Top 10 Reasons Floyd Mayweather Needs to Man-ny Pacquiao Up

Antonio Margarito faces Manny Pacquiao

This could be you Floyd Mayweather. Are you afraid of Manny Pacquiao now? Oh wait, you already were. In fact, I already wrote a post on Floyd Mayweather the chump. Manny is the real Champ.

So here it is Floyd — the Top 10 Reasons Floyd Mayweather Needs to Man-ny Pacquiao Up and get in the ring.

1) Aren’t you a competitor? If you were half as good as you say you are you’d be confident that you could beat Manny — with ease. I mean, this guy’s got 3 losses and you’ve never been beat.

2) Your running your mouth and not backing it up. You’re going on the internet and posting videos of yourself calling Manny “a little yellow chump.” If you actually thought this was true, you’d get in the ring and knock him out in the first round. Even you know you won’t be considered the best ever til you beat Manny, so get on it. All of the best fighters in history talked trash and backed it up. See Mohammed Ali. I suggest you do the same.

3) You are 5’8 with a 72″ reach to Manny’s 5’6 with a 67″ reach. Not to mention you are hailed for you incredible speed. On paper, you’ve got a win half in the bag.

4) You point out Manny’s losses to downplay him as an opponent. His last loss was in 2005 to Erik Morales in 12 rounds. He proceeded to fight and beat Morales twice in 2006, the second victory a KO in 3 rounds.

5) You beat Oscar de la Hoya when you fought him, a very controversial split decision in 12 rounds. You’re lucky you are considered undefeated still. When Manny fought Oscar the fight had to be stopped by the referee in the 8th round for Oscar’s safety.

6) Both of you also fought Ricky Hatton. You won by TKO in 10 rounds — Pacquiao KO’d him in 2 rounds.

7) Despite his losses, Manny’s got a lot on his side of the argument for being the better fighter. He’s got titles in 8 weight classes, and the photo above of what Pacquiao did to Antonio Margarito last week will go down in boxing history. And Margarito is no slouch — he was 38-7 with 27 KO’s going into the fight. What have you done lately Floyd?

8)We know you’re all about money. You guys are 32 and 33 now, and given Manny’s crushing of Margarito the prize money will never be higher. Do the fight before you are both over the hill.

9) Do it, because deep down there is a little twinge of fear in you. You’d never admit it, but when you lie in bed at night it’s there. Why would you not fight him if it wasn’t there?

10) Do it, because if you don’t, you’ll never go down as the best fighter ever because you didn’t go through Manny. Sure, your reputation is on the line — you’re undefeated, and a loss would be crushing for your legacy. But without beating Manny, your legacy will not be what you want it to be. For either of you to forever be considered the best, you’ve got to beat the other. I thought you were boxers. Why are you shying away now?

Think about it. This one is a no-brainer.

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31 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Floyd Mayweather Needs to Man-ny Pacquiao Up

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    do it because your facing charges of domestic violence, felony robbery, grand larceny, and harrassment and are facing a possible 33 years in jail. Do it because your trainer and uncle beat up some women and will probably be in jail soon too..

    No way this fight happens, he wouldnt do it when he didnt have anything else going on.. he certainly wont do it now.

  2. Teck

    THey have to fight….it would easily be the biggest boxing match of at least the last 20 years. They both stand to make huge amounts of money. If Pretty Boy Floyd really doesnt care about his legacy if theres anything his videos and interviews have shown is that the dude loves his cash money. If for no other reason then he can bring himself a huge amount of money he should do this fight.

    Also even Manny’s trainer was doubting him before his latest fight, becasue of all the stuff outside of the ring manny was participating in. Hes a congressmen in the phillipines and is distracted from his training by this. Again this should only help mayweather in his decision to fight manny.

  3. A. Rab Money

    first off, neither of these two fighters are or will go down as the best ever, whether they fight each other or not. They are the best of the past decade, a decade in which boxing has completely fallen form grace. Second, it would not be the best fight of the last 20 years, i can think of a few right off my head without even trying from the 90’s; Buster douglas beats Tyson and Tyson vs. Holyfield I and II, the first being an upset and the second the famous ear biting incident, also Lenox Lewis v Holyfield. You guys are clearly not boxing historians, and niether am I but at least use some common knowledge before just throwing best fighter and best fight ever around so loosely.

    • What makes those fights so great besides the fact that they were heavyweights? Lennox Lewis? Are you kidding me? Nobody had touched what Pacquiao has done in 8 different weight classes, and Mayweather is undefeated, so I don’t know how you get much better than that. Pound for pound, these guys are better by a mile.

  4. Teck

    I think it is completely reasonable to say that this is one of the most anticipated fights of the last 20 years, even if thats a result of the decline of boxing. It certainly ranks right up there with those tyson fights you mentioned.

  5. Teck

    dont you talk down to us Arab Money!

  6. A. Rab Money

    on of the most anticipated, yes. That is not what you said, and i quote “THey have to fight….it would easily be the biggest boxing match of at least the last 20 years.” this is a false statement is what i was pointing out. plus in my opinion these fighter are not nearly as entertaining to watch as they do not posess the knock out power and devastating punches of the likes of Tyson, Lewis and Holyfield, to name a few. that is merely my personal opinion.

    • So your personal opinion is that you like heavyweights better.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      no knock out power? Mayweather is like 44-0 with 25 ko’s. Pacquiao is like 44-3 with 34 knockouts.. i may agree that this isnt the biggest boxing match of the last 20 years, i dont know enough boxing to say that. but both have tons of power.

      • Mayweather is 53-3 with 37 KO’s, Floyd is 41-0 with 24 KO’s. For comparisons sake, Ali had 37 KO’s, Hoyfield had 24 and Tyson had 44. So Pacquiao especially is right there. Plenty of power to go around, to say the least, especially because it’s that much harder to know someone out as a smaller guy.

  7. A. Rab Money

    exactly. and you cannot seriously believe they are better boxers than guys like Ali, Frazier, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano to name a few. I admit they are up there as all time greats, but these fighters were the cream of the crop in a time when boxing reigned supreme and competition was much more fierce than it is today.

    • Sure, maybe boxing isn’t at the height of its popularity. Sure, heavyweights capture the public’s imagination more than the lighter guys. But these two are all-time greats. Evander Holyfield was 43-10, Tyson was 50-6, Ali was 56-5. In other words, these guys have better records. Yes, boxing was bigger back in the day of Ali. That said, there were also 179 million people instead of 300 million people living in the US. That said, I think it’s fair to say the total number of boxers out there is null in this argument. It’s not like there were a million people trying to be world champ back then and now there’s 20.

  8. Alan Weeks

    As much as I love Manny, and absolutely despise Mayweather, Manny’s beating of a lesser fighter does not equal a defeat for Mayweather, if the fight actually occurs. I hate Mayweather, think he is arrogant, racist, and ignorant, but I still think he has the fastest hands in the business. Although I will buy the fight (if it happens) and will be routing for our politician from the Philippines, I am not sure he can beat the champ. Shitty truth, but quite possibly a valid one.

  9. Dan

    First, let me say that I can’t stand Mayweather. I think he personifies everything that is wrong with sports today. But, am I correct in understanding that nobody here puts any responsibility on PacMan to stop hiding behind the drug-testing excuses? If he’s got nothing to hide, take the tests and fight. Personally, I think this thing has gone so far that they are both petrified of losing and are now just making excuses to not fight.

    • I see your point and agree. Pacquiao does seem to be making an issue out of the testing, although he’s said he’ll take steroid tests and the regular tests boxers take before any fight. Floyd is calling for “Olympic style” testing, which I guess is a bit more intense. I don’t know the specifics of that testing so I won’t pretend that I do.

  10. I’m sorry but the fact that he wouldn’t do the Olympic style testing puts a big fat steroid cloud over his head. If Pacquiao was a really man or wasn’t cheating he would have just taking the more strict random time Olympic style testing. No big deal really, unless you’re doing something wrong. If Mayweather was willing to do it, why wasn’t Pacquiao?

    • I’ve gotten a lot of mixed information on this, but what I got out of ESPN was that Olympic style testing is not used in boxing unless it’s the Olympics. The standard testing does test for steroids, and Manny has taken that before every fight (as has every other fighter). I guess the Olympic style testing also looks at some other PED’s, blood doping, and that sort of thing. I’ll see what else I can find out and update. I’ve also heard Pacquiao agreed to it then Floyd backed down. The whole boxing world is very shady and hard to get concrete facts out of.

    • Did a little research. Apparently Manny’s take on the situation is this — in his last loss, to Erik Morales, he had an eye exam and his eyes were dilated the day of the fight. He blamed his loss partially on this and he is apparently VERY superstitious about his pre-fight rituals. He said he’d never have any medical procedures done the day of the fight again. When negotiating with Floyd he said he’d take the Olympic style test 5 days before the fight and immediately after the fight. I don’t know much about PED’s, I’m not a doctor, but that sounds reasonable to me. Floyd said no way. Based on Manny’s other actions (not replying when Floyd went on his racist rampage) he seems like a pretty level headed, intelligent guy. I’m biased to give him the benefit of the doubt — I’d like to hear a doctor’s take though.

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