Adrian Gonzalez!!!!?!!!

Theo, we’ll let you live now. I love it.



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10 responses to “Adrian Gonzalez!!!!?!!!

  1. j-bone

    Aren’t his numbers just a little worse then Adrian Beltre; who played in the AL East to get those numbers? That Adrian Gonzalez?

    • Beltre had a break out season, he can’t maintain that. That said, this is the single player I wanted the Sox to sign most. He’s great defensively and puts up big power numbers. Sure, he’s coming to the AL East which is tougher but he also will be protected in a line-up for once. This is MUCH more exciting the me than Jason Werth. I like Crawford though.

  2. Definitely agree, this is a good pickup for the Sox. As a Yankee fan, not pleased. As a baseball fan, just makes the AL East that more entertaining. Now lets see where Crawford and that pitcher from Texas end up.

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    Werth to the Nationals for 18 million a year.. and the red sox let the deadline pass on gonzalez.. im confused.

  4. j-bone

    Apparently hes signed for a whole lot of money

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