Phillies, Giants, Yankees, Rangers — World Series Match-ups

2010 World Series

This major league baseball postseason has been bizarre, to say the least. The heavily favored Yankees and Phillies both found themselves down in the League Championship series 3-1, to teams that nobody gave a good shot. The Yankees have since brought it back to 3-2, and the Phillies have an awesome Lincecum versus Halladay game tonight. Can the Yanks and Phils pull off a big comeback? We’ll see. But for the sake of conversation, here are my favorites on all possible World Series matchups.

Yankees vs. Phillies — Yankees in 7 games

Yankees vs. Giants — Yankees in 5 games

Rangers vs. Phillies — Phillies in 7 games

Rangers vs. Giants — Rangers in 6 games

Thoughts? Arguments?

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8 responses to “Phillies, Giants, Yankees, Rangers — World Series Match-ups

  1. J-bone

    I think its hard to get a read on the phillies right now. Coming into the playoffs and on paper they looked very good. But the bats have been very quiet, the pitching has been good but they will be facing much tougher line ups vs the rangers and yankees. It would be interesting to see how they would play if they get there.

  2. J-bone

    I feel the same way about the yankees. If they can pull it off they will be tough to beat. Big if though

  3. Teck

    Yea its been very frustrating watching the phils and their nonexistent offense. If the phils do make the world series though that will mean that their bats will have woken up. The giants offense isnt doing much either though and if the Giants do finish off the phils i’d have to say that either the yanks or rangers would most likely beat them.

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