Patriots or Celtics?

Patriots Super Bowl

Question of the day for all y’all — who would you rather win a championship this year, the Boston Celtics or the New England Patriots?

I look at it like this — if Tom Brady wins his 4th Super Bowl this year, you can make an incredible case for him being the best quarterback of all-time. That said, he’s got several good years left. I think that this is the last year that this current group of Celtics has a shot to win, and I think they are hungry after blowing it last season with the NBA championship firmly in their grasp. This group is too good to not have 2 championships. That said, I can’t make up my mind.

Make up yours and tell me why.

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35 responses to “Patriots or Celtics?

  1. j-bone

    oh look at young thomas up there with all his hair, they are so cute before hollywood gets a hold of them and ruins them

  2. A. Rab Money

    Neither. But for the sake of answering I would rather the Celts and here is why. They have a few players I truly respect and enjoy watching, mainly Rondo and Allen, and also Garnett somewhat. Two of those are part of their core which as you say is aging and likely unable to compete for much longer past this season. Also they would be achieving a much greater feat since they would not be favored as the Pats are and have to beat teams that are better and younger than they are.

    • That’s a fair answer, I’ll accept that. That said, people are all wild over the Patriots (myself included) but I still think people are overlooking how young there defense is and how many points were scored on them some games. They literally either hold you to less than 7 points or you score 30+. It’s crazy. And if theres a turnover by the offense coupled a bunch of points scored on the defense, that turns into a playoff loss very quickly. Tom shouldn’t have to throw 4 TD’s and 0 interceptions to win every game. He’ll throw some picks in the playoffs.

      • j-bone

        I agree, thats why I think the Pats would have a tougher time in the NFC playoffs were I think the offenses are better. As a 1 seed in the NFC the Pats would play either the Saints or Packers, two very good qb’s and offenses, then in the championship potentially the eagles who are very explosive. To me that seems like a tougher road for the Pats matchup wise, then the combination of Jets/Ravens and then Steelers/Colts.

      • I think that’s greatly downplaying how good the Steelers and Colts are. The Ravens and Jets don’t scare me that much.

  3. A. Rab Money

    You can never count out the Colts just because they have Peyton, and they have looked good the last few weeks winning 4 straight to win their division and make the playoffs. Also the steelers offense is explosive at times with Mike Wallace who has become one of the best deep threats in the league.

  4. j-bone

    I think how beat up the Colts and Steelers are is being downplayed. The colts back ups backups are on IR and that at some point is going to catch up with them. The steelers o-line is so banged up and bad right now that if Ben wasn’t a 250 pound machine they would be in a lot of trouble.

  5. Williams

    Is this a serious question? Who cares about the NBA… everyone knows the refs dictate who wins in that league anyways.

    The fact that the defense is so young makes this so much better. They could be good for literally the next 3-5 years. Not just good, super like they were from 2001-2006. Id much rather see Brady win his 4th and then go for the 5th which would undeniably make him the greatest QB/Coach tandem ever.

    • j-bone

      Plenty of people care about the NBA, including you when the Celtics are playing well. Refs effect plently in all sports, take a look at your beloved Patriots playoff runs in 2001-2004.

    • The NBA is a great league now, and the refs do not dictate who wins. I care. That said, I agree about the young D.

  6. Dan

    Do I really have to pick? Can’t I want both to win? Sorry, my coworkers and neighbors must be rubbing off on me (I do live in that “I Want It All!” state of New York).

  7. Williams

    The Bruins have a better chance than the Celtics or Red Sox.

    I don’t not like Celtics, and they are playing well. They are probably the best team in the conference. That said the NBA is brutal to watch. Too many whistles, too many stoppages, the last two minutes take 30. Its just not fun

    • The Bruins don’t have a better chance, not even close, and talk about not caring about the NBA — NHL you kidding me?

      • Kevin Youkillis

        NHL playoffs are great to watch, i cant really get into it until then..Like the NBA they are far too long but still much better than the NBA…

        NHL > NBA the vast majority of the time.

      • I couldn’t disagree more. Any league that has to make fighting legal in order to get fans is pathetic.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        fighting has been part of the sport since like the 1920’s its a part of the game, a way to regulate things there is certainly an etiquette that goes with it too. kind of like pitchers can hit a batter in baseball to retaliate.. im not sure i understand your argument.. are you saying they made it legal in the 1920’s to get fans? that doesnt make sense, its part of the game, and a small one at that.

      • All sports were much less regulated in the past. The fact that hockey has accepted fighting as a “part of the sport” is ridiculous, especially when for many fans that is considered the most exciting part of the game. If you want to see fighting, go see a boxing match. They wouldn’t need to fight if they could hold there fan bases attention without it.

  8. Teck

    BTW if your problem with basketball is whistles and stoppages lets take a minute (or several) to look at baseball (especially red sox vs yanks) and football which after every score goes commercial, kickoff commercial break. if you dont like the nba thats fine but that reasoning makes no sense.

    Bruins do not have a better chance at the stanley cup then the celts at the nba or the red sox who have to be one of the front runners

  9. Dan

    The C’s and B’s both look pretty decent this year, but I think you have to rank the Pats and Sox higher up in the “Can We Win It All?” sweepstakes. The Pats are just on fire. Between the Evil Genius and Tommy Boy, they can do no wrong. And the Sox offense and defense were both improved with their off-season pick-ups (to the detriment of Tampa Bay, a division rival). If their pitching can hold up – and there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t – they should be considered a top prospect to run through the AL.

    I think the B’s and C’s are more in the situation where the pack has caught them. They may still be at the top of it, but I don’t think the disparity between them and the averages teams is as much as it is with the Pats and Sox.

    • I agree with that assessment, but think your selling the Celtics short. As long as Rondo and the big 3 are out there, we’ve got enough depth in big men now to take down anybody.

  10. Teck

    and when perkins and west come back for the celts thatll be a big help…like Doc always says that starting five has never lost a playoff series.

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