Tiger, Ke$ha, and Kanye? You Gotta Know…

Ke$ha "Cannibal"

Tiger Woods and pop star Ke$ha are now dating. Well, not really. Not at all in fact. But this morning I have three random tidbits of information that any howiGit reader must know, and Tiger and Ke$ha are involved.

1) Tiger Woods is no longer the #1 golfer in the world. After holding that position for the past 5 years, Tiger’s lack of winning in 2010 has finally caught up to him. So Phil is the new #1 right? Wrong. Lee Westwood is the new world #1, ladies and gentlemen, followed by Tiger at #2, Martin Kaymer at #3, and Phil at #4. Surprised? Who wouldn’t be. Both Tiger and Lee Westwood are playing the WGC-HSBC Championship in China this week. Through two rounds Westwood is in 2nd place at -8, with Tiger in 9th place at -4. The good news is the World Golf Ranking are currently so close we could be seeing the number #1 position flip-flop from week to week.

2) Ke$ha’s new CD entitled Cannibal is to be released on November 22. I know what I want in my stocking this year! The album included her upcoming song, “Grow a Pair.” I told you she was perfect for Tiger.

3) Kanye West is also slated to release his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, on November 22. Will he be able to outsell Ke$ha’s Cannibal?

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10 responses to “Tiger, Ke$ha, and Kanye? You Gotta Know…

  1. j-bone

    Tigers gonna outsell Kayne and Ke$sha will be the worlds number one golfer come next week

  2. j-bone

    Thoughts on Garnett?

    • I don’t know Kevin Garnett personally, but I think this really just reflects poorly on Villanueva. I mean, players say ALL kinds of stuff on the court. They talk about their moms, what they did to your girl, etc. You get the point. If he did call him a “cancer patient looking mofo” or whatever it is he supposedly said, of course that’s not classy, but it doesn’t stand out from anything else that gets yapped on the court. It stand out because Villanueva tweeted about it like a third grade tattle tail trying to ruin someone’s reputation. What happens on the court should stay there — respond with your play, not Twitter. Which Villanueva could do, except he’s not half as good as KG.

      • j-bone

        Surprise I am going to go the other way. This supposedly happened when Garnett is on the bench. When you are on the bench, you should keep your mouth shut you are not playing so there is really nothing to talk shit about. Mom’s and girl’s are probably heard all the time but making fun of someone because they look like they have a disease is pretty bad. Villanueva should have kept it to himself but that doesn’t excuse Garnett from looking like a huge a-hole. Also the Celtics might want to get their story in line, Garnett, Rivers, and now Ainge have all come out to say it didn’t happen but all have had different stories of what happened. Lastly, if you are gonna be a big tough guy and talk trash about cancer, have the balls to back up what you say. Don’t make half ass excuses and then have everyone in the organization run to your rescue.

      • First of all, no one knows if he said it or not — so you shouldn’t assume that he did (although I bet he did). Of course he didn’t back it up in the media spotlight — nobody with any brains would do that. But I bet he’ll back it up to Villanueva on the court. And of course, I agree making fun of cancer isn’t a good. That all being said, my initial reaction to what you said is this: If he was on the bench and said this to Villanueva who was on the court, there is no way a bunch of other people on the bench, behind the bench, and on the court didn’t hear it — yet no one has said they heard it.

  3. j-bone

    Because no one on the Boston bench would sell out their own player

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