Eli Manning Exposed!!!!!!!!!!

Elisha Manning New York Giants

His name is Elisha Nelson Manning ladies and gentlemen. Yup, Elisha. Elisha Elisha Elisha!  How is this not bigger news already?

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18 responses to “Eli Manning Exposed!!!!!!!!!!

  1. j-bone

    Tommy Boy calls him Daddy.

  2. Kevin Youkillis

    I knew it! Whoever broke this story must be a genius

  3. A. Rab Money

    its sad that you consider this news worthy on your blog. you just lost a follower with this waste of a post.

    • This is not a waste. You are a waste.

      • j-bone

        This is a waste, you could have done a post about all the gold glovers the red sox have with their pitching and defense strategy.

      • Their pitching and defense strategy turned into one of the best offenses in baseball……that was strange.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        Jeter did not deserve a gold glove. He didnt have many errors but he also no range. I dont think he was even a top 10 shortstop this year.

      • Yea, he’s not a defensive gem anymore. He’s solid enough, but he used to be much more capable of making the flashy plays. Jeters real value is in working counts, getting on base, and hits — in addition to his presence with the media and leadership.

  4. j-bone

    I would give the gold glove award to the person who has the least amount of errors and highest fielding percentage, oh what do you know that is the winner Derek Jeter. Just because a bunch of geeks, who by the way told the Red Sox that Marco Scutoro was a great short stop and had he 14 more errors then Derek Jeter, told you that Derek Jeter has not range or doesnt have that many “chances” it is a made up stat with people with too much time and numbers on their hands. Oh Mike Cameron is another sabermetrics winner and he turned out great.

  5. A. Rab Money

    i dont get how people say he doesnt deserve it. He had the best fielding percentage of anyone with at least the minimum number of trys. Its the same criteria Cano and Tex won on. What makes it so different for Jeter. And if he had the best fielding percentage Kevin how is he not even top 10?

  6. j-bone

    I kinda said the same thing but my comment has to be moderated, he had the best field percentage and least amount of error. But he didn’t deserve it because of stupid stats that don’t prove anything and Kevin heard it on ESPN.

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