Patriots Win, Manning Bros Lose — Week 10 Notes

Eli Manning Eagles Loss

This was a big weekend for the NFL, as the league’s best rivalry of the past decade (Patriots-Colts) were in action as were the NFC favorite New York Giants taking on the NFL’s new wonder boy, Michael Vick, and his Eagles. A few games to touch on, so we’ll break them down one by one.

1) Patriots beat Colts 31-28 — The latest game in the Brady-Manning rivalry, this one embodied the relationship these two quarterbacks have. Brady played near flawless football, completing 78% of his passes for 186 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions. Manning put up 396 yards on a zillion passing attempts, but ultimately threw a crippling interception after storming his Colts back from 17 points down in the 4th quarter. He had me shifting in my chair, for sure. That being said, I saw one major flaw with the Patriots — with a big lead in the 4th quarter they became complacent and began to play “contain” defense. This formula didn’t allow a big 50 yard play, but it allowed the Colts to gain 10 or 15 yards on practically every play. If you’re giving that to Peyton Manning, he’s going to score very quickly on you, as we saw. I think the Patriots would have been much better off staying aggressive and putting pressure on Manning. This is what ultimately led to the game losing interception, and this has been shown time and again as the only real strategy that works in flustering Peyton.

On another game note, I’d like to address my readers in New York who have been suggesting strongly lately that Tom Brady is soft, cocky, can’t back it up, and is generally viewed as an ass. Let me start by saying, you couldn’t be more wrong. As I was watching the pregame show, nearly every commentator on every national news station showered both Peyton and Brady with praise — both for their skill, their leadership, and what they do for the game. The words “class act” was used referring to Brady. Brady is unbelievably popular and seen in a very positive light by almost everybody, even those who are jealous of his success. Second of all, for all of you haters I’d suggest you listen to a Tom Brady news conference after a game. The man is incredibly poised, very frank, and showers praise on both his team and his opponents wherever it is due. He always, in particular, is kind with his words when speaking about Peyton’s game. Sure, on the field he gets fired up and talks. That’s cause the guy is a competitor — he wants to win as much as anybody in the league week in and week out. He’s confident in his ability, as he should be, but he always give opponents their due. Listen people.

2) Eagles beat Giants 27-17 — Eli being Eli, he made a bonehead play and fumbled the ball as he drove him team down the field at the end of the game. While Eli has improved most aspects of his game significantly, he still remains a turnover machine. Yes, many aren’t his fault, but no matter whose fault they are turnovers equal loses.  You’ve got to give the Giants’ defense credit, they did a pretty good job on Michael Vick. He still had a great game, but it was not the Michael Vick show ala last week. That said, I don’t think you can expect 6-10 touchdowns out of Vick every game as everybody seemed to expect after last week.  I think it’s hilarious how the Giants lost, especially with Eli coughing it up, but honestly I don’t think this is a big setback for the Giants. It’s a tough divisional loss, but they are still a good team and this won’t derail their season. They’ve got a pretty easy schedule the next three games before taking on the Eagles again.

3) Jets beat Texans 30-27. This one was wild. The Jets scored in the game’s closing moments to pull out another unlikely victory. It wasn’t dripping with good consistent play, but they pulled it out and that’s what matters. That’s what the Jets have been about as of late, and there is a lot to say about teams that just keep on finding ways to win. The Jets have so many talented players that somebody could always get open or make a big game-winning play, and that’s what’s happening. As a Patriots fan it’s incredibly frustrating, but you’ve got to give them credit. The AFC East will likely ride on the Patriots-Jets Monday Night Football game on December 6. I think after wins against the Ravens, Steelers, and Colts the Patriots are now officially the team to beat in the AFC — big surprise I’m picking the Pats to beat the Jets. They want revenge.

The Manning brothers blew it this week and the Patriots beat the Colts, so I could not be more happy in week 10. This is quickly turning into one of the best, most competitive NFL seasons in a long time. Let’s face it — no one has any idea who is going to be hoisting the Super Bowl trophy this year.
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28 responses to “Patriots Win, Manning Bros Lose — Week 10 Notes

  1. A. Rab Money

    all three games were great football games to watch, while the Jets made what should have been a less exciting game a real nail-biter, the colts/pats and giants/eagles games were as advertised with back and forth action throughout. It was a unique day in the NFL in that both Mannings had turnovers in the closing moments of potential game winning or tying drives. Im willing to bet that will not happen on the same day ever again. I think this shows that the Pats are certainly for real, but still need to improve their pass D to make a deep run. The giants showed that their D can handle even the most potent of offenses, the eagles had numerous opportunities early off turnovers they could not convert to touchdowns, only field goals. Also, that their season is not going very far if this turnover epidemic does not stop. The eagles do have a great offense, but the giants exposed the flaw in Vick, that being forcing him to his right out of the pocket and containing him from big runs. If they truly want to make a deep run Vick will need to also improve his accuracy on mid range throws. Probably the most entertaining week of the season thus far with the 1,4 and 8 o’clock games all coming down to the last drive for the new england/tri-state area teams.

    • Good point with the 1, 4, and 8 o’clock games in the new england/tri-sate area. The Pats pass D needs to improve (it’s getting better, but the “contain” defense in the 4th quarter was a horrible idea) and the Giants need to stop turning it over. The Giants did do a good job with Vick, although I’m not sure that “forcing him to his right out of the pocket” was exposing any flaw — he often ends up with huge runs and passes when this happens. I think they simply did a good job containing him (which is the definition of good D). I don’t see his mid-range passing as a huge flaw either — he’s usually pretty spot on. He definitely wasn’t at his sharpest, but he still had a rushing touchdown and his completion percentage wasn’t too bad. There’s not really much to say about the Jets — they’ve found ways to win thus far but eventually your luck runs out if you keeping putting yourself in these situations.

  2. Kevin Youkillis

    i didnt get to watch any of the games because i was at the eagles tailgating but they all did seem like great games..Big win for the birds..I just read that Hakeem Nicks is out for 3 weeks, not good for an already injury ridden Giants team.

  3. A. Rab Money

    Forcing vick to his right was talked about alot pregame in the area, and when he runs right he doesnt have the ability to throw as he is a lefty and that is a difficult pass to make. those big plays he makes are when he runs left, hence him not having any big pass or runs in the game. Also the touchdown run was scored on a failed assignment by the linebacker who overcommitted, granted vick is bound to find his way into the endzone one way or the other.

  4. j-bone

    I was very happy with the way the defense played Vick. If they can do that in the next game at home for the Giants I like our chances. The turnovers have become a huge problem. It is not just Eli but Bradshaw as well. If Pierre-Paul stays onside I feel the Giants win the game. If Eli slides like he should it is a very different game. The Giants look to be catching the injury bug a bit and they need to stay healthy in order to compete.

    • I think they played Vick well too, but I also think that works both ways. I’m sure they’ll have some new ideas on how to penetrate the Giants next time around. I think that although the Giants have an injury bug, they have a good amount of depth and a good record. They’ll be ok. Eli, well, we don’t need to go there.

  5. j-bone

    The depth at receiver and the o-line is really being tested. They are down to three healthy receivers this week, one is a rookie, one they cut before the season started, the third is the third string receiver. The o-line is starting to have back ups get injured. It is beginning to worry me.
    It does go both ways but I think the way they are going to have to adjust is to have the running backs beat them, which they did in the 4th. If the Giants can gameplan in in the same way for Vick, which with the speed on the d-line and very good blitzing safeties, I think they can. The challange will be of how to not get one on one match ups with the running backs.

  6. j-bone

    I got a fun game. top 5 in the nfc vs top 5 in the afc. Not who is overall better but if 1 played 1, 2 played 2 ect. who would have a better record. I put the match ups as
    1. Atlanta vs Jets
    2. Philly vs Pats
    3. Packers vs Ravens
    4. Saints vs Colts
    5. Giants vs Steelers

    On paper the AFC looks alot better but I think the overall speed that the NFC has can cause a good amouont of match up problems. Those would all be pretty good games as well.

    • j-bone

      Also how great was Rothlisberger getting punched to the ground after talking shit. I was thrilled to see that.

    • Jets win.
      Philly wins.
      Packers win.
      Colts win.
      Steelers win.

      • j-bone

        I think the Giants match up very well with the Steelers, that is kind of how I thought of this game. The Steelers defense while every scary and hard hitting is slow, the Giants have alot of of speed. The Giants liability on defense is big plays, the Steelers grind it out. I also think they could get to Ben.

      • My liability is drinking to much eggnog before the game. How excited are you that the whole country will be watching the Tom Brady show on Thanksgiving? The last time I tried to run full speed I was at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. My upper body out-ran my lower body, and I fell very awkwardly. True story.

  7. j-bone

    You mean the trying to be TO yelling at his team mates show?

    The last time I ran full speed was to race Noodler at 4 am on 1st avenue using the street lights as a starters gun, I was bare foot. I dove/fell across the finish line, but I won.

  8. j-bone

    i meant stop lights

  9. A. Rab Money

    big ben flopped to make it look worse than it was. He and Richard seymour suck. Did anyone else notice they had a policeman escort him off the field after that like he was some kind of criminal.

    • Both are good players, although I don’t really like either one. I didn’t notice the policeman. I wonder what legally the rules would be pertaining to that — can you not assault someone when between the lines of an NFL field as a player?

    • Kevin Youkillis

      assault is a crime a.rab..
      i have no idea what the rules are, that would be interesting to find out.. There is no way that assault becomes legal during a game.. must have to do with the willingness to press charges. I remember when Lagarret Bount punched that guy in college the police investigated but no charges were filed..
      I bet Brady would have tried to press charges because he is that soft.

      • Brady is like a Chevy — oooooooh like a Rock. If that was the case you could say that every tackle is assault and the players are just not pressing charges.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        well by playing in an nfl game you are consenting to being tackled, thats foreseeable and expected. being punched in the face is not.

      • But the whole idea of the game is to not get tackled….

      • j-bone

        Athletes have been charged with actions on the field of play, Marty McSorley from the Bruins was charged and convicted of assualt with a weapon. Nothing will happen unless someone gets hurt as a result I dont think. Brady would have been in hysterics and the entire city of Boston would lose their collective mind is Whipped Cream Brady got swung at.

      • Good example, way to show up to class prepared J-bone. Oooooh gez whipped cream Brady. Now were talkin.

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