howiGit Gets Political — Where Are You Team America?

Barack Obama

Let me start by saying that I hate getting political, especially on this blog, so I apologize. I promise it won’t happen very often. I’d also like to state for the record that I am not a Republican, not a Democrat, and not a member of the Tea Party. I am a founding member of the “G” party, of which only myself and Snoop Dogg are members. Now that we’ve cleared that up, some minor ranting…..

I’m not trying to bash Democrats or Republicans. But it seems very apparent to me that politics in the US has been turned into something of a Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. In other words, we are not all trying to play for the same team here. I watched yesterday as many of my Republican friends celebrated the Republican party winning back the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. They grumbled about Obama and saw yesterday as a huge victory. Yes, it was a huge victory for Republicans — but it was a huge loss for all Americans, which is what really matters. With a Democratic President and a Republican house, it will simply be that much more difficult to get anything done. Whether you like Obama’s agenda or not, getting anything done to appease either party just got a hell of a lot harder. In other words, we took a giant step backwards from actually seeing any “change,” no matter what that change might be. We handcuffed ourselves as a country yesterday, and now nobody is the winner. Not the Democrats, not the Republicans — Americans became the losers — and likely will be for the next two years.

I thought that President Obama made a good point when called out by Jon Stewart last week — his campaign promised change for America, not change for America in 18 months. And just as the economy has started to grow again, it is our own people and our own need for instant gratification that has handcuffed us. Trust me, I’m not saying that if you are Republican you should have voted Democrat or vice versa in order to keep Congress as it has been. I’m saying that you shouldn’t be celebrating a victory where America is essentially the loser for the next two years. I’ve noticed that the same people who tend to do this are also the ones who tell Americans not to vote because they are “uninformed.” Yet the people who say this all consider themselves to be very much “informed.” I hate to break it to you, but chances are pretty damn good that you have no idea what you’re talking about either. The issues that face us today are incredibly complex, as made evident by the difficulty that we’ve had fixing them. So please stop telling me you are informed. You’re no expert either.

All I’m asking is that next time you go to the polls, consider what’s best for the USA — not your favorite political party. That’s just how I G it.

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48 responses to “howiGit Gets Political — Where Are You Team America?

  1. j-bone

    are you looking at your own son with this article?

    I see what you are saying but whats best for America right now might not be what is best down the road. If people voted for what is best for America right now they would not really have a chance to make any change in the next presidential election. I think the voting the way it went should be a wake up call to the current administration that maybe we are not as popular as we think, and certainly not as popular as two years ago. Obama can say he didn’t promise change overnight but he certainly ran his campaign like he did, you don’t run as a rock star and then come in and do nothing.

    • I see what you are saying as well, except that Obama has done “nothing.” That’s not true. This is now considered the biggest recession since the depression, and when he came into office the economy was in a free fall and getting worse. The economy is now growing, albeit not fast enough to appease everyone seeking instant gratification. Any way you cut it, it’s pretty awesome that the bleeding was stopped that quickly and things have begun to move the right way after a modern day “depression.” Not to mention what he’s done with healthcare. People just don’t get that this is hugely complex system and things can’t change overnight. We are impatient bastards, us Americans.

      • j-bone

        The economy was going to turn regardless of who was in there. What he has done with healthcare can be sign as a positive or negative. Things don’t change overnight, but he ran his campaign like he was going to. Tons of promises, not alot of accomplishments.

      • The economy was going to turn, your right, but things could have gotten a lot worse and turned a lot slower than they did. Sure, Obama ran his campaign like he was going to change a lot — and I think he’s still trying to. Would he ultimately have been a success? Who knows. But you aren’t going to change the world in 18 months, I know that much. I just wish he had a fair shake at it, a full term at the least. I think it’s pretty pathetic that America can vote whole-heartedly for a new direction, then change their tune completely 18 months later.

      • j-bone

        It puts the pressure to accomplish want you promise, I know he has 4 years but in the first half of those 4 I havn’t seen anything that makes me think the second half is gonna be the candy and gum drops that be promised everyone while running.

  2. Teck

    I like that you called out your son on this..

    Obama’s big mistake was trying to make everyone happy. He tried to work with the GOP whose only goal was to stop anything Obama tried to do. To be honest Obama constantly conceded to the GOP’s demands and then nothing ever got done. Unfortunately for everyone as HowiGit said, this type of politics is going to just hurt America most. Now the Dems will most likely employ the same strategy. Not actually standing for anything just being against anything the opposing party is for. its really too bad, and the fact that some people see this election as a huge victory shows just how uninformed they really are.

  3. Teck

    All this election really proved is how short a memory the voting population has. Bush did a terrible job for eight years everyone hated him and people came out and voted Dem’s in. Dem’s are in power have to deal with previous administrations mistakes not to mention a stubborn and unwilling minority party who on principle stand against anything and everything dems try to do. Dem’s dont make enough changes in 18 months and boom everyone forgets about the 8 years of shitty leadership that preceded.

    • Yup. These are the same people who get road rage and shoot each other when the drive thru line at McDonald’s is moving slowly.

      • j-bone

        Bush didn’t have 8 years of shitty leadership I hate to tell you. The end was pretty bad but to put 8 years is a pretty big overstatement. How come Obama gets a pass for the economy, but Bush was dealing with the same economy, the biggest terrorist attack on US soil, and one of the biggest natural disasters to hit US soil but it was all his fault?

      • Because Obama inherited a crashing economy from Bush, and in his first 18 months stopped it from crashing.

      • j-bone

        The economy was going to turn no matter who went into the office, he didn’t make any changes or really do anything to change the economy, it happened because it was going to happen.

  4. Teck

    I’m not blaming the attack on him by any means and i dont think any one would say that. But Bush had extremely low approval rates before 9/11 and afterwards he had a free pass to do anything he wanted. I think i dont want to go any further with this tho

    • j-bone

      Bush pre-9/11 approval ratings are better then Obama’s current

      • Of course they were — pre 9/11 things were pretty good. Now things are pretty lousy, albeit better than they were when Bush left office. If things aren’t good your approval ratings will never be too high.

  5. j-bone

    I was responding to Teck’s claim that Bush had extremly low approval ratings pre 9-11.

  6. Teck

    that’s neither here nor there…but Geoff is right he had low approval ratings when times were good, then skyrocketed after a national disaster that was the point i was getting at…I just don’t understand the republicans stance on many issues. They want less government only when it supports their agenda. The economy collapsed because big banks were not being regulated as they should have. They are against the medical bill but for government ran medicare. I just don’t understand.

    • j-bone

      I could turn around and say the same thing about the dems, thats why theres a two party system, they both are insane and have no idea but yell about who is right, sounds like this blog.

      • Yes, but the difference is this blog is ranting about sports, humor, beer and TV shows, not policies that affect people’s lives in a serious way.

  7. Teck

    also i look forward to williams head exploding after reading all of this

  8. A. Rab Money

    eli manning is better than tom brady, this is why the country is celebrating after the election yesterday.

  9. j-bone

    Name the “good” qb’s in the league right now

  10. A. Rab Money

    all i was trying to do was get the conversation away from politics and it could not have been any easier.

  11. Alan Weeks

    I am in fact an expert on this, as says my degree from the University of Vermont that I am a political scientist, and being an expert on all things political left and right. I would like to take this opportunity to say….screw you Republicans, have fun losing in 2012 after you obstructionist policies have further crippled our country. Go left.

    • j-bone

      So there are only two good qbs in the league right now?

    • Alan Weeks

      scientists aren’t great at spelling… your obstructionist policies*….and another thing, it is simple as to say which party is good and is bad because of one reason. If you call yourself a republican, but only because you are fiscally conservative, but claim that you are socially liberal, when you cast your vote for Rand Paul, not only have you cast your ballot for fiscal restraint (go you!), you have also cast your ballot for someone who will persecute homosexuals, bar immigration (which no matter how you slice it, makes you a racist), and take away a woman’s right to choose whether she wants to have little Snoop Doggs (when in fact most of these politicians are men, and have no idea what it is like to have a vagina, hence giving them no authority on the issue whatsoever). Again, go left, f right. Remember next time you go to the polls, if you vote for a Republican candidate, or “Tea party”, you are in fact evil.

  12. Alan Weeks

    and stupid

  13. Alan Weeks

    if the g party has gin and juice at their rallies, I suppose I would support it…as long as they liked homosexuals, immigrants, and abortions.

  14. Teck

    Big fan of Alan Weeks i agree with your statements for the most part. I tried to not show my leftist leanings too much in my statements but i just couldnt do it. Its unfortunate that the only way that the GOP and the conservative can actually win an election is to align strongly with religious organizations and the nutty tea party. Its a deal with the devil that will no doubt hurt america in the long run. The fact that abortion, gay marriage and gays in the miilitary, legalization of marijuana have all taken a step in the wrong direction with this election.

  15. Alan Weeks

    As silly as claiming that you are in favor of grabbing hold of an “out of control, overreaching, overspending government” and want to halt all government spending, and minimize government’s role in your life, by destroying federal programs, while at the same time whining about how you need medicare and social security money to pay for your hover-round scooter and your scratch tickets? Like 60% of the Tea Party movement’s supporters? That silly?

  16. j-bone

    silly as the tea party and sarah palin

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