The Patriots Rebound Against Steelers, Get Signature Win

Tom Brady Beats Steelers

In an NFL season that is proving to be a wild and wide open crap shoot, the Patriots re-established themselves as one of the favorites in the NFL by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 39-26 in impressive fashion. Even before this game began it was notable — Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady are the only quarterbacks with two or more Super Bowl wins to face each other since 1985. And following a loss, Brady is 22-2 in his career. Make that 23-2 now, as Brady and nearly everybody else on the Patriots brought their A-game.

Brady threw three touchdown passes to rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski and ran one in himself, to go along with his 350 yards passing. He was fired up all game, between the lines and on the sideline, and it clearly got his team going. The Patriots defense, revitalized by the return of safety Patrick Chung, looked awesome. This group, whose starters average 25.5 years old, has turned in some fantastic performances for such a young crew — and yesterday was their finest. I think that inconsistency, as shown in the past two weeks by the Pats defense, will have to be expected as the norm as this group matures. But it’s scary to think about how good this group could be 1, 2, or 3 years down the road — especially when coupled with Tom Brady and the 1,100 draft picks the Pats have next year.

The damn Jets keep winning overtime games, which really stinks for the Patriots, but they’ll be ready for them when they meet again. Coupled with a Giants loss to the Cowboys, I think it’s fair to say any of the NFL’s elite teams can win or lose any week — making for one of the most interesting NFL season’s in recent memory. Tom and the defense certainly injected this one fan with an additional spark of hope last night.

In other news, I finally checked out Ben Affleck’s The Town yesterday. I was expecting it to be good, and it easily surpassed my expectations. I’d definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

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20 responses to “The Patriots Rebound Against Steelers, Get Signature Win

  1. j-bone

    You saw a movie with out Leo? I am shocked.

    • I know! Although, I must say, I see some parallels with Leo and Ben. If you were to ask the average viewer about either of them in the 1990’s they would have said they were cheesy heart throb types that would amount to nothing. But both of them are undeniably good actors and directors at this point.

  2. j-bone

    They are both very good, they also had some good performances in the 90’s as well.

    • They had far more terrible ones back then as well though. So we’ve got to ask….what gives with your beloved G-men? Explain yourself J-bone.

      • j-bone

        Their offense coordinator is real bad, the cowboys were a super bowl favorite and a playoff team last year that really didnt lose much and got a kick in the ass with the coach being fired. They had a bomb to Nicks called back on a questionable holding call that would have cut the lead to 7 points in the 4th. They didn’t blitz Kitna enough and the Giants O-line is very beat up. This game sucks to lose however it maybe will bring them back down to earth a little bit. Huge game next sunday night for the Giants.

      • All good points, but still a terrible loss to a one win team. If they were any good they wouldn’t have one win. Bob Costas (boy wonder) made a good point — you’ve gotta wonder about the professionalism of the players in Dallas if they can play as well as they did against the Giants but haven’t been because of their coach. I have one foot on the Eagles bandwagon — I expect a big win tonight out of them, and a good game next week (I hope).

  3. j-bone

    I’m not going to make excuses for the coyboys because I hate them but I read somewhere last week that they have the most losses by less then a touchdown of any team this year. It wasn’t until recently that they were being blown out, because they quit on their coach. All their losses have come from teams with winning records so the schedule hasnt been easy. The Giants should have won the game regardless, but talent wise the coyboys are pretty good, if they played as hard as the Lions, Bills, of Browns they would have more then two wins.

    The cowboys have always been a team of fair weather players who beat their chests when they play well but shrink in the face of a challenge.

    • That’s all pretty accurate I’d say. Still, it’s pretty pathetic that they haven’t played harder up to this point. I don’t care what their coach is doing, then owe it to their fans and the contracts they’ve signed.

      • j-bone

        Oh I completly agree, and as a cowboys fan instead of the trash talking about the win, I would be more disgusted with the fact that in a year where the cowboys themselves were screaming about them and the super bowl they started 1-7 and completly quit on their coach and fans.

  4. A. Rab Money

    that was just an ugly game all around by the giants, and as you said its just that kind of year in the nfl. I was expecting the giants to struggle yesterday but did not think it would be that bad. Have to give some credit to the cowboys for finally playing hard and making some big plays. Dez Bryant is going to be a superstar in the league very soon. No excuses for the Giants, they just need to collect themselves this week, analyze what they did wrong and get prepared for a huge matchup next week, which depending on tonight’s outcome could be a fight for first in the division.

    • I prefer to call him Dirty Dez, which means I can also refer to him as DD or Double D, which is also Dunkin Donuts’ initials — which is ironic because America runs of Dunkins and America’s team runs on Dez catching bombs for TDs. A stretch I know. As for the Giants regrouping next week…..choke choke choke eli eli eli……all kidding aside that should be a very interesting game. How does one prepare for Michael Vick?

      • Kevin Youkillis

        I’ll keep my comments on the Giants loss to myself, at least on this blog. Its good to hear that the fans aren’t really making excuses

        As for the cowboys as it has been said, they have the talent, on paper are a good team and its despicable if they just werent playing the first few weeks because of coaching issues.

        The Giants are gonna have a tough time keeping Vick on a leash next week, I’m keeping a seat warm for you on the Eagles bandwagon.

        also a 5 year 78 million extension for McNabb.. really?

      • There really aren’t any excuses to make — they shouldn’t have lost. Despicable is a great description in my book and I appreciate the warm seat. I can’t believe McNabb’s deal either — where the heck did that come from? He’ll be 39 at the end of the deal. I want his agent.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        i just wanted to write in a blue box

      • Do you want the short answer or the long answer?

      • Kevin Youkillis

        darn i guess only you get to write in blue boxes… you are one lucky blogger

      • I can explain, i swear. Please don’t hurt me.

      • I can explain, i swear. Please don’t hurt me.

  5. Alan Weeks

    just wanted to add my two cents to the chagrin of the giants fan….f the giants and eli manning

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