Patriots Choose the Easy Route, Giants and Jets Crumble

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Another Sunday in the books, another lovely week in the NFL. The more games I watch, the more I am impressed with the NFL — you’ve got to give it to the league, they’ve got a great product. A product which is doubly exciting to watch when New England keeps steamrolling opponents and both New York teams are desperately trying to throw their seasons out the window. With the Jets officially in the playoffs despite a loss to the Bears, it’s very apparent to me that the Giants will somehow, someway join their equally undeserving brethren in the playoff mix. If it took the 49ers beating the Patriots 63-0 next week and Michael Vick throwing 11 interceptions, it would happen. The Giants will get in. As usual, let’s start my rundown with the Pats.

New England Patriots 34, Buffalo Bills 3 — The Patriots rolled over the Jets, Tom Brady officially set the record for the best streak of quarterbacking the game has ever seen, the Patriots won the AFC East and clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and, um, yup that’s about it. My concerns now shift to making sure Bill Belichick doesn’t get any of our key players injured next week by playing them the whole game (you know he will) and worrying about a potential let down with the bye week and all. The Pats are playing so well you almost want to see them continue their streak — I bet they find themselves in a tough game in the second round of the playoffs against a team with some momentum. The team I least want to face? Indy. At the end of the day Peyton can still pick our defense apart with ease.

Green Bay Packers 45, New York Giants 17 — “This was GIANTS football,” continuing on for another week. Eli Manning set his own personal best for turnovers in a season, featuring just 4 interceptions in this game. Throughout the course of the action I wondered aloud, “Would the Giants be a better team with Jay Cutler as their QB instead of Eli?” That questions is officially on the table for discussion’s sake people, so run with it. That said, I was also very impressed with Aaron Rodgers. There’s not a lot to say — the guy is mobile, makes good decisions, makes good throws — he’s a stud. Considering the Pats almost lost to his backup last week, this is one team I’m very concerned about facing in the playoffs. That is admittedly jumping on the Packer bandwagon pretty easily, but I’m all set with staying away from the Eagles and the Packers.

Chicago Bears 38, New York Jets 34 — Does this answer the Jay Cutler is better than Eli question? Probably not, but it’s nice to see the Jets lose. Yet they somehow manage to get a playoff berth out of it. Damn Jets. I would love to see a Jets-Giants battle, for sake of giggles.

Who wins an Eagles/Packers game?

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10 responses to “Patriots Choose the Easy Route, Giants and Jets Crumble

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    well Eagles/packers played week one, Eagles did lose but Vick came in late in the game after kolb got hurt and orchestrated a great comeback helping to solidify his starting spot. Rodger’s is very good, I think its a decent match up. But am confident the birds would take it.. I think if they put it all together, they can beat anyone..even your Pats.

    I find myself in an interesting position.. A packers win next week against the bears will eliminate the Giants from the playoffs and also (if the Eagles win out) give the Eagles a first round bye. Naturally I would want that, but if the eagles do lose a game I would rather play the Giants then the Packers but the giants missing the play offs all together is always just so great.. im torn but i think i would go with the packers winning and the giants missing out all together. if the eagles cant beat the packers then they wouldnt win a superbowl anyway, and that is the goal

    • If the Giants ceased to exist I’d be cool with that. In regards to your “I think if they put it all together, they can beat anyone…even your Pats,” statement regarding the Eagles: I see your point. I think this is true, as long as the opponent didn’t put it all together too. I think if you take the Pats putting it all together — offensively and defensively — then they’ll whip your Eagles just fine. Look at the good teams they have stomped out this year — how many teams have the Eagles dismantled? If the Pats played an average game though and the Eagles were firing on all cylinders, then I agree the Eagles could definitely win.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      Eagles beat the falcons by 14 with kolb at the helm..The Pats beat chicago in an impressive fashion…

      i dont buy the jets being that good, so although the pats beat them the second time by a lot it was like how the eagles beat the redskins by a lot the second time around.
      although the pats definitely have beat some good teams.. besides chicago i dont think you dismantled anyone, especially any one worthy.

  2. A. Rab Money

    Giants dont deserve a playoff spot with their play the past 5 quarters of football. They have been out scored 73-17 since taking the lead 31-10 on the eagles 2 weeks ago. I feel robbed after spending $6,500 on my season tickets and dont think they will even win next week to give themselves the chance of getting in. Having said that i would love to play the eagles again since the Giants controlled all but the whole game and i do think they can beat the eagles if they meet again, but i dont see it happening.

  3. j-bone

    would have been a better chance if Atlanta took care of business

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