Patriots, Yankees, or Phillies — You Make the Odds

Tim Lincecum 2010 NLCS

We’re keeping it simple today, with the first “You Make the Odds” post in quite a while. What’s more likely to happen — the Patriots beating the Ravens on Sunday, the Yankees losing the ALCS to the Rangers, or the Phillies losing the NLCS to the Giants? I’m going to say the Patriots have a 20% chance of winning — Baltimore’s defense should have no problem getting to Tom Brady, and their running attack will eat the Patriots alive. The Yankees have a 30% chance of losing — they need to close this one out early so they don’t have to face Cliff Lee twice or when he’s well rested. The Phillies have a 25% chance of losing — just because the Giants have some pitching and well, they are the Phillies.  In other words, I guess these are all pretty heavily favored contests, although I give the Yankees the best chance of losing — though not by much.

What do you think? Back your suggestions up.

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10 responses to “Patriots, Yankees, or Phillies — You Make the Odds

  1. A. Rab Money

    According to a couple of betting sites I checked on this the Pats are the odds-on favorites based on money lines. I think this is because its only one game they have to win. The Phils have the best chance of winning so they are at -170, the Yanks are at -155 and the Pats are at -110 to beat the Ravens (they are actually favored by 3 points), meaning according to Vegas sports books there is a better chance the Pats win than the Yanks or Phils losing. Your odd making abilities are not as accurate as you think.

  2. J-bone

    I think a better question would be same yanks and phils and pats making the playoffs

    • The Patriots are still such a question mark this season, it’s tough to say. They could turn into a legitimate contender, or they could fold and fall off the face of the planet. It’s a very bizarre situation to have a season with so much uncertainty.

  3. J-bone

    I agree that’s why I think its a better odds maker. Playoff series are very uncertain even if there are favorites. They also span up to seven games. Its hard to make a bet when one is a series and one is a single game anything can happen in both but a fluke is more likely in one game

  4. Teck

    agree with jbone…trying to pick odds on two different seven games series is very different then for just one regular season game…however the phils offense needs to wake up for them to win…yanks need to make sure they take care of the rangers early in the games where cliff lee isnt pitching…and the pats have daunting task agasint the ravens. I agree it is very unclear what you will get out of the pats

  5. j-bone

    I got an even better one, who would win in a battle rap Justin Beiber or Tom “Rapunzel” Brady. Now that I think about it it really might cause some problems with playing the Ravens with a 14 year old calling you out.

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