The Patriots Crush the Bears, 36-7. My Conclusion?

Patriots Bears 36-7

As per my last post, being on top breeds paranoia. After dismantling the Bears, the Patriots are the best team in the NFL. Most importantly, they clinched a playoff berth and further distanced themselves from the Jets. We’re in the playoffs. OK then. Who’s next?

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17 responses to “The Patriots Crush the Bears, 36-7. My Conclusion?

  1. j-bone

    Green Bay is next, and I will again be forced to compromise my morals and hope that the Patriots win.

  2. Teck

    Thank the Phins for that playoff berth

  3. Alan Weeks

    Did you see that Dolphin’s coaching staff trip the Dolphin special teams player? That is real sportsmanship.

  4. Alan Weeks

    I actually disagree, you don’t think that Rex Ryan went back into the locker room, and was like “Well, we are definitely fucked for that, but I love the do anything to win spirit ***proverbial Rex Ryan ass kiss to Jet’s player/staff***?”

    • No, I bet he was pissed. He’s a hard nosed anything to win type guy, but having non-playing personnel tripping players on the playing field is taking it too far. He’s got too much respect for the game of football. I bet he locked the guy in a locker and he’s still in there.

  5. j-bone

    I am a realist.

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