Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish

Rex Ryan's Wife's Feet

Don’t worry, loyal howiGit reader. Trust me, I am not ignoring this whole Rex Ryan foot fetish issue. Frankly, this story is just too good to be true. The hard ass, player’s coach, smack talking Rex Ryan gets all excited over women’s feet….are you kidding me? I also think that we’ve got to give ESPN some credit for running the headline “Rex Ryan Finds New Way to Put Foot in His Mouth.” Well played.

This is a story I’m going to sit back and let run it’s course before commenting on it appropriately. It’s a beef stew just steaming away in the howiGit crock pot. I’m going to let it stew, let the flavors stir — when this story is ready for me to write-up, it’s going to be delicious.

Those are some pretty sexy feet, no?

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11 responses to “Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish

  1. j-bone

    This is the funniest thing in the NFL so far this year I think. From what it looks like it goes way beyond just feet. It doesn’t effect his job as a coach at all but it is still funny as hell.

  2. Williams

    such a well run organization..

    coaches tripping players in games
    coaches involved in foot fetish youtube videos
    players eating hot dogs on the sidelines

    gotta love the jets

  3. Joe

    maybe we should change it from “the big apple” to the “big foot”

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