Beiber, Lee, TI, Seau, Magic…Tuesday’s Top 5

Cliff Lee postseasn dominance

Lots of strange and bizarre happenings occurred in the world of sports and entertainment yesterday. In lieu of this, I present you with Tuesday’s Top 5……

1) Cliff Lee pitched 8-innings of 2-hit (both singles), 13 strikeout baseball en route to beating the Yankees 8-0 in game 3 of the ALCS. I see a 2-hitter against the Yankees lineup as being a -1 hitter, a playoff first. Roy Halladay must be sad.  Lee improved his postseason record to 7-0, with a 1.26 ERA. All of this from a guy who doesn’t throw very hard and has something of a loopy curve ball. He’s like a left-handed fusion of Greg Maddux and Curt Schilling. And he’s well on his way to overtaking Curt Schilling’s title of the best postseason pitcher in history (Schilling was 11-2 with a 2.23 ERA).

2) Justin Bieber got in a scuffle with a 12-year-old who insisted on shooting him as often as he could in a game of laser tag. The 12-year-old then called Bieber a homophobic slur. Way to go, Biebs. If you’re so cool, why are you playing laser tag in Canada?

3) TI is going back to jail, this time for 11 months as a result of a traffic stop that violated his probation. Will his new CD ever come out?

4) Magic Johnson sold his ownership share of the Lakers to a doctor, a “tough business decision” that he made for his family. And people were joking before that he’s buying his way out of AIDS.

5) Former Charger and Patriot Junior Seau drove his car off a California cliff after being charged with domestic violence against his 25-year-old live in girlfriend. Stop trying to be like Tiger, Junior.
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13 responses to “Beiber, Lee, TI, Seau, Magic…Tuesday’s Top 5

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    any argument that rivera could be the best post season pitcher? im not sure about his stats but they have to be up there.

    Beiber apparently swung at the kid, good for him. Tom Brady would have gotten an official and asked for a flag

    no one was joking about Magic Johnson buying his way out of aids.. The point has certainly been made in a joking manner but it is true. If he didnt have all that money he would be in a much worse position. The fact that he sold his share shows that he is spending tons of money in regards to his health. Which of course he should and it is great that he can but most people aren’t in that kind of position to do so. Obviously he cant “buy his way out of AIDS” but he can make it as easy to deal with as possible and prolong his life with some concentrated cash.

    • Riveria is 8-1 with a .72 ERA, with 42 saves in 92 appearances. He’s blown 4 saves, one of which lost a world series. Still those are fantastic numbers in a lot of pressure packed games. He’s in the discussion for sure.

      Tom Brady would not have been losing in laser tag in the first place.

      Agreed on Magic.

  2. Alan Weeks

    Beiber did not swing, he is a pussy. He reportedly said “excuse me?” After the argument that father of the awesome kid who was shitting on the mop top told everyone that he was a lawyer and would handle it. Brady is too cool for laser tag, he plays regular tag…with super models. Also I am talking to a Phillies fan right now about Cliff Lee’s career going to the Bronx. Older great pitcher, who wants a lot of money? Sounds like a Yankee to me, I would be more than beside myself.

  3. j-bone

    Cliff Lee is much much better than John Lackey

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    side note: Magic closed the deal on his shares to the lakers while on his private plane..His shares were worth approximately 27 million and his old agent said he was made an offer for much more than that, which he couldnt refuse. He is also apparently in talks to buy a piece of the detriot pistons. He wanted a larger role than just the minority role he had with the lakers..It doesn’t seem like he is exactly hurting for money. He also raised about 50 grand for his foundation before he landed by selling some autographed jersey’s. But considering how most athletes throw their money away he must have invested well so i say good for him. This all pretty much just reported stuff i have read with no confirmation but it all comes from good sources.. Regardless hopefully Magic can give Henry the 4th a good ass kicking.

    • The numbers that I heard were lower. If I were magic, I’d rather have a piece of the Lakers than a big share of the Pistons. Something seems a little fishy to me.

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