NFC West — You’re Not the Best

NFC West -- Sam Bradford

Let’s start with the numbers — the current standings in the NFC West:

St. Louis                         7-8

Seattle                             6-9

San Francisco              5-10

Arizona                          5-10

Now I understand that winners get all the headlines and nobody cares to celebrate futility. I can assure you that my intent is not hit anybody while they’re down (unless it’s the Giants). But I feel like the mess that is the NFC West has been overlooked this year. Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford looks poised the lead his St. Louis Rams into the playoffs with a losing record, and the rest of the division is a whole lot worse.

So how bad is it?

Look, we all know that the NFC is the National League equivalent of the NFL. But this division in particular is collectively boasting a 23-37 record on the season. The second worst division? The AFC South at 28-32. Four games below .500 is a lot different from 14 games below. Even more telling is the collective point differential versus opponents — the NFC West is -322 points in this category.  Second worst in the league is again the AFC South, at -39.

I figured this deserved some ink, somewhere.

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16 responses to “NFC West — You’re Not the Best

  1. j-bone

    Your Afc>Nfc held water maybe a month ago

    • It always will. I mean, sometimes the Phillies play well too but that doesn’t mean the AFC isn’t where the true studs reside.

      • j-bone

        Who are these true studs? The Jets, who have lost 3 of 4 and were taken to OT by the Lions and Browns, the severly banged up Steelers who recently lost to thos Jets, the Ravens look to be legit however the top NFC teams would have a good chance in any game against them, the 9-6 banged up Colts, and is KC legit, not sure.

        If you are the Pats you want to be in the AFC playoffs and not the NFC

      • Pats = studs. Steelers, Ravens, Colts = semi studs. KC is not that legit.

  2. j-bone

    So you would rather play the Falcons, Eagles, Packers/Bears or Ravens, Steelers, Colts/Jets?

    • Teams I least want the Pats to play: Packers, Eagles, and Colts

      • j-bone

        Two of those play in the NFC, which also Atlanta and the defending champs Saints. I think you are making my case for me

      • Honestly it’s more fear of the unknown — it’s like worrying about getting eaten by a shark at the Jersey Shore — you know it’s not gonna happen but you can’t help but worry about it because they are out there and you don’t know much about them. Bill knows the AFC teams so well. The Colts it’s simply that Peyton can tear up such a young and inexperienced defense.

  3. j-bone

    If its offense you are worried about then the NFC should terrify you. Eagles are extremly dangerous, as are the Saints, Falcons, and Packers

  4. Alan Weeks

    Everyone is ignoring the best part of this article, that G used the Jim Morrison many atime quoted line, or at least a variation “The West is the Best.” Post Script…F the Giants, and go Pats

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