Yo Adrian (Gonzalez)! Welcome to Boston

Adrian Gonzalez Boston Red Sox

Theo Epstein has made me very happy, as the Red Sox have a 11:00am press conference today to officially announce that they have traded for San Diego Padres’ first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. This move is the single move I most wanted the Red Sox to fulfill this offseason, as they have been targeting Gonzalez for some time. Although Gonzalez has yet to sign a long-term deal, the Red Sox have offered him 6 years for $120 million. He is reportedly looking for 8 years, paying about $23-$25 million per season, and according to several sources it looks probable that he will eventually sign for a 7 year deal at $22 million per season. Simply put, Adrian Gonzalez is our new Mark Texiera.

I like this deal for many reasons — Gonzalez is young (29), a Gold Glove winning defensive player, and a perennial 30 home run 100 RBI hitter. Although his career batting average is .284, his on base percentage numbers are excellent — he had a .396 OBP last season. Perhaps most overlooked is the fact that Gonzalez posted these numbers in an extremely hitter-unfriendly ballpark with no protection in the Padres’ lineup — as a left-handed hitter his power numbers will likely pop in Fenway Park. This move also sures up a fantastic infield defense, specifically at the corners with Kevin Youkilis’ move to third base.

So what’s the bad news? He’s going to require a big money, long-term deal. If he’s able to agree to such a deal, the Red Sox will then have a core of Gonzalez, Kevin Youkilis, and Dustin Pedroia signed for several seasons — which is great. However, Jason Werth’s signing with the Washington Nationals for 7 seasons at $126 million really hurts the Red Sox’s chances of landing Carl Crawford, who is represented by Scott Boras and is younger than Werth. He’s likely out of reach financially for the Sox now, although if we did manage to sign him it would an unbeleivable lineup.  All of that said, the real reason to be excited is a look towards my proposed opening day lineup for the Sox — they still need to add some depth, but this lineup is undeniably good.

1) Jacoby Ellsbury (L)

2) Dustin Pedroia (R)

3) David Ortiz (L)

4) Kevin Youkilis (R)

5) Adrian Gonzalez (L)

6) JD Drew (L)

7) Ryan Kallish (L)

8)Jason Varitek or Jarrod Saltalamacchia (R) or (R)

9) Marco Scutaro (R)

Starting Pitcher: John Lester

That’s a huge reason to get excited, although I still think we need one more significant bat (yes, Crawford would be perfect). Regardless, it’s great to see the Red Sox take such a huge step in the right direction.

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26 responses to “Yo Adrian (Gonzalez)! Welcome to Boston

  1. Teck

    I think every team at the league has got to be pissed at the NAts and Werth right now. Meanwhile the players have to be ecstatic especially Crawford. Personally i cant believe the deal that werth got, after watching him the past couple years for the phils i know he is a good player but this seems to be a ridiculous amount of money. 7 years is way to much for a player that will be 32 in the upcoming season.

    However Crawford who is younger and better will now command even more money than Werth’s deal. And will certainly price out many teams. I dont see the Sox signing crawford just because i think theo/management will be hesitant to commit to two huge long term deals in the same off season. I think hell goto the angels , but the yankees will make a serious play for him if they cant get Lee.

    • 100% agreed on all accounts.

      • Teck, I think the Gonzo deal not getting extended is also to blame for Crawford not having a future in Boston. But you’re right, Werth’s deal was absolutely insane. I tried to piece out the effects of both on CrankyYankeeFan.com earlier. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

      • Hi Jay,
        I read your article — how can I comment on your site? I didn’t see a link anywhere…..Anyways, I thought it was very well written and fairly accurate. I think that Crawford is not out of range price wise for the Sox, not to mention they don’t need another lefty bat (they have more lefties than righties). Likewise, I think Cliff Lee is out of range and is the Yankees number 1 target — they’ve cut some salary and have the money anyways to sign him. To sum that up, the pieces the Red Sox will sign from here on out lie elsewhere. We need a short stop, and outfielder, and a catcher in my opinion. We also need middle relief, which Theo has said he’s targeting. I know that the Sox really wanted Kerry Wood before he went to the Yankees, and now that he’s been released I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen if they can sign him at a reasonable price.

      • Whoops, comments were off on the site – thanks for catching it.

        I have a friend who is in LOVE with Lowrie – solid defense, above average hitter if given the chance he says. Extrapolate the ABs and HRs and you’re looking at 25+ homers over a full season for him. I wonder if they’ll stand pat with Lowrie/Scutaro and go after some bullpen help next.

        Anyways, thanks for the read.

      • Yes, I don’t think they will make any moves at short. Lowrie has potential, but his upside isn’t really that good. I’m not overly impressed with him or Scutaro, but I’d rather give Lowrie the starts to see what he can do at short.

  2. Teck

    Also shouldnt whoever reported on the deadline passing like that would end the deal be fired!

    • Unless I report it, I wouldn’t listen.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      it was a self imposed deadline, which apparently the red sox never pay attention to anyway.. i was unaware of this.

      • Teck

        Kevin i can’t believe you of all people wouldn’t know about these deadlines.

      • Kevin’s likely going to sandwiched in the line-up between 2 real good left handed hitter next year — should be a huge season for him as well.

      • Theo is the man — you have to respect (although it’s infuriating at times) how he puts a value on a player and sticks to it.

      • j-bone

        Ill put it to you this way, a way that you love to point out when talking players, is Gonzales really worth 10 million more a year when looking at the other option of Beltre? That is about the amount that you love to bring up for Ortiz and A-rod, and the difference here is even less. There is also the three prospects that had to be given up, one of which is the “tenth best prospect” in the minors. Big move for sure, but not sure if the cost vs value of the other option really works out for the “frugal” red sox.

  3. j-bone

    Also right now, and I know this will change, the Red Sox have a higher payroll then the Yankee’s, so atleast for today you can do no whining about money.

  4. j-bone

    I did not factor in Victor, however Jeter is 7,600,00 less, Pettite 11,750,000, Berkman 14,500,000, Kerry Wood, 10,500,000 is 44,350,000.

  5. j-bone

    Beltre and Martinez together are 16,700,000 with Gonzalez at 20 mil that adds 3.3 mil making the red sox 164.2 the yankees are at 162.3. So it looks as if yes they are more

  6. j-bone

    well papelbon is gonna go up a million or 3 and bucholz a whole lot more then what he was making last year so im not sure that is really going to help your argument. Still havent touched how you are going to be paying a nl player a huge amount more then a proven al east mvp canidate, and give up prospects to do so. This was a very yankee like move, you fell in love with a player, paid alot, gave away alot and probably had a better situation on your team last year.

    • We may not sign either of those players. Beltre had a great season no doubt but is a contract player. We signed an great offensive and defensive player who is young — he’s worth the money. ALso, his numbers came in a lineup with 0 protection and in a horrible hitters park — Beltre had the 2ndd best offense in baseball around his in a hitter friendly park. We gave up incredibly little for a proven young player of this caliber.

  7. Teck

    J-Bone i think i gotta disagree with you on this. Beltre has a history of only playing in contract years. Looks at his stats hes only batted over .300 twice in his career ’04 & ’10 both contract yrs. while for the past 4 years A-Gonz has batted at least .270 with 30+ hrs and 100+ rbis. Although numbers always seem to skew in a move from NL to AL he is also moving from one of the least hitter friendly parks to a very hitter friendly park. at the least i’d think moving to the AL but being a much better park for him would cancel each other out.

  8. Teck

    as far as the BoSox lineup goes the 2-6 spots are pretty impressive. I think the health of Jacoby Ellsbury is gonna be a huge factor for them this year though. how will he and pedroia bounce back from injuries. I def think they have a hole in the outfield and behind the plate though. im not sold on varitek saltamaccchia and dont dont think kalish will do much either. I dont really like Drew but if he’s your 6 hitter most teams would be happy with that. It will def be an interesting year in the AL East and i dont think the Rays will really be contending, it looks like it will be a battle between sox and yanks. with a declining rays and improving jays chasing them

  9. Teck

    but do you think he will be good this year?

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