Beer of the Month — Pretty Things Jack D’Or

Pretty Things Jack D'or

The Beer of the Month for December is Pretty Things Jack D’Or “Saison Americain.” The brewers refer to this beer as “a simple table beer” — they didn’t brew it in any particular style. It’s local, as it’s brewed in Westport, Massachusetts, and was recently voted as one of 50 beers you need to try before you die by GQ magazine. It’s tough the describe the flavor — to me in tastes like a mixture of a wheat beer, a hefeweizen, and juicy fruit. At 6.5% abv it’s got some kick and comes with a crazy label. What’s not to love?

Happy New Year’s Eve all. Drink champagne tonight.

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6 responses to “Beer of the Month — Pretty Things Jack D’Or

  1. A. Rab Money

    I like that you have incorporated a beer here that I have not yet tried. Although I usually do not like the saison style I am still curious to taste this one. On another beer note I was given a beer this Christmas called the Tactical Nuclear Penguin brewed by Brew Dog, an English brewery. Its an imperial stout which is one of my favorite styles. I have not yet tried it and not sure I will for sometime based on the fact it is known as the world’s strongest beer at 32% abv, and will likely be better aged when a bit. When I do I will be sure to let you know what its like, though its not a beer meant simply for curious beer drinkers, but more beer conesuiers since its priced at around $75 per bottle.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      oh A rab, you are such the beer connoisseur… a beer that is billed as the strongest beer sounds more like a gimmick to me than a good beer, but it would be a gimmick i would certainly buy into, especially if it was a gift.. so im jealous
      I got my beer of the month club renewed for xmas, had some tasty beers from mendocino county, cali and wilkes barre Pa this month.. Also came with a copy of Draft magazine, which is a great read.. had their list of the top 150 beer bars in the US, as well as the top beers of the year

      this beer looks like itd be right up my alley.. the label alone sold me

    • Sounds interesting. How many ounces is it?

  2. A. Rab Money

    Not sure if that question was directed at me, but I will answer anyway. Its a 16 oz. bottle I believe. I also drank a Sam Adams Utopias on New Years day. I don’t know if you have heard of this one but it is another monster beer made only every couple years. Its about 27% abv and it drank more like a port than a beer. It was essentially flat, which it had to be to be so strong, and was sweet and malty with a smooth finish. Next year you should come down this way for New Years day. All we do is drink the finest beer we can find for an entire day, you would thoroughly enjoy it

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