Appreciating Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow

Maybe the Thanksgiving spirit is under my skin. Maybe I just want to let people know I appreciate them. But after my article on Appreciating Tim Duncan earlier this week, I found another person worthy of my appreciation last night — Sheryl Crow.

The circumstances were very similar — I was passing out on my couch when Miss Crow came onto my TV screen — she was performing on Palladia. Now let me say this — Damnnnnn Sheryl. Ain’t you good to look at. And you can play the guitar and actually sing — I dig it. But let’s make one thing clear, this is not Bartstool Sports. I don’t need to show half-naked pictures of celebrity ass in order to get people to read my site — sex sells Prez, you’re no genius.

That said, I think that Sheryl is worth appreciating for one reason in particular — sure she’s a babe, she’s got talent, and she’s got staying power — but ladies and gentlemen, she’s 48 years old. I kid you not. I may never have seen a better looking 48-year-old. She’s kind of got a Jennifer Anniston thing going on, which I also dig. Who wouldn’t? She’s in such good shape that she was on the cover of SHAPE magazine, and I guess this makes sense — I mean she was hanging out with Lance Armstrong for quite some time there.

Her looks and talent aside, I think Sheryl and I are highly compatible — every time she sings her hit “All I want to do is have some fun,” I can’t help but thinking, “That’s all I want to do too Sheryl!” Clearly we share a similar philosophy on life. Hell ya, we’d vibe.

48 years old…..really?

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20 responses to “Appreciating Sheryl Crow

  1. j-bone

    Maybe Lance gave her some of his supplements.

    Sheryl Crow, really? I think you had too much turkey.

  2. Teck

    how bout i just look at hotter 21 year olds in stead of settling….so i concur with J-Bone, Sheryl Crow, Really?

  3. A. Rab Money

    Sheryl Crow….Really?

  4. j-bone

    I’ll name youe 100 better looking under 48 year olds

  5. j-bone

    Maybe she can give you some of her social security money and you guys can split some prunes while you “vibe”

  6. A. Rab Money

    Demi Moore and Michelle Pfiefer. Theres 2 without even thinking over 5o and hotter than Sheryl Crow.

  7. Alan Weeks

    You guys are asses…Anyone who gets to play at the Crossroads Festival with Eric Clapton who isn’t a dude is pretty much way more awesome than me or you will ever be.

  8. Jake

    if you like sc, then you’ll like this:


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