Eli Manning — Nobody Loves You

Some days, I feel like there is a God. Days when people feel about Eli Manning the way that I do. Days when no one cares. Days when this video ends up in my inbox. Sure, this video was posted on Barstool Sports and I hate to be using anything that the self-proclaimed “Prez” has touched, but this video is worth it. Let’s face it people, sometimes Barstool has some decent content. That’s because the “Prez” is a creepy middle-aged internet loser with no real life. Some of us have to work, or might actually have a girlfriend as opposed to sitting on the internet and checking our e-mail inboxes for pictures of bikini clad teenagers (sigh). All of that aside, I’m using this video because let’s face it — howiGit’s blog is your home for Eli bashing, not Bar Tool Sports. Thank you to Kevin Youkilis for passing this video along.

Regardless, Eli looks like a fool here. It’s so awkward it’s hysterical. I wonder what the one reporter that showed up (with his trapper keeper) asked him? No one wants to talk to you Eli. Go the hell home already.

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13 responses to “Eli Manning — Nobody Loves You

  1. j-bone

    Here is another pretty awkward video. We get it the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl to ruin their perfect season so you don’t like Eli, who outplayed Tom Terrific. You might want to take a look in the mirror before calling someone a loser with your deranged obsession with a guy your team plays every four years. It might be time for you to go home.

    • First of all, to suggest that I go home is absurd. I am a man of the world. Second of all, why are you showing me a video of Eli Manning throwing a hail mary? I can throw a hail marry buddy. Nice catch by David Tyree though. And I hated Eli longgggggggggg before any of that happened — you can attest to that.

  2. j-bone

    how about this one, check out about 10 seconds in when Eli tells Tom Hair Plug to go home.

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    geeze Jimmy.. really resorting to the Giants winning the super bowl again? i feel like im watching ground hogs day.

    2 straight posts in a row from you where i get some sort of shout out! im on a roll.

  4. Teck

    Eli Manning lead a players only meeting after that loss…hahaha would have loved to hear that idiot try and give a speech

  5. Teck

    FYI steelers cheated when they beat the dolphins

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