Celtics Win as Heat’s Growing Pains Continue

The NBA has taken a back seat as of late, and with good reason, as the NFL season hits full stride. But it’s tough to forget — this year is easily one of the most anticipated NBA seasons in recent memory, if not ever. And while I haven’t caught much of the Lakers yet this season, they are undefeated. The Celtics have looked very impressive, led by the play of Rajon Rondo, and have shown incredible depth. Which brings us to the newcomers on the block — the Miami Heat. I’ve now watched them play the Celtics twice, and the growing pains are very evident. Last night’s 112-107 victory was not nearly as close as the score suggests.

Ray Allen dropped 35 points and was 7-7 from behind the arc at one point, equaling Lebron’s point total for the game. Rondo had 16 assists and an incredible dunk (shown above), and both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett had good games. In other words, the Celtics were clicking on all cylinders. Lebron’s 35 points aside, Dwayne Wade had 8 points and Chris Bosh played poorly.

Since Lebron’s trade to Miami, I have been one of the few who whole-heartedly and without hesitation bought into the Heat. I think they will learn to click, and I think they will be a major force in the league. I’m sticking by that. But at this point, I think they need to take a page out of the Celtic’s playbook. I see Lebron playing much as he did in Cleveland — the offense seems to be running almost completely through him at this point. He had 35 points, great, but Wade had 8 and Bosh mine as well have not been on the floor. This team needs to learn to let a new star step up each night — they need to learn to feed the hot hand. And many nights that might not be any of the big 3, but rather a role player who is left wide open.

We’ll see if the Heat can get it together — I’m sure they will. But for right now, it certainly looks like we are steering towards another Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals. And God knows I’m good with that.

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17 responses to “Celtics Win as Heat’s Growing Pains Continue

  1. j-bone

    The road in the east is going to be very tough with the Celtics, Heat, Magic, and Bulls. I agree that at some point the Heat are going to start clicking, but they do have some major flaws. Point guards can beat them, Chris Paul beat them up and Rondo has twice. In the playoffs they would have to try and beat Rondo or Derek Rose. Center is a problem and their other competition has probably the second best big man in the league with Dwight Howard. Then with the Lakers in the finals probably they would have to play Gasol or Bynum. I see what your saying by letting everyone play, but the Celtics could do that because they were not in their prime. The Heat also are going to need someone that steps it up in crunch time. For the Celtics that is Pierce, can either Wade or James take a back seat in crunch time?

    • First off, is Dwight Howard is the 2nd best big man who is #1? And yes, James and Wade are both in their primes but that doesn’t mean they can’t share the ball.

  2. j-bone

    Gasol averages more points, rebounds and assists. He shoots free throwns better by 30%, turns the ball over 2 times less, gets more offensive boards, plays more minutes per game, and fouls less.

    • That’s based off of this year. Last year Howard averages 18 points 13.5 boards to Gasol’s 18 and 11. That being said, your point is still pretty much made. I just think that as a guard, you are going to be hesitant about driving on Dwight. No guard worries about driving on Gasol. And although that may not show up in stats, it can be a game changer.

  3. Teck

    The Heat are super thin after the big three and losing mike Miller is hurting them more than you might think. The have zero size…as well. The Lakers, Celtics and Magic are all far too big for the heat to deal with. Haslem, Joel Anthony, Big Z, Juwan Howard and soft chris Bosh. No effing chance against elite big men in the league. Chris Bosh has not played well and has been nonexistent on the boards and on D.

    Gasol is a better offensive player Howard is better defense and rebounding. Howard is the best true center, gasol more of a PF anyways. But the things howard can do on D makes his team a great defensive team. guards and wing men can gamble more with him back there and dont have to crash the baords as much

    • j-bone

      I agree that Howard is a better defensive player, but Gasol is averaging more rebounds right now. Gasol is playing center right now and has been playing it for most of the time with the Lakers because of Bynums injuries. I feel that difference in talent of offense is a bigger gap in favor of Gasol then the talent gap of Howard and defense, if that make any sense at all.

    • I agree with everything you said.

      • j-bone

        Howard gets his points off of ally-oops, put backs, and an occasional post move. Gasol’s post play and shooting ability are signifigantly better then Howards.

        Gasol has also shown he can take over a game 7 finals game. Howard has not shown anything in the playoffs.

  4. Teck

    Its true but id still take howard if I to start a team.

    Anyways tow other comments…HowiGit did you read the tweet that Paul Pierce did? hilarious stuff and im a big fan of the shit talking.

    Also in the vidoe of the rondo dunk he gets up like hes all pissed and yelling at the ref. There was clearly no foul here whats he upset about. BTW awesome dunk though Bosh is so soft and just got postered so bad.

    • j-bone

      I liked the tweet, but the Celtics are the yappiest team in the league by far.

      Rondo’s dunk was very impressive, he was upset because the he finally has developed a Boston accent, and I’m not talking about chowdah, I’m talking about whining.

      I think we can all agree that Bosh is very soft and we may actually see him cry on the court in the next three weeks. I think Michael Jordan would have ordered a code red on Bosh if he was on his Bull team.

      • The Celts yap and it’s awesome — basketball has long been a game filled with incredible yapping rivalries — which is awesome because of the one on one nature basketball can turn into.

    • Rondo’s just s little yappy dunking puppy. I didn’t see Pierce’s tweets but I’ll check em out. I love the smack talk in basketball.

    • Just read the tweet — classic Pierce — awesome.

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