Michael Jordan Responds to Lebron James — What Should I Do?

After watching this video — Michael Jordan’s direct response to Lebron James’ “What Should I do?” ad campaign for Nike following his signing with Miami — my initial thought was that Nike CEO Phil Knight must have had something to do with this. Only Nike could pit arguably its two biggest superstar athletes  against one another successfully. Jordan must have called Lebron, explained that this was a good move from a business perspective, and the two agreed to the commercial. But the more I watch this video, the more I think Jordan simply chose to call Lebron out — both because he wanted to, and because it only makes his legend and his brand name that much stronger.

I think this commercial was done perfectly. The message that Jordan worked hard everyday, rather than simply taking his basketball skill as a God-given talent (as he implies Lebron has), couldn’t possibly cut deeper into Lebron’s competitive nature. I guess we can say so long to any sort of mentor/protege relationship between these two. The “Become Legendary” Jordan slogan at the end of video could not work more perfectly. Check it out.

********Apparently this is not going to run as a real commercial, and is simply a mash up of commercials created to make Lebron look bad……that said, my bad — and thank you to Kevin Youkilis for clearing this up…..it’s still awesome regardless*********

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56 responses to “Michael Jordan Responds to Lebron James — What Should I Do?

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    wow Geoff, your wayy off on this one.. its a mash up of 2 commercials.. lebron’s new one and one that MJ did a while ago… do your homework.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Any idea who created it?

      • Kevin Youkillis

        no clue.. i saw it a few days ago, I thought it was real myself but then i read the comments and description under the video and it explained it was a mash up of 2 different commercials and later read something about it.
        It is nonetheless amazing.. It will be interesting to see Lebron’s reception tonight.. but as soon as his introduction is over i will be flipping over to the Birds game.

      • Yup, I agree about the Cavs game.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        not that it really matters but here is the original MJ commercial.. it fits so well, whoever thought to do this deserves a sunshine sticker

      • Does that sparkle with all the girls?

  2. Teck

    yea i heard this was not an official advertisement as well…someone put together multiple commercials to make lebron look like an ass. That being said it works absolutely perfectly. But Lebron and Jordan are both Nike and they would never try to pit them against one another like this.

  3. j-bone

    I hope they make LeBron cry tonight, if he does his powder thing they should either all turn their backs or have everyone flip him off as he is doing it.

  4. j-bone

    I am also not sure if you posted it but the cleveland video is also pretty good

  5. To those of you who think CLE should tear into LeBron later, read this – http://www.cbssports.com/nba/story/14376515/cleveland-dont-turn-lebron-into-sympathetic-victim

    Great points about how the city can truly gain the upper hand by not making LBJ into a victim.

    • A good article, with a great point. Too bad no one will listen to the advice though. I don’t expect a riot or fans to be throwing drinks at Lebron. I think he will be booed long and loud when he is introduced. His turnovers and misses will be cheered. Horrible things will be yelled at him constantly throughout this game. But I think that will be about it. It WILL get under Lebron’s skin, in a major way, but he will end up scoring 30+ points regardless.

    • j-bone

      They have to go after LeBron, I hate the laughing idea, in fact I am not even sure I understand it. As long as there is nothing thrown and everyone stays off the court they should say anything and everything to let him know he is a asshole. I understand not making him the victim but the harder they go after him the more they show how much he hurt them. The louder/meaner they get it makes Lebron look worse. If they didn’t care and just laughed him off its making him much less of a villan.

      • All true, although I still don’t think of Lebron as a villain. He gave Cleveland a chance to bring in the players they needed to and they didn’t do it. He went where he thought he had the best chance to win, and too a much bigger market. He handled the TV aspect of it incorrectly, but you can’t blame him for chasing titles. And what everyone is forgetting in all this is all the good things that he did say about Cleveland in that press conference.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        i dont even know how you could possibly make him the victim.. He did what he wanted, which he was free to do… he should be booed and booed loudly if that is how the fans feel. Short of someone phsyically attacking him i dont think anyone will say he is a victim, and even then if one stupid fan throws a drink or runs on the court in no way i will i hold that against the city of Cleveland. That would be like holding the city of Philadelphia responsible for specific acts of individual fans, which as we know would never ever ever happen.

      • Cleveland should be mad at there idiot owner for not surrounding Lebron with better players — he wouldn’t have gone anywhere is given a chance to win. Where was his Shaq? Where was his Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Dennis Rodman? Where was his Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen? Exactly. He didn’t have one.

  6. Alan Weeks

    I want to take responsibility for telling G that this was going to air, I was told this by a fellow law student…which proves that our legal system is broken, sorry to all the loyal howigit fans. Slam my next guest blog as a return favor for my ignorance!

    • No worries, regardless of what it is it’s awesome and I bet MJ loves it.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        and it was corrected by a law student.. the system works!!! Regardless the video is awesome, i probably could have corrected mr G it in a better way but ive gotten about 8 hours of sleep the past 3 days, have no clue what is going with my finals, i was just excited to get something right

        They should give out Delonte West Jersey’s at the game tonight, i think that would be a good way to get around their “no offensive shirts” rule they are enforcing for the game

      • That’s a pretty lame rule. Law students = overrated.

  7. J-bone

    Lebron is the biggest villain in the nba right now and the bulls probably would have given him a better shot with noah and rose as opposed to haslem and arroyo

  8. Williams

    cant wait to see what happens tonight

  9. A. Rab Money

    I think it is just a huge dissapointment that such a great talent felt he had to join another team with bug time stars to win titles. It took MJ 7 years to win his first, and he was patient enough to wait for both the players and coach he needed to do it. If LBJ was patient with Cleveland they would have got there too I think. He also has a bug attitude problem, according to the media, with coaches and does not put his trust in his coach as he needs to to be a champion. This is why Mike Brown was run out of Cleveland and all the talk of Spoelstra being run out of Miami now. If you have heard any of the press conferences he has given after some of his Heat games it just shows how he seems to think its everyone else and not him. The wrong way to approach to the game and hence 0 titles so far in his career.

  10. Alan Weeks

    the knicks are no joke man, until a pair of knees seals their fate.

    • My knees are good to go — I’ll lead us to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics then purposely air-ball the game winner in game 7. I may just hold onto it and not even shoot.

    • j-bone

      the knicks do look pretty good, they beat up on teams that arnt that good but so do the heat. I half want them to keep the young talent but also half want Melo. I think with Melo, Amare and a good point gaurd, paul? they could be very good, that big 3 would be able to mesh more i think then miami

      • Goodluck getting Melo AND Chris Paul. You New York fans think crazy things.

      • j-bone

        not as crazy as you think, im sure you would say the same thing about miami or the celtics a few years ago. Paul probably wont happen, and Felton has been playing pretty good so who knows.

      • The difference is the Celtics got Garnett and Allen towards the end of there careers — Melo and Paul are just hitting their stride. As for the Heat, well, it took some conspiring and players opting to take a lot less money. Which I actually think is great.

  11. j-bone

    and that can’t happen in new york because?

  12. Alan Weeks

    It can, but it won’t, because the knicks are cursed, you know that, especially if you are a fan.

  13. A. Rab Money

    The knicks will get carmelo one way or another, could be a trade this year, or free agency in the summer. He has made it very clear that NY is where he wants to be. Then Darren Williams is a free agent after the 2011-12 season so they can bring him in with melo and amare. that would be a nice trio, and is more likely than cp3 coming to NY.

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  15. Teck

    Oh so now you clowns like the NBA….you people suck. 4 yrs of college not one word about the knicks until this year and not one word from the celts until they traded for garnett

    • Tim,
      I have always liked the Celtics. I was a big fan of the Antoine Walker/Paul Pierce teams, and obviously the more current squad. When I was forced to share a dwelling with you the Celtic were in a particularly bad spot and were never on TV in Philly. The Knicks fans on the other hand….lets just say I’ve heard a lot of “Why are we talking about the NBA?” out of them.

    • Also, there no questions the league has gone through a rebirth of sorts the last 4 or 5 years with the renewal of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry and so many young stars in the league. No one was enjoying watching the Spurs rack up titles.

      • j-bone

        Teck not all of us can be ball boys for the 6ers until we are 23 years old, I loved the Knicks with Ewing and Starks, and also with the Spre, Houston, Larry Johnson team. However cheering Steve Francis, Marbury, and Isiah Thomas is not an easy thing to do, especially out of market.

      • Hahaha that’s true.

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