Watch Your Baseball — Weekend Notes!

Yankees Phillies ALCS NLCS

The NLCS and ALCS start this weekend, meaning baseball starts this weekend. Get out there and watch it. Who are your picks? I’m going out on a limb with a Yankees-Phillies World Series prediction — the exact same prediction I made in April.

Also, check out this article — sent to me graciously by Kevin Youkilis. In a nutshell? Derek Jeter and A-Rod make more than the entire Texas Rangers team combined. And the Yankees spent $151 million more this season than the Rangers did. And people dare to call them a well run organization….. Give me a break.

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37 responses to “Watch Your Baseball — Weekend Notes!

  1. Alan Weeks

    You are a bastard, a wedding and the best weekend in sports, make sure to drink extra tonies for me….and maybe object at the ceremony, just for fun. Yankees in 5 games, Phillies in 4. Go Yanks, it’s the chase for 28.

  2. j-bone

    the red sox owners just spent 476 million dollars on a soccer team. Don’t say shit about money, if you have 476 to spend on a soccer team maybe try giving Mark Teixeira the money he wanted. That is more then double what the Yankees spend a year, the Yankees invest in players, the red sox in soccer.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      that is a completly different story jbone.. not even close or relevant. I really don’t have a problem with the spending the yankees do because it is allowed, so why wouldnt you do it (especially because the yankees are a big market team who must get the most revenue off jersey/apparell sales etc),,,,,, but your argument is just irrelevant. The red sox arent investing in the soccer team one man is that happens to own the red sox and he is just investing in a seperate business venture. The biggest thing i get out of all the spending is, is that the yankees do not manage their money well in their talent. Granted they have enough money to get away with it so that is fine for them, but most teams/businesses couldnt get away with that. They yankees are just in a fortunate position and take advantage.

      • j-bone

        Oh I think it is very relevant. It shows that the red sox do have the money to get away with it. So you wanna throw out that the Yankees manage their money poorly fine, I would argue that they have done a pretty good job the last few years. But what this does show is the priorities of the two ownerships. The Yankees do not care about the amount of money spent on baseball, they are committed to winning and only winning. The red sox have other ventures, good for them. As a fan I would much rather have the owner who will spend his money on the baseball team I cheer for and not some soccer team. As a red sox fan I would be frustrated, two years ago they said that Teixeira was way too expensive for them. The difference was 2 millions a year, or 16 million over the life of the contract, didnt have 16 million over eight years but do have 467 million for a soccer team?

      • If you look at the Yankees from a business perspective, they are about just as poorly run as possible.

    • Buying another sports franchise is a totally different issue. Especially given the fact that the team they bought is way more significant in the sporting world than the damn yankees ever will be.

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    steinbrenner spent millions on horse racing, should he have put every penny he has into the yankees? Should they sell their million dollar homes so they can give a player the extra million they are asking for? its just not a fair suggestion.

    The red sox seem to put a value on a player that they believe they are worth. It isn’t about the red sox not having the money to give a player, its about what they think is a fair deal and proper value for that player. If the player wants more they tell them to kick rocks.. as opposed to the yankees who inflate the market and throw money at everyone (the red sox of course do this to some extent but the yankees are on a different level)

  4. j-bone

    All I am saying is that they have the money, might as well spend it. And if you dont fine but then dont bitch about money.

  5. Kevin Youkillis

    i wouldnt necessarily say anyone is bitching, atleast for me, i think if you have the money spend it if its allowed. It is just an interesting topic of discussion that 2 players on the yankees cost more than the entire rangers roster. You may be able to find two or 3 players on the red sox and say the same thing, im not sure. But it will always be a topic of discussion and one could certainly argue that the yankees don’t spend their money in the best way and that if it weren’t for their ability to spend that much that they would not be an elite team. They can get away with it, yes. but that doesnt make it less interesting to talk about.

  6. j-bone

    the owner of this blog bitches all the time about money and the yankees, the red sox ownership bitches all the time about the yankees spending

  7. A. Rab Money

    The yanks do what they have to in order to win. Of course they make bad investments, but so does every team. Because they have so much money those bad investments are always magnified, but its the same in the end cuz it costs them the same proportionately to other teams who dont have as much money. No matter how you look at it they are well run because the end result is what matters and their results are the best in winning and revenues. geoff may have an mba but clearly no real business sense.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      i dunno a.rab, if WHP spent 25% more than its closest competitor and 100% more than the average siding business that it competes with but only produced the best result roughly once every 6 years i wouldn’t say the business is being run very well.

      clearly this doesn’t translate directly to how baseball works but i think its a good enough comparison

      • j-bone

        There have been 98 world series, the yankees have one 25% of them. They have won as many as the 2nd 3rd and 4th teams combined. If spending more money to be more successful then the 2nd 3rd and 4th companies combined every single company in the united states would take that.

      • Yes, the Yankees used to be a great franchise. They didn’t spend historically like they do now. Since 2000, they have spent epic amounts more and won less. That’s being poorly run.

      • I think its a great comparison.

    • No, you are the one that needs to wake up. The outrageous spending dates back to about 2000, and since then they have spent tons more than anyone else sand haven’t exactly been wrapping up championships. For the amount that they spend, they should be winning every year. That would be a well run business. The Yankees futility has been absolutely horrific compared to their competition.

  8. Kevin Youkillis

    But they weren’t spending that wildly all of those years.. i took it from 1990. In 1993 the yankees payroll was 43 million, 3rd in the mlb and very similar to other teams. 10 years later in 2003 it was 180 million, first in the mlb and 64 million than any other team. It hasn’t been until recently (relative to how long baseball has been around) that the yankees have started to outspend everyone by leaps and bounds.

  9. Kevin Youkillis

    but it may seem i have to eat some of my words.. atleast in 2005 the yankees had a revenue of about 260 million (not including the YES network) and had a salary of about 190 million. im not great at math and the shit was confusing but the yankees did come out near the top of the league when all was said in done when you looked at their revenue compared to what they spent.

    i guess it is all relative. The yankees spend a lot more than any other team but also bring in a lot more than other teams. I guess it is true that it takes spending money to make money. If the case is that the yankees spend more and bring in more (which it seems to be) and on top of that win as much as they do. As much i don’t want too, i would have to say they are a well run team

  10. j-bone

    did you just say the yankees are a well run team? Have you been drinking four locos again?

    • Kevin Youkillis

      i’m loco for four loko

    • This is so cut and dry it’s absurd. They outspend the 2nd highest spending team by 40%, and don’t win even close to 40% more.

      • j-bone

        yes you are right the yankees spend money they are poorly run like every other top company in america that brings in the most amount of revenue of the industry they are in. the poorly run yankees have won as many championships as the best run team in sports ever of all time the boston red sox in the last ten years. the red sox soccer team is the best thing in the world even though they are up for regulation.

        using your argument the red sox are the second worst run team in the world because they have the same amount as the yankees and spend the second most.

        wah wah wah wah money money money money as usual. do you understand how stupid you sound bitching about money when you spend the second most. how come the rays beat you out this year? How come the angels beat you in the playoffs last year? how come you arnt the wild card team every year if everything is all money and the red sox are so well run?

        address the signing of teixeira vs spending money on a soccer team thats a real issue instead of claiming how poorly the yankees are run. you say that every other industry if they spent that much more they would be a failure bring facts homie, im sure coke spends more then 40% more then rc cola and gatorade spends more then powerade but go ahead and scream the yankees are poorly run.

      • First off, I never called the Red Sox the best run team, or even a well run team, so that argument is out the window. I could really care less about the Red Sox owners buying a soccer team as well.

        And no, you seem to be unable to get a grasp of my argument. Look at a team like the mets, who have consistently been one of the top spending teams but have not won anything. That would make them a more poorly run team than the Red Sox. The thing is, the Red Sox and the other higher spending teams are all very close — the Yankees are way ahead in terms of spending. And another common Yankee fan mistake is saying that Boston is always second in spending. Look it up — it ain’t true. The Red Sox do win the wild card very often and we lost out this year largely due to injuries, we’ve gone over this. Sure coke spends more than RCA cola, but they get enormous results my doing so. If coke spent all that money and was equally as popular as RC cola, then well, that would be like the Yankees.

  11. j-bone

    since 1996 the yankees have had the highest payroll 13 times, they have won 5 championships that is just under 40% of the championships.

    • The Yankees in their dynasty years (1996-2000) were a real team that although people hated, they respected. The Yankees are not viewed that way any longer, which is unfortunate.

      • j-bone

        the yankees have the most revenue and have been the best in the league twice, tied for the most in those ten years, have had the most wins in the past ten years, and, too lazy to look, but the most division championships in the past ten years. That I would say is enormous results. You make it sound like they hardly win, they are the best baseball team of the past ten years.

      • Which is pathetic when you spend twice as much or more than most teams.

  12. j-bone

    pathetic that they were the best team in baseball?

    • After looking at some numbers, the Yankees absurd spending didn’t fully start until 2003. Before that, they were outspending the 2nd highest team by 22 mil. Starting in 2003 that number almost tripled.

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