howiGit’s 2010 NFL Playoff Predictions

2010 Super Bowl

The regular season is in the books, the playoffs are set, so without further adieu, here are my picks:

In the AFC…..

Jets-Colts: Colts Win

Ravens-Chiefs: Ravens Win

Ravens-Patriots: Patriots Win

Colts-Steelers: Colts Win

Colts-Patriots: Patriots Win AFC Championship

In the NFC…….

Saints-Seahawks: Saints Win

Packers-Eagles: Packers Win

Saints-Falcons: Falcons Win

Bears-Packers: Packers Win

Packers-Falcons: Packers Win NFC Championship

In the Super Bowl…….

Packers-Patriots: Patriots Win Super Bowl

As I mentioned before, leading the pack causes paranoia. I really didn’t want to pick the Patriots to win, and came very close to choosing another team. While the Pats defense has been great at times, we’ve still managed to let up 30+ points all too frequently. That’s not gonna fly in the playoffs. That said, I’m sticking with the Pats for another Super Bowl title.

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37 responses to “howiGit’s 2010 NFL Playoff Predictions

  1. Williams

    Good predictions…

    Jets could beat the Colts in the divisional round. Both teams have some major holes so it could be a toss up like last years game.

    Colts vs Pats is scary however you just have to hope for a blizzard and the fact that Manning doesn’t win in Foxboro is definitely a plus for the Pats.

    Third, I think the Falcons are the best team in the NFC. The Packers are good but can’t run and Aaron Rodgers is one offensive line breakdown from being done for the year.

    What about the Giants? oh.. yeah

    • I think that the great thing about the playoffs this year is that almost all of these games (minus the Seahawks) could go either way. I think that Aaron Rodgers’ arm and his mobility could create some fits for the Pats if they are to meet in the playoffs. Peyton will just be able to carve up our young D. You know that will be a high scoring game if it happens. I wonder what Eli is doing today…..Peyton’s laundry?

    • j-bone

      The Giants won 10 games and missed the playoffs, when the Pats won 11 and missed Boston wanted to file a class action lawsuit

  2. A. Rab Money

    I agree with you AFC picks, but I think the Steelers will beat Indy and play the Pats in the title game. In the NFC I think the Eagles are going to win and play the Falcons in the NFC title game, with the Falcons going to the chip where they lose to the Pats.

  3. David

    Only problem…theSaints will not meet the Falcons unless it’s the NFC Championship game…

  4. j-bone

    I think the Pats have to be the favorites, and I think it is actually gonna be either the Saints or Falcons coming out of the NFC. The Packers would have to win three road playoff games, it takes a pretty special team to do that.

  5. Williams

    I’d love to play the Steelers at any point in the playoffs. That team is the definition of a team that doesn’t change what they do (scheme, gameplan) to match the opponent. I feel like I have watched the same pats-steelers game every year for like 10 years. It always ends up the same.

    Aaron Rodgers is awesome. Probably one of the top 5 qbs in the league, but without a running game, and a shotty OL they dont have a great recipe for postseason success.

    I dont want to play Vick in the championship. If you think Aaron Rodgers would give us fits, Vick (when right) is that times a million

  6. Kevin Youkillis

    as far as being an eagles fan goes. packers kinda scare me.. if we win next week at home, we are super bowl bound….

  7. j-bone

    So playing a team on the road that already beat you and then going into a dome where the team has lost like 4 games in 4 years is the easy part?

  8. Kevin Youkillis

    i think they can beat the bears. stat-wise they had them in every category, besides score obviously.. but it shows they match up well….and they beat the falcons with kolb as their qb earlier this year, so yes that will be the easy part.

    • What’s your explanation for the Eagles lousy play of late?

    • j-bone

      I think they dont match up well with the Bears, since they have a very strong defense that gets after a qb, also you beat the falcons at home, playing them in ATL is alot harder has they have lost i think once this year. I think the Eagles struggles may have to do with that, due in part to the way the Giants played Vick for 90% of the game, teams are now gameplanning alot better

      • Kevin Youkillis

        well the numbers in a game that was played like a month ago say they do match up very i dont know where your information is coming from.. unless your just pulling it out of your own thoughts.. in which case thats awesome, cause you also thought the giants were great this year.. the eagles also played the giants twice, beat them twice.. if it was that easy to game plan against him they would have won the second time around.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        also vick played one game.. injured for 99% of it.. after that giants game..he played poorly, i understand that and i get you want to give the giants credit for something besides having the most turnovers in the nfl, but that makes no sense.

      • Eli had the same number of interceptions in 1 game that Tom Brady had all season.

      • j-bone

        Well they also had the most takeaways. If you think that after playing the Giants when Vicks turnovers went from 0 to 12 and lost two games including Minnesota, and that had nothing to do with gameplan changing then your out of your mind.

      • j-bone

        Tom has more ass hair on his head then Eli does too

  9. Kevin Youkillis

    Giants, was a great comeback, i dont care if they lost the first three quarters what vick did at the end was amazing, so i dont consider that lousy play, it shows what he is capable of.. and he did it when necessary, Plus they won 5 of 6 games before that.. the vikings game was a bad loss when there was a lot on the line… no explanation besides vick getting a bit banged up on the first play of that game. they should have won..but it is no surprise the team is on his shoulders and as he plays so does the team.. As for the cowboys yesterday, i thought they played okay.. they lost but i thought their line and starters taht actually played, played well….

  10. Teck

    But overall i think the dolphins had a pretty good season, unfortunately i had high expectations so it was disappointing…if only i could have had realistic expectations like giants fans did.

  11. Teck

    too bad theyll have to watch the Giants in the playoffs this year

  12. Teck

    well since the phins made it two years ago which is the last time the giants made it…im gonna have to say they are probably both comfortable

  13. Teck

    you always see the glass half full jbone….i guess you have to to be a giants fan

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