Texas Rangers! — Weekend Notes

This weekend, I want everybody to sit back and reflect. The Texas Rangers are the Champions of the American League. Congratulations to them, I hope they win the World Series — they’ve made me a fan.

Oh, and A-Rod played well — 3 hits in 25 plate appearances, no home runs, 2 RBI’s, and some garbage defense. If I still had my receipt I’d return him.


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34 responses to “Texas Rangers! — Weekend Notes

  1. As a Yankee fan, I tip my hat to the Rangers. I also agree with you on a certain third baseman. The Yankees need to reevaluate the pitching staff as well. While it would be nice if A-Rod showed up,and Texeira didn’t get hurt, you can score 15 runs a game and it doesn’t matter if the other team’s pitchers are throwing strikes.

    And my mother always told me if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to keep my mouth shut. So I’ll leave Burnett alone.

  2. J-bone

    Sounds like Papi’s last 3 post seasons.

  3. Dan

    It’s the Giants and the Rangers in a championship series…and neither are from NY. Awesome!

  4. A. Rab Money

    cant put it on arod, along with the entire line-up, minus cano, there was absolutely no hitting. somehow the best line-up in baseball made the rangers look like they had 4 aces pitching in that series. i too am rooting for the rangers in the world series, but will probably not watch more than a few innings of the entire thing because honestly who cares about the rangers and giants other than their local fan bases?

  5. A. Rab Money

    yup your right. thats why the ratings will be through the roof for this world series. Fox is probably furious the yanks and phils lost. again, just no real business sense for someone with an mba

    • I’m sure Fox is pissed and of course the viewership will be less you clown. But it’s not all about business. That’s the problem with you Yankees fans. You think baseball is all business, and no game. You’ve got that backwards. And baseball fans are happy to see someone besides the Yankees in the World Series.

  6. First, why are the Yankees “snotty disgraces?” Secondly, let us be honest. Baseball is a business. It is not only a business for the owners, but the networks as well. Fox is not going to rake in revenue. Ratings will not be as great as many people think for a non-Yankee World Series. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t understand the constant whining about the Yankees.

    • j-bone

      The Yankees are snotty disgraces because mr howigit has slowly lost his mind and credibility with no Red Sox to talk about the last month.

      • Of course there is no red sox talk this past month, they’ve been out of it. But my Yankees talk always remains consistent, as you so often point out.

    • The players just have an air about them, an air of entitlement. They are cocky, they think the world revolves around them. Yes, Fox is not going to make as much money as they would have. And I care, why? The whining occurs because nobody wants to watch a bunch of overpaid asses with no heart beat a team like the rangers — whose entire line-up has a payroll less than A-Rod and Jeter get paid. And they have stories like Josh Hamilton.

  7. J-bone

    You are not breaking any news or showing any new opinions whining about the yankees money. You are just reinforcing boston stereotypes of boston that if you have nothing to talk shit about start whining. We get it you don’t like the yankees. Move on.

  8. j-bone

    I would be more worried that there are a good amount of question marks about the never cocky red sox going into next year.

    • There certainly are, but I’m not to worried. I think that this year’s team was absolutely good enough, had they not been derailed by injuries. I think Theo will keep they important pieces, and I think their is certainly reason to be optimistic as to who we will sign. When pitching is not your problem, life is much easier.

  9. Teck

    Ratings will be way down im sure for this world series. I see the Rangers in 5…their just playing too well right now to lose to the pathetic SF offense.

    Phils have some questions mark heading into this offseason too. Rumors keep circulating about the phils still trying to go after cliff lee, which would be cool, would probably be very unnecessary. Especially when you take into account how their offense just completely sputtered at the end of the year. Werth is most likely going to Boston, NY or LAA basically whoever doesnt get crawford.

    Dominic Brown was awesome in the minors and didnt really get many chances for the phils with a loaded outfield. but another lefty to the lineup is somewhat dangerous. Who knows how Raul will hold up with another year under his belt and Rollins is a question mark as well.

    • j-bone

      I think Bostons pitching maybe a little over rated. Lester is amazing, Buckholtz? had a great year, Lackey i don’t think is very good any more, Beckett I think is on the decline, Dice-K doesnt scare me. The bullpen is shaky at best. There is also alot of potential free agents or players who may be retiring or traded on the Red Sox this offseason.

      If the Phillies even attempt to get Cliff Lee they have to take a full page ad in all Philly newspapers stating we completly screwed up this past off season. They are also going to have to bid pretty high in order to get Lee.

      The Yankees should also be in play a fair amount this offseason, it will also be interesting to see what some of the older players do and Jeters contract is either going to go very smoothly or become a huge back page issue.

      I want to see of those three who spends the most money this off season. All three are always very active.

      • I don’t think that “Lackey isn’t good anymore.” Give me a break, he had one bad season in his first year in the AL East. Beckett and Dice-K are hit or miss depending on the start, but both can dominate which is nice. Jeter’s contract will go fine, and the Phillies don’t need any pitching.

      • j-bone

        Ok fine maybe he isn’t that good anymore is a poor statement. He has had over 15 wins once in his career on a team that was in a very poor division and his era was high 3 to mid 4 so I will change that to never that good to begin with.

      • I’m not saying he’s awesome, but he’s been a very successful workhorse in many seasons.

    • I’d take Werth in Boston, but it doesn’t make me go gaga.

  10. A. Rab Money

    i only see the yanks making one major splash for lee. Im sure they will give him more years at more money. the money is no issue for obvious reasons, but i dont want to see the aj burnett contract that if lee does struggle or has injury problems, which he has in the past, they will be stuck with him.

    The sox i think are gonna pursue crawford harder than any other free agent. he fits in well with their defensive approach, and is a great leadoff guy ahead of pedroia. i also expect them to keep beltre around, hard to let him go after he basically was the whole red sox team, after youk and pedroia went down.

    who the hell knows what the phils will do. their bullpen is probably their biggest issue right now, and i wouldnt be surprised if they made a play to get krod who the mets want nothing to do with after all his distracting antics.

    • j-bone

      The Phillies bull pen is fine, it has been for two years, it is fine, FINE I TELL YOU. LIDGE IS FINE.

      – Every delusional Phillies fan.

    • I agree with you completely in regards to Lee and the Yanks as well as Crawford and the Sox. I don’t think, however, that Beltre was the whole team once Youk and Pedroia got injured. Mr. Big Papi himself had quite a second half of the season. As for the Phillies, they just got cool at the wrong time.

  11. Teck

    I’ll be very interested to see what Yanks, Phils and Sox do this offseason. Werth is certainly an upgrade over JD Drew plus he can play centerfield too. Beltre is an interesting situation becasue he tends to play great during contract years and then become complacent. If the money is right the sox should keep him. I’d say Crawford is going to the Yanks or Sox but im not sure yanks will be looking for an outfielder…in that case id see crawford going to Bos or LAA and werth going to the other.

    middle relief is the issue for the phils and some right handed bats to even out their left handed offense.

    While you say that about Lidge he quietly had a pretty good year after coming back from injuries and madson is not a bad relief pitcher either. He was a train wreck last year but after injuries he came back very strong and was good down the stretch. I dont understand the delusional comment…but im sure Jeter will continue to be awesome at shortstop for years to come.

    • Agreed on all accounts, except if you read what I wrote I said I thought Lidge was not the issue. I missed whatever the delusional comment was, and Jeter will be good at the plate for a long time but his D will decline.

      • j-bone

        As a Phillies fan you really are comfortable once your starter comes out of the game? How many times did Lidge have the bases loaded at his own doing in the playoffs, i didnt watch a majority of the games but i know of atleast 2. My delusional comment is from the Phillies fans last year and a little this year that refused to admit there was any bullpen problem when in fact it was a can of gas.

  12. Teck

    Last year bullpen was horrendous…agreed. this year much better though, unfortunately it was the worst offense of the past 3 years.

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