The Patriots Loss My Skepticism has Been Hinting At

Peyton Hillis Cleveland Browns

Week after week, I have been writing Monday articles excited about a Patriots win, yet unable to rejoice after any sort of “telling” victory. My skepticism was confirmed yesterday, by a couple of young bucs on the Cleveland Browns — Peyton Hillis and Colt McCoy. The 38-14 loss was a terrible one for the Patriots, who needed a win to maintain their place in the division with their upcoming schedule — probably the most difficult in football from here on out. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to give the Browns credit — they played a great game.

While Colt McCoy is a bit undersized, everyone seems shocked to see him playing well in the NFL. Not I. To me, Colt has undergone the best possible training to be successful in the NFL. He set nearly every major college quarterbacking record while at Texas, but the haters note that only occurred because he was a 4-year starter. To me, that’s exactly the point — if you are a 4-year starter at a college like Texas, you are pretty damn good in the first place. Then you have 4 full years to develop, in a first class organization, and to learn to win. To draw from another sport, I see Colt’s path as the antithesis to Michelle Wie’s. Hailed as a phenom from age 12, Wie tried to jump to the LPGA tour as quickly as possible. While she’s had some success, ultimately she never learned to win at the various stages leading up to the LPGA tour. While Colt could have left Texas early, he became that much more mature, that much more of a winner for having stayed. And having a completion percentage over 70% three games into your NFL career is proof enough.

McCoy aside, this was Peyton Hillis’ game. I knew relatively little about this guy before this game, but he made be a fan. Sure, the Patriots made him look pretty damn good but he made himself look pretty damn good as well, en route to 184 yards and 2 touchdowns. This is a guy who never fully got to prove how good he was in college at Arkansas — after a great start to his college career he had to take a back seat to Darren McFadden. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a name for himself in the NFL.

If I were a Browns fan, I’d be very excited about my team’s young quarterback and running back. As for the Patriots, they’re going to have to make up for this loss against a tougher team in the upcoming weeks.

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33 responses to “The Patriots Loss My Skepticism has Been Hinting At

  1. Patriots just finished a brutal stretch in the schedule, and what they have on deck is even worse.
    I’m sure they thought this might be an easy week, but just like the Saints, the Patriots learned the Browns are a capable team. That being said, the Browns were only forced to punt 3 times the whole game? That’s a disgrace.

    • I think you are completely correct on both accounts. I think the Browns have a pretty great start to a solid offense if they can pick up a few more pieces. The Patriots need Chung back badly as well.

  2. j-bone

    I agree that the upcoming stretch is pretty bad, but they have played only 2 teams with winning records, not sure how that is considered brutal. Should be interesting to see how they do down the stretch. Jets have not been looking that good either so it should be exciting.

    • The Jets will win the division.

    • Week 4 – Monday Night Football in Miami. That was a division game, a huge game heading into the bye.

      Week 6 – Hosted the Ravens and won by 3 in overtime. Ravens are one of the favorites to win the AFC. Huge game.

      Week 7 – Cross country at the Chargers and another tough 3 point win. Despite their record the Chargers are a good football team.

      Week 8 – Hosted a hungry Vikings team, desperate for a win. Once again, the Vikings are no joke w/ AP running the ball.

      This Cleveland game was a natural spot for a letdown.

  3. Heading into yesterday’s games, the Bucs were 5-2, but that certainly doesn’t make them a good football team. Now Tampa is at 5-3, better than all Patriots opponents listed above.

    If you didn’t think that was a brutal stretch of games, then fine. You are entitled to your opinion. However, I doubt you can find many people to agree with you.

  4. j-bone

    If you think that playing 4 teams out of 5 without winning records is “brutal” what do you think of your next 5 in which you play 4 of 5 that have winning records. I would call that “brutal.”

  5. A. Rab Money

    that game was a good chance for the patriots to get some separation in the division. If they had won then today we would be talking about them as probably the best team in the league but now they are lumped in with 4 or 5 other teams, and have a very tough road coming.

    I have enjoyed this year so far as the NFL has not had so much parity in recent years. It seems every week a new team is standing out as one of the best, and no one has really separated themselves as the clear favorite in either conference. The best part is that on any sunday there is no locks for who will win any game…unless of course you’re playing the cowboys

    • A. Rab Money

      I’ll bite my tongue on that last comment. My G Men are playing the boys on sunday and with wade phillips finally gone they may actually try again this week.

      • j-bone

        I wish they had waited a week before firing Wade. This might actually have them playing like they want to be on the field.

      • Stop trying to make excuses for the Giants by saying the Cowboys will play hard and angry now that he’s gone. They should destroy them, no excuses.

      • j-bone

        yes they should destroy them, however if the all mighty tom brady, the best football player of all time, can get outplayed by a rookie colt mccoy the giants could lose to a division rival with a new found sense of actually playing football.

      • Tom barely got the ball, as the defense was busy letting up 6 yards rushing on everyyyyyyyyyy play. Hence 39 minutes of possession for the Browns and 21 for the Patriots — which is also the blue print for beating the Patriots (unfortunately).

      • j-bone

        Well Brady completed as many passes as McCoy attempted so don’t give me time of possession. McCoy had a better percentage, average, and qb rating. He also won the game and ran in a 20 yard touchdown. The time of possession might have come from the fact that the Tom Brady led Patriots offense was 3-11 on third downs. While the Colt McCoy led Browns were 7-13.

      • That’s cause McCoy didn’t get to throw a lot, because Peyton Hillis was killing us and eating up the clock. Tom Brady, with no running game, does not have that option. And since when has completions been a knock on a qb? That being said, the 3rd down conversions were very poor — I think this is one of the most underrated stats in football. Tom wasn’t his sharpest, but we major issues with our young receivers running incorrect routes — Aaron Hernandez aside (the Pats most exciting young player besides Chung). Bill was chewing em out on the sideline all game.

    • All true, except at this point I’ve seen enough to come to one conclusion — the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best team in the league.

  6. Elisha Manning

    Hey guys, just checking in. Great week of football this week. I pretty much dominated the entire game and most importantly I was even able to make it in time to relax and fire up this weeks episode of Glee on my DVR. See you all next week when we try our best to beat the silly cowgirls.

  7. A. Rab Money

    there is no best team in the league, as of right now. the ravens beat the steelers in a close game, the pats beat the ravens in a close game, the jets beat the pats and the saints beat the steelers in a close one as well. all these teams are too close to declare one the best at this point in the season. It is pretty clear that the AFC has the best teams overall though

    • As they always do. Your Giants play in the national league. But as baseball showed us this year, maybe the national league Giants can win it all. I think having Ben back is huge for the Steelers — and I stick by my claim that they are the best.

      • j-bone

        I dont know if it is so clear that the AFC is that much better. The best team in the league two weeks ago, the jets lost to green bay at home and barely beat the lions, the steelers lost the the saints, the colts lost to the eagles. Those are all top afc teams losing to some of the better nfc teams.

        Im on to you Kevin.

      • AFC = A F’in Champion
        NFC = No F’in Chance

        Sorry, J-Bone.

  8. Teck

    AFC is way better…that stretch of games fro the PAts has been brutal as is the entire schedule for the AFC East having to play eachother and the AFC north which are the two best divisions in the league. And that is a huge cop out already making excuses if the Giants lose to the cowboys…very lame

  9. A. Rab Money

    im sorry teck but the afc north is not the best in the nfc. the bears are not that good and the vikings dont have it this year as their terrible coaching is showing itself. the nfc east has 2 teams in the top 10 on ESPN power rankings and the nfc south is better with 2 in the top 10 and the bucs at 13. the packers are the only actual good team in the north so far this year.

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