A Gem, Courtesy of Sportscenter

I caught last night’s Sportscenter following the Eagles loss to the Vikings. Andy Reid snapped at the media in his press conference, which was awesome. They later showed an empty podium, waiting for Michael Vick to come out and address the press. Said Sportcenter anchor Steve Levy, “I wonder is Vick will show up to an empty room like Eli Manning did last week. Of course he won’t. People will actually stick around to listen to Michael Vick speak.”

Ahhhh Steve. You make things so easy for me…


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45 responses to “A Gem, Courtesy of Sportscenter

  1. j-bone

    Heeeey what do you know another Eli shot, way to keep things fresh

  2. A. Rab Money

    Vick was busy killing more puppies. And it looks like your boy crush Tom Brady is the shoe in for MVP after Vicks performance last night. It would be a disgrace if he didnt get it or they had a split with brady and vick. Clearly brady is more deserving now

    • Wow, some reason coming out of Connecticut. I like your style and agree 100 percent. I mean 34 TD’s with 4 interceptions and his lowest passer rating in the last seven games is 107….

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    horrible game, bad loss.. at least they can rest the starters next week against dallas i guess.

  4. A. Rab Money

    I try for you Mr. G-it. I can be a rational person some of the time, though you make it awfully frustrating for us New York fans

    • You know, it’s not me that’s frustrating. Don’t shoot the messenger A-Rab. It’s the play and action of your teams, coupled with the play and actions of my teams, that will ultimately lead to your demise.

      • j-bone

        Your football and basketball teams are playing well, the baseball team hasn’t played a game yet. I wouldn’t start throwing actions out there

      • What’s wrong with actions. We are awesome. I wonder what Josh Beckett has been up to this offseason.

      • j-bone

        Well you have Garnett, who is just a class act all together.
        Bill “The Biggest Cheating Coach in The History of Football” Belicheat
        Your Red Sox recently went nuts with signing this offseason, something if, and when the Yankees have done they might as well have been making fun of kids with cancer
        Those are just a few.

        Beckett just polished off his 3rd McRib of the day to show up 25 pounds overweight again

      • Garnett = the man.
        Belichick = genius.
        The Red Sox spent 2/3 of what the Yankees did in their big spending year, which is exactly proportional to both teams’ spending habits.
        Beckett is on his 5th McRib, which is why he’s the man. Don’t worry, his zen-necklace will help him take the weight off and hypnotize hitters.

        Have a great afternoon!

      • j-bone

        yes if you play dumb and dont count adrian gonzalez’s 24 million dollar contract then yeah your right

      • First off, he’s making 7 mil next year. Second off, go ahead and count his contract, crawfords, jenks, whoever you want. Were looking at about $300 mil, which is 2/3 of $450 mil.

  5. j-bone

    We will see what their payroll looks like when they sign Gonzalez. The three the Yankees signed only equaled 423, and the three you named is 322 so your math maybe a little off.

    • No, no, hotshot. First off:

      CC = $161 mil
      Tex = $180 mil
      Burnett = $82.5 mil
      Total = $423.5 mil

      Crawford = $142 mil
      A-Gonz = $154 mil (supposed)
      Jenks = $12 mil
      Total = $308 mil

      While we’re counting scrubs like Jenks, we mine as well throw is “incredible players” like Nick Swisher, who signed with the Yankees that very same season. If you add his contract into the mix the Yanks spending increases to $455 million. That means the Red Sox offseason spending (which is still based on supposed A-Gonz number) is exactly….drumroll please 67.7 percent of the Yankees from that season. Pretty damn close to 2/3 if you ask me.

      • j-bone

        Well the Yankees traded for Swisher and he hasn’t signed a contract since then, hot stuff, so he really has nothing to do with this. The Yankees payroll went down that year we will see what happens with the Red Sox this year. All I am saying after years of being “smart baseball guys” that build off of “their own farm system” and “finding great deals for people that the other teams didn’t want” you have signed a huge amount of major contracts and your team is built on a majority of players have never seen a red sox minor league bus and wern’t great find but instead purchased. Sounds alot like your more successful, better looking older brother that lives in New York.

      • He does because the Yankees are paying his contract, hotshot. Good word huh? The core of this team is Lester, Youkilis, Pedroia, and Ortiz — 3 of those guys know all about coming up with the Red Sox.

      • j-bone

        1b- Gonzales- bought
        2-b pedrioa- one
        ss- scrubaro- bought
        3b youk- two
        rf- Drew- bought
        cf- cameron- bought
        lf- crawford- bought
        dh- is swisher counts ortiz counts-bought
        C-Saltamamccaiciaciacaii- bought
        Beckett- bought
        Dice-K- bought
        lester- three
        bucholtz- four
        Lester- Bought

      • j-bone

        I dont know how Lester showed up there twice

      • Haha Lester showed up twice, and with different results. Yes the Red Sox have brought in players like Scutaro, Cameron, etc. I think both of those guys stink, which is beside the point. Every team gets a lot of there players this way, but the Red Sox have had great success with many of there best players being home grown. Youk and Pedroia are not perrenial MVP candidates, Lester has been in the running for the Cy Young and Bucholz was this year (although I think he’s a scrub too).

      • j-bone

        the same exact thing could be said about the yankees, won’t stop people from screaming they bought their championships

      • Their core players in my eyes are Jeter, A-Rod, Tex, and CC. Is that fair?

      • j-bone

        I would add Cano and Mo

      • I figured you’d say that. I left Mo out cause he’s a dinosaur at this point, and I think Cano is moving himself onto that list but isn’t there quite yet. But they are both obviously the most fair arguments to add to the list I mentioned.

      • j-bone

        Well if you are going to count Jeter you have to count Mo, Cano was the best player on the team last year

      • Good argument on Mo, not on Cano. I mean Beltre was the best player on the Red Sox last year but he’s not one of the 3 or 4 core players.

      • j-bone

        If Pedrioa is part of your core then Cano is no doubt part of the Yankees

      • Pedroia is the heart and soul of the Red Sox. I’m not sure you can say that about Cano. In the midst of me comparing them, I came across this. Pedroia was rookie of the year in 2007. In his second year in the league he won a Gold Glove, the Silver Slugger, and the AL MVP. Pretty cool.

      • j-bone

        and Cano is better then him

      • Time will tell. Cano has played 2 more years than Pedroia, and his last two years were by far his best. If you take away those years and look at the beginning of their careers, Pedroia is the better player. Pedroia was off to a great start last year and on pace to set career highs in pretty much every category besides batting average.

  6. A. Rab Money

    Lets see some of these boston teams win before we talk actions. As of right now 2/3 of the NY sports teams have won championships more recently (major pro sports, soccer and hockey not included). And that sir is a mathematical fact.

    • I’m not impressed. It only took you 5 teams to achieve that. Congrats!

      • j-bone

        Do those 5 teams play for New York? yeah they do, dont matter if there are 3 or 50 teams they still have won more recently then you. If you included hockey we win that too.

      • Saying number of teams doesn’t matter is absolutely absurd. If you’ve got 2 teams in the same sport, your chance of winning doubles. Go back and look at championships this past decade.

  7. j-bone

    The other teams didnt win any to add to this arguement, they also have to split revenue between fans and have to split players that want to play in the new york market. Fine you can take the Jets and Mets out of this to level the playing field, oh hey it doesn’t change shit, New York has been more successful recently.

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