Danny Woodhead Hustlin’ for Modell’s

Here we have young Danny Woodhead, just 3 days away from hitting puberty. Yes, the same Danny Woodhead whose 772 yards and 5 TD’s on the season weren’t good enough for the New York Jets. That one.

Mr. Woodhead has gone undercover in a Modell’s sporting goods in an attempt to sell his own jersey. It’s no surprise that his 5’8″ frame and the peach fuzz on his chin isn’t fooling anybody into thinking he’s an NFL player. Imagine him standing next to Ray Lewis.

Gotta love Bill for this pick up.

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17 responses to “Danny Woodhead Hustlin’ for Modell’s

  1. Dan

    This kid is great! How can you not like a guy who always seems to get positive yardage? The best part is that he’s playing guys who are 300+lbs and he looks smaller than most of the ball boys!

  2. A. Rab Money

    well this just makes your whole “nation” of fans look pretty pathetic. You have some pats fans come into the store and they dont even know the team enough to recognize one of their most impactful players. That is just sad. This post from the guy who loves to rag on NY fans and how they are not good fans like Boston. Pretty much makes it seem like your fans are just some frontrunners who love to cheer for the teams when they are winning but dont even care enough to know the players they root for. LAME!!

    • I disagree. He’s a first year Patriot, and one they rarely show with his helmet off. If your mom was shopping for a Giants jersey for you, she wouldn’t recognize many of the Giants first year players if they were the ones selling the jersey. Good try though. You guys are reaching more and more these days to attempt to rip on the best sports city in the country at present. Patriots are filthy. Celtics are filthy. Red Sox are filthy. Yup, all is well.

  3. j-bone

    Philadelphia is also claiming best sports city. I think you have to win a championship fairly recently to be considered the best sports city.

  4. A. Rab Money

    sometimes you have weak rebuttles. this guy was on the hbo show about the jets that im sure many pats fans watched. and he has been one of their most productive players in recent weeks. people should know who he is.

    • Hows it a weak rebuttle? Would your mom know any Giants rookie with his helmet off if he was working in Modell’s? Didn’t think so. Plenty of people know who he is. I do. The point of the video though was to show people who didn’t realize. Sometimes you just don’t catch on to these things.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      gotta agree with Mr. G It on this one for the arguments he already stated. People shopping at Modell’s probably cant afford HBO, and besides i watched that entire series but wouldnt have thought twice if i saw this dude at modells..
      The one woman actually recognized him anyway, just dismissed it cause why would he actually be working there.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        Arab you’re argument was weak..
        Jbone.. depends on how you define best sports city, every fan is gonna think of theirs is the best. if they are doing even remotely well… its a ridiculously hard thing to gauge

      • I think its pretty clear that Boston has the best combination of teams. I’ll take all arguments here.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        Phillies- red sox.. edge Philly sadly cause they won more recently and now have an upgraded team from the team that won
        Flyers- Bruins.. flyers
        sixers-celtics.. celtics easily (but both games have been verrry close)
        Eagles-Pats.. TBD, perhaps edge Pats, but i cant honestly say yet.
        College basketball, Philly by far
        .. i dont care about any other sports, it is certainly arguable

      • Red Sox will crush the Phillies…..dont care who won last
        Never heard of hockey
        Celtics win
        Pats 12-2, Eagles 10-4

        No contest.

      • Dan

        And, by all rights, the Eagles should really be 9-5.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        9-5? please explain your logic. Having one of the best comebacks ever doesn’t deserve a W?

      • Dan

        One of the best comebacks in the history of the game – questionable, but I’ll give it to you. The return itself wasn’t that spectacular (in the athletic sense), I think it was more the situation that made it exciting and memorable.

        That being said, there’s no reason the Giants shouldn have given up that HUGE lead. The Eagles shouldn’t have been in the position where Jackson’s return would win the game.

  5. Kevin Youkillis

    i hope the sox crush the phillies..but as of right now, this moment. i think edge phillies. based on past performance and upgrades (lee is a bigger upgrade than crawford and gonzalez in my opinion).. then you dismiss college basketball, which i know you are a fan of; and hockey which is a major sport…as for eagles/pats we will talk in a few weeks hopefully, im very confident the eagles could beat the pats.
    i give you celtics.

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