Blake Griffin Dunks Video Versus the Knicks

Holy hell… Blake Griffin an athlete or what? After posting Shawn Kemp’s Top 10 Dunks last week I thought that I was tough to impress in the dunk department, but Mr. Griffin here is pretty amazing. The athleticism combined with his size and power is crazy. Too bad he’s on the Clippers.

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16 responses to “Blake Griffin Dunks Video Versus the Knicks

  1. j-bone

    he is a monster man, knicks won though.

  2. j-bone

    i believe you mentioned them in your headline

  3. Teck

    hahaha….yea i think hes the fave right now for rookie of the year. Its a two man race between him and wall….turner is not even close to being in this convo…excuse me while go jump out of a window

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    second play not a dunk, just a very forceful hook shot.. incredible athleticism anyway, reminds me of shit i can barely pull off in a pool

  5. j-bone

    I would say thats a good pull however I know that it is one of 4 movies that you have ever watched so I am not that impressed.

  6. I had to temporarily stop rooting for my knicks* when I saw that throw-down to cheer for it – unreal. That said, the fast-break, spin move, dunk over/on Gallinari in that game was much more impressive from a basketball standpoint. Over mozgov = heading towards the basket, followed by ridiculous athleticism; Around/over Gallinari = on the move, no direct angle to the rim, creates space WITH THE DRIBBLE (he’s a 4 remember…), sets himself, then ridiculous athleticism.

    love the blog — keep it up!

    *not the 1st time in recent memory…

    • Your totally right — the fast break spin move dunk is actually 100 times more difficult. If I was a scout and saw that play, I’d draft him on the spot. Very few players in the NBA could do that. Glad your liking the blog — we’d love to hear your opinions anytime. Also glad that your knicks are bums (I like Amare though).

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