Boston, New York, Philadelphia — Which City is Smartest?

Boston -- the Smartest City

At long last, the proof I’ve been long awaiting showed up at my doorstep. After months of listening to New Yorkers describe Eli Manning as an “Elite” quarterback and Lakers fans argue that Kobe Bryant would beat Michael Jordan one on one, I am now assured that these remarks were nim-witted at best. Enter, the Daily Beast’s list of America’s Smartest Cities. The list takes into account things like bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, and adult non-fiction reading levels.

Sitting at the top of the list? howiGit’s home, Boston, Massachusetts. My college town, Philadelphia (shout out to St. Joe’s) came in at #14, with New York finishing #16. Check out the list. It proves that I’m never wrong.

On a side note, how bad are the Dallas Cowboys? Bad enough that they managed to make Eli Manning look good. With the loss of  Tony Romo, I think it’s fair to say they are all done.
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22 responses to “Boston, New York, Philadelphia — Which City is Smartest?

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    where is Hookset, NH? or Manchester for that matter? those are your true stomping grounds.

  2. A. Rab Money

    interesting bit of information there, although i wouldn’t take too much credit for being the reason boston is number 1 if i were you. The reason New York is so low has got to be the amount of people in the city, when you have 8 million people in 1 city, and more than half are immigrants with no education, there is going to be a drop in overall intelligence.

    The cowboys really suck this year, but now the Giants are being looked at as the best team in the NFC as of right now. Lets hope this holds true for the second half.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      how the giants are being looked at as the number one team in the NFC after having 5 turnovers and beating a 1 win team by 6 points who were playing with a back up QB is beyond me.

      • Dan

        They’re being looked at as the number one team in the NFC because the NFC is week this year…

        Look at all the teams with five wins this years – NYJ, New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Tennessee, NYG, and Atlanta. Right there, that’s 5/7 teams from the AFC. Then look at their cross-conference records. These AFC teams are 5-0 against NFC teams with wins over NYG and Atlanta as part of those five wins. NYG and Atlanta are 3-3 against AFC teams.

        Who’s got the dominant conference?

      • There we go! That’s what we like to see — someone bringing some good stats to the table. They prove your point, and I agree. Well played.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        When confronted with statistics I pick on spelling. “weak”.

        It seems the best team in the NFC has been changing week to week, just gotta see how everything plays out.

      • I noticed that as well. Check out Big Dan’s Ramblings, we like him.

    • I give Tom Brady most of the credit, then MIT, then me, then Harvard. I agree, Eli Manning is playing at an elite level.

      • j-bone

        well kevin when you have the best record in the nfc and if the playoffs started today would be the number one team in the nfc most people would conclude that they are the best team in the nfc.

      • Stop being unreasonable. How about you write me an article — “10 Reasons Why the New York Giants Are For Real” or something like that. Clearly, this seems to be a sentiment some people are struggling with.

  3. Alan Weeks

    I am smart

  4. J-bone

    I am gonna have you one this week but its not that. I think you will like the style but not the outcome. But ill also try and get ten reasons. The only people that seem to have a problem are the eagles fan and his life partner

  5. A. Rab Money

    if anything you should give bill belichick the credit. not only did he morph brady into one of the best qb’s ever but also found a way to get away with cheating. and the kid from harvard that created facebook im sure has something to do with it.

  6. Teck

    i heard it was benedict arnold…any truth to this?

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