Hot Jam of the Day: Wiz Khalifa — The Thrill

Wiz Khalifa’s The Thrill — from the new master of the mixtape. You probably know him from his song Black and Yellow,  which is obviously awesome as well. Check it out.



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11 responses to “Hot Jam of the Day: Wiz Khalifa — The Thrill

  1. A. Rab Money

    not a bad song but sounds like a knockoff of kid cudi.

    • Yea he takes samples from all sorts of people in his mixtapes. That song is from his mixtape “Burn After Rolling.” It’s easily one of the best rap CD’s I’ve heard in a long time, even though his mixtape “Orange Juice and Kush” is more popular. The song “Burn After Rolling” takes a sample from Pink Floyd. It’s pretty awesome — the whole CD is highly recommended.

  2. j-bone

    Big talk from a fan of a team that did not make the playoffs last year and decided to go out and buy players to make up for that.

    • You know what happened to the Red Sox last year. We ended the season not that far out of it, given that our best players were injured for most of the season. If they were healthy….well lets not conspire. They were good enough if healthy and now we got even better.

  3. j-bone

    Better yes, by spending an insane amount of money

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    there is a great website that has tons of mix tapes by pretty much anyone you can think of, you can either listen to them off the site or download it and throw it on your itunes, ive been using it for a while and i suggest you check it out

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