Shaq Plays Statue in Harvard Square

Shaq Harvard Square Statue

Staying true to his Tweets, Celtic’s center Shaquille O’Neal arrived in Harvard Square yesterday — and proceeded to sit on a park bench, acting like a statue for an hour or so. Why? Because he’s Shaq, because he’s silly, and because he said he would. Although howiGit was planning on covering the event, alas, some of us must work at times. Fans mobbed Shaq, televisions crews arrived on site, and Shaq sat there being huge. It’s too bad he’s currently in a spat with Celtic’s forward Glen Davis — I would have loved to see Big Baby accompany Shaq and dance the “Dougie” around him. You gotta give “Shaq-a-chusetts” some credit though — he’s a man of his word. I like your moves, Shaq.

Shaq Harvard Square Statue

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26 responses to “Shaq Plays Statue in Harvard Square

  1. Chucky Cheese

    hahahaha get it…shaq-a-chusetts.

    its like massachusetts!!!

  2. j-bone

    Imagine this Celtics roster in like 2002, with a 12 year old Rondo

  3. j-bone

    well the 12 year old Rondo would be a little issue but other than that they would be pretty dominant

  4. A. Rab Money

    but naming the team after a famous black actor makes total sense.

    that team in their prime would be pretty nasty but i would like to see them head to head with the lakers circa Magic, Kareem and Worthy

    • Shaq trumps Kareem, Pierce trumps Worthy, Magic trumps Ray. And KG is still dominating whatever scrub is on him.

      • j-bone

        are you high?

      • No sir. Kareem never once played against a player half the size or half as dominant as Shaq. He’d never get the ball in the paint, and Shaq would toss him around and dunk in his face down low. You forget how incredible Shaw was when he was younger. He’s arguably the best center ever. I think Magic taking Ray is fair, and Worthy is overrated. He made some big shots in his career, sure. But he’s not remarkable. Some info for you to mull over (not that this proves anything) — here is each players rank on the all-time scoring list.

        Kareem — 1
        Shaq — 5
        Garnett — 22
        Allen — 28
        Pierce –36
        Magic — 64
        Worthy — 81

  5. j-bone

    If we are talking 2002 Shaq was on the decline, Shaq is not better then Kareem. Shaq is arguably the best center ever, you could make a case for Kareem as the best player ever. You wouldn’t be right but you could make the case. Not at his position but player. The list you showed has Kareem at 1. Magic doesnt just trump Ray he destroys him. Pierce and Worthy maybe fair.

  6. j-bone

    Magic Johnson is one of the best basketball players of all time, Ray Allen is not. Steve Kerr is one of the best shooters of all time, Magic would kill him.

  7. Teck

    Shaq in his prime i actually have to agree trumps kareem in his prime. Kareem never had to deal with someone the size of shaq, while kareems sky hook is unblockable shaq would be able to force him out of his comfort zone and further away from the bucket. meanwhile i dont see kareem being able to hang with the physicality of shaq on either end of the court. i also agree on worthy being overrated but i think its more of a wash between him and pierce and magic clear takes over jesus shuttlesworth. it would be a very good match up though

    • So even if you are right on this (I still think Pierce trumps Worthy, easily), the Celts would still have KG running around dominating. That’s how wild that line-up is.

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