fry bag and second it isn’t. Doesn’t mean that it’s not the same food but the description says she just left it implying that it wasn’t touched. I don’t believe it but I still don’t think those things are healthy for us!

    • They have been moved for sure, but it could be that she was just looking inside the bun to see if any mold had developed. It could be a publicity stunt, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.

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