Patriots KO Vikings, Brett Favre 28-18

Brett Favre chin laceration

The Patriots rolled past the Minnesota Vikings 28-18 yesterday, both knocking out Brett Favre and denying Randy Moss a touchdown in the process. The win, despite being another that falls into the unconvincing category, gives the Patriots the best record in the NFL at 6-1. The defense played solidly, and Benjarvis Green Ellis managed to give the Pats a run game for once en route to two rushing touchdowns. That’s all well and dandy, until you look at the road ahead for the Pats. Next week they’ll take on Cleveland (a should be victory), but after that game the rest of the season will prove to be a battle with games against (in order): Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Detroit, the Jets, Chicago and Green Bay. Yikes. You’ve got to think that next week will be a victory, moving them to 7-1, but splitting the following 6 games after that would be a huge victory. That’d leave the Pats at 10-4.

On another note, it was good to see that Patriots’ owner Bob Kraft, Tom Brady, and most of the other Patriots speaking with Moss both before and after the game — classy on all accounts.

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16 responses to “Patriots KO Vikings, Brett Favre 28-18

  1. j-bone

    That is a real tough schedule, the good news is that Bill is going to trade a player to every team that they play for the rest of the year

  2. A. Rab Money

    was it just me or did tom and randy seem a little too passionate with that hug at the end of the game…

    • j-bone

      Moss as a whole was pretty insane, crying about how much he loves everyone and that he will be interviewing himself for the rest of the season. Hard for someone to play hard, or hard for Randy, when all you are thinking about his how much you love the other team.

      • There you go — proof that Tom is not the horrible person that you are trying to spin him into being. Even Randy Moss, who loves no one, loves him.

    • j-bone

      I wouldn’t put any stock in the opinion of someone who is planing a Q&A session with himself and himself for the rest of the year.

  3. j-bone

    Atleast Manny won something while he was there.

  4. A. Rab Money

    it was sad to see favre being carted off the field after cutting his chin. that guys is just too old and needs to retire already.

    • I agree. If he insists on still playing, he should go to the CFL or something at this point. We all get it Brett. You try to be rugged and wear Wranglers. You’ve done everything you can. so go retire already.

      • j-bone

        If I hear him say most people wouldn’t play with this one more time, I’m gonna send him pictures of the j-bone downstairs. His act is getting older than he is. The thing with being tough is that if you keep pointing out how tough you are, you arn’t that tough. I have a hard time understanding how his antics and diva actions are just taken as oh its Brett, but if Ocho Cinco does the same he is hurting his team by being a distraction.

      • Ocho Cinco is the man, Brett Favre is quickly making himself not the man. Tweet about it.

      • j-bone

        oh and moss is getting waived by the vikings

      • I saw that. Pats will pick him up.

      • j-bone

        hes not gonna fall that far, and i dont have no twitter

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