10 Reasons the 2010 New York Giants Are For Real

Eli Manning 2010 New York Giants

By James Cunningham, howiGit Contributing Writer, New York, NY

The New York Giants, and Eli Manning in particular, have always been able to count on this blog for some bad press. But with the Giants sitting at 5-2 and atop the NFC East, sports commentators around the country are starting to count them as arguably the best team in the NFC. I don’t care what our Boston writer thinks, this year’s Giants are for real. Here’s why: My 10 Reasons the 2010 New York Giants Are For Real.

1 . Pass Rush – In the Giants 4 game win steak they have 18 sacks and have knocked 5 quarterbacks s out of the game. All look to be on clean hits as well. If you think this isn’t making quarterbacks around the league nervous, you’re crazy. They are also doing this without one of their best pass rushers — Mathias Kiwanuka — who is injured.

2 . Rushing attack – If I asked you who is currently leading the league in rushing yards you probably would not guess Ahmad Bradshaw — but he is. Also, Brandon Jacobs seems to be over his melt down from earlier this season and has been a great contributor in recent weeks.

3 . Rush defense – The Giants have allowed only one 100-yard rusher this season in Chris Johnson who need 32 carries to get 125 yards. Only one other running back has had over 50.

4 . Every win the Giants have before the Cowboys game was by more than a touchdown.

5 . Eli Manning is in the top ten in yards, top 5 in completion percentage, and leads the league in touchdowns. Eli gets no respect, especially on this blog but he has more touchdowns and yards than Tom Brady and more touchdowns than both of Philadelphia’s quarterbacks combined.

6 . Young receivers – Hakeem Nicks leads the league in touchdowns and is number two in receptions. Steve Smith is number 5 in receptions, and both Mario Manningham and Nicks are in the top ten for big plays, over 20 yards. They are a very good mix of explosive and possession receivers and are very hard to guard because you can not double cover all three.

7 . Balance – In terms of yards the Giants have the second best offense and the third best defense.

8 . Pass defense – The Giants have allowed one QB to have over 250 yards this season. Peyton Manning at 255. They are preventing the big plays.

9 . Standings – The Giants have not lost in the conference as of yet and that becomes important for home field and playoff position. They sit atop the NFC East right now with a one game lead and have not lost in the division as of yet. Yes, they only have one win within the division but it was on the road which is always tough.
10. The O-line is finally healthy – They have been playing all year shuffling players around due to various injuries across the line. They now have all the linemen back playing in the position they are supposed to play.

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48 responses to “10 Reasons the 2010 New York Giants Are For Real

  1. j-bone

    11. Eli does not look like Justin Beiber

  2. My reactions:

    1) True. Their pass rush is the strength of this team.
    2) Although this is true, their running game doesn’t scare me.
    3) Rush defense is simply a result of good defense.
    4) Every loss has been by more than a touchdown as well. This doesn’t mean anything.
    5) Give me a break with Eli. Sure, what you said is true. But his league leading 14 touchdowns are couples with 11 interceptions and 6 fumbles. Meanwhile, Brady has a better completion percentage and 11 touchdowns with only 4 interceptions. That’s a huge difference.
    6) Young receivers is the best point you made in this list. I like this trio a lot.
    7) True.
    8)This is underrated.
    9) They’ve played on game in the division. Not a good point.
    10) O-line is always underrated.

    • j-bone

      My reactions to your reactions
      2. If the running game continues to grow and they can share the ball they can be pretty scary. Especially because they can spread the field with the three receivers to give the running backs more space.

      3. I think 1 100 yard rusher in 7 games is pretty good. 32 carries is alot to get 100 and Arian Foster was averaging like 150 yards a game and the Giants held him to 25.

      4. Yeah probably doesnt mean anything I saw the stat before the cowboys game and figured I would use it.

      5. Atleast 6 of Eli’s picks have been off receivers hands. The receivers are still all very young and will get better hands. With the o-line being injured the pass blocking suffered. It is actually 5 fumbles and three of them came against the Colts. Its hard to put fumbles on the QB when the ball is getting knocked out from behind. So if you take out the tip drill picks from the receivers Eli has more yards and td’s with only one more pick. As far as Brady is concerned its hard to throw picks when you are throwing 3 step slants and outs up the field. That will also give you a pretty good completion percentage.

      8. I admitted it was only one division game, but it was on the road against a team that had to win. They have not lost in the conference which is a pretty big deal.

      • Fair enough, for the most past. At least 2 of Tom’s 4 picks were off of tips as well, I know that. And I agree 3 step slants can give you a good completion percentage — but why wouldn’t you go that route if it’s working?

    • Kevin Youkillis

      Im getting into this discussion late but i wanted to get my two cents in. Some of my points may have been brought up already but deal with it..

      1. You say a lot of Eli’s interceptions aren’t his fault because they go off his receivers hands (this is true).. but then you say that your receivers are one of the best things you guys have going for you. I get they are young but you can’t have it both ways.

      and as for a better group of receivers.. Jackson, Maclin and Avant. I will admit they are not clearly better but there is a solid comparison there in both numbers and age.

  3. Teck

    Giants were one of the top teams in the league in the beginning of last year too.

    • j-bone

      Yeah they were and then injuries killed them. As with any team if you stay healthy you tend to play alot better.

      The Giants dont go that route because they have a different receiving crew that work better along the sideline and middle of the field. Also the offense coordinator is useless.

      • Oh for sure, I’m not suggesting the Giants play like the Patriots. They have more stereotypical type wide receivers than the Pats do, especially since Moss’ departure. We are playing Minnesota this week, and even without Brett in the game I’m sure Moss is going to tear us up.

  4. j-bone

    Yeah this is the type of game where moss might have 176 and 3 tds. Jackson playing would probably hurt the vikings as a whole but i can seem him throwing deep to randy all day.

  5. A. Rab Money

    one thing you left out that is the #1 reason the giants defense has returned to its super bowl form of 3 years ago. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Without Sheriden, who never had the right schemes or players in place, and with a great defensive mind like Fewell the defense has once again become one of the tops in the league.

    The receiving core is possibly the best in the league, and could remain this way for years to come as they are all young. They better learn to make the easy catches though, it seems those are the ones that end up off their hands and into a safetys.

    • I wouldn’t say the defense had returned to its super bowl form, although they have played well. And I wouldn’t say they have the best receiving core, although they have played well. Again, were getting a little excited over there.

  6. j-bone

    I tought I had mentioned Fewell. He has been huge. It lo0ks a little simliar to when Spags came and they didnt play well but eventually got the scheme and really turned it on.

    I am not saying they are the best but name me a better group.

  7. j-bone

    Im talking about talent not names.

  8. A. Rab Money

    if you read i said “possibly”, meaning i would put them in the discussion with some of the names you put on there. And yes i am getting excited. have you watched hakeem nicks at all, he is a beast, and quickly becoming a top receiver in the league

  9. j-bone

    Nicks has more touchdowns then Owens, Shipley, and Senor Cinco combined.

  10. j-bone

    I am not jumping around any where. You asked me for ten reasons the Giants are legit and I gave them to you. Its a long season so we will see. I do think they are better then Teck, Kevin and you will give them credit for.

    • It is a long season, but who says I’m not giving the Giants credit? I think they are a good team. Yes, yes, I do. I think Eli Manning is overrated, but the rest of the Giants are pretty damn solid. Hence my CC Sabathia comment. The Giants wouldn’t be much worse with him in there for Eli. Throw any B- quarterback in there and your still a good team.

  11. j-bone

    I would say there are probably 22 teams that would take Eli Manning over their starting QB right now, probably 3 or 4 that would seriously consider it and probably 7 that would not. There probably are only 3 or 4 teams the Giants would no doubt switch their QB’s for.

    Above you stated that the rushing attack doesnt scare you, the qb is over rated and were very quick to dimiss that they might have the best overall recievers in the league, yet the team is very solid outside of Eli? Either the rushing attack scares you, the receivers are up there with the best if any “B-” qb can do the same thing, or Eli is pretty good.

    Take a look at Bradys first few years pre moss vs Eli’s. they really are not all that different Bradys are better but Tom is gonna go down as the best player of all time.

  12. Alan Weeks

    All of the above is irrelevant, for this reason. When you have a pussy leader, like say….Iran, your country sucks. Sure there are millions of good and decent people in Iran, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes you forget about all of them, and chalk up Iran as a silly state. Same goes for Quarterbacks in football, the Giants have some serious talent and skill, but Eli manning is a moron, and thus follows, his team will not make it to the super bowl, just like Iran will not be a respected government in the next 15 years or ever on the UN Security Council. Sorry Giants fans.

  13. j-bone

    yup eli is brad johnson and most closely relates to the leader of iran

  14. Alan Weeks

    I once heard Brad Johnson and Eli Manning discussing the destruction of the Jewish state…true story.

  15. j-bone

    I once saw Justin Beiber giving Tom a hug because Tom was sad that his naked wife was hugging other guys.

  16. A. Rab Money

    Vegas has just established the Giants and Jets are favorites to meet in the superbowl. Can you just imagine if this ever did happen? Boston might self implode into utter oblivion.

  17. A. Rab Money

    you clearly have no real football sense if you think the sanchize would be cooler under pressure than an already proven eli manning, who may i remind you had 2 4th quarter touchdown drives

  18. j-bone

    No A-rab Eli is the leader of Iran and has a funny face, it amazing he doesnt put his helmet on backwards. Arn’t you following the conversation here?

  19. j-bone

    Eli was the LEADER of the Giants offense when they beat Tom Brady and his undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl

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