Californication Returns with 4th Season

Californication Season 4 Addison Timlin

The best show on television is back. Californication returned with the premier episode of the fourth season last night — for those of you who don’t already watch tune in Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST on Showtime.

This is the best show on television, hands down. It’s hedonistic, wildly inappropriate, and quite juvenile — yet it’s fantastically written, acted, and with the season three finale easily became one of the most legitimate shows on TV. Showtime has struck gold with this one.

For those of you who watch already, Hank has finally managed to get himself in way over his head. The season premier also introduces a young new actress, Addison Timlin, who is nothing short of gorgeous. With football nearing an end, you should now have a date with your couch every Sunday night for a few more months.

Yes, this show is good enough that it warrants a post over the first round of the NFL playoffs. That said, this is a sports blog, so I’ll give you my ten second run down of the weekend’s events.

1) Michael Vick’s flashy season ended yesterday with an interception — I’m sure that few are weeping on his behalf. That said, he had to make a big play to get into the end zone and went down swinging. A disappointing loss for Vick and Eagles nation, for sure. While the Packers scare the hell out of me, as a Pats fan I’d rather play them than the Eagles. The Packers are a bit more predictable.

2) The Jets beat the Colts, eliminating Peyton Manning, which is awesome. The Jets will no doubt be fired up for their rematch with the Pats — who knows what Rex Ryan will be spewing before this game kicks off. Of course I think the Pats will handle their business and beat the Jets, but I’d expect the Jets to bring it. This game is not in the bag.

3) The Baltimore Ravens looked scary good. Please keep them away from me.

Now go watch Californication if you haven’t already.

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15 responses to “Californication Returns with 4th Season

  1. j-bone

    Californication is great, should be an interesting season. Hank wont be going to jail though but I am interested to see how he gets out.

    I was very happy about the results from this weekend for the most part. Since the Eagles won their Decemeber Super Bowl for the 25th year in a row, against the Giants, they didn’t win a game. Which makes me feel warm inside. The Colts were so beat up that they were gonna have a hard time making noise. Two very good rematch-ups (I am gonna trademark that phrase) in the AFC. The Bears luck out in the NFC, however the Seahawks beat them in Chicago earlier this year. Aaron Rogers is legit and scary.

  2. Kevin Youkillis

    Eagles game was rough, they played lousy the last 3 weeks.. cant deny that. Hopefully they are able to improve their o-line. They have tons of young talent they will need to sign but at least for next year they will be in a good position. Looking at the season as a whole, I am pleased in a very broad sense. No one expected them to make the playoffs or even come close. But looking at the last few games and knowing what they were capable of is very disappointing so m ending the season on a sour note rather than just saying they exceeded expectations and am happy. My expectations changed week in and week out with this team that was giving me different reasons for believing in them or not every week. They do show a lot of promise and have tons of talent, they will certainly be back as a contender. I just hope we get to see football next year.

    Jets-Pats should be entertaining, even if it is a blow out it will hold my attention, there are just so many individuals on both sides that so charismatic and interesting I’ll enjoy watching it.

    Seahawks-Chicago, who knows.. sea hawks could be one of those true cinderella stories, doubt it.. but its always fun to watch until the run ends.

    Ravens-Steelers just sound like a ground it out kinda game, definitely should be a good one

    Greenbay-falcons- i expect green bay to win. they didnt look that great in the eagles game but did enough to win and could have blown it open a few times, i expect them to play better and win.

    • I think that the winner of Patriots-Jets is very lucky in that Baltimore and Pittsburgh will beat each other up real bad the week beforehand. As for the Eagles, they did just fizzle which is too bad to some extent.

  3. j-bone

    Should be a busy off season for the Eagles, Vick’s contract is up, what to do with Kolb, o-line needs some serious help, I think Jackson wants a contract?

  4. j-bone

    He will but is gonna get a big pay day

    • Kevin Youkillis

      vick will be franchised tagged, they will hold onto kolb till his contract is up after next year (especially with these crazy contract and player negotiations anything they recieve would be a pick in the next draft, not this upcoming one).. You see if VIck is really worth the money or a flash in the pan and move the big decisions back a year.. when andy reids contract is also up.

      • Such a business man you are! Vick is not a flash in the pan.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        agreed, he isnt.. but an 18 game season for someone that plays the way he does is a scary thing
        Im torn on Andy Reid.. he has had 11 seasons, teams with talent and still cant put it together. but at the same time i still think he has a top 10 coach in the league. wanna trade for bellichek?

      • Belichick doesn’t even know who Andy Reid is.

      • j-bone

        Franchising a qb is pretty expensive, but they will do it.

        That logic is what I heard about why McNabb was gone

  5. A. Rab Money

    Californication is a great show, not the best on tv but up there. Last nights episode was a good premier, and the new chick was gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing more of her this season.

    Some notes on the playoff games:
    I am glad the Eagles lost of course, and the Packers deserved it, as they played better and have for the past few weeks. I think them going to Atlanta will be the matchup that determines who wins the NFC this year. And as for not being scared of the Packers I think you are dead wrong. Thier offense is very high powered with the emergence of Starks and of course Rodgers throwing to likely the best receiving corps in the league. Their defense is among the best in the league and has probably played better than any D in the last few weeks. They get after the qb as well as anyone and have a great tandom of cover corners as well.

    In the AFC I look forward to watching Jets v. Pats round 3. Im pulling for the Jets of course and think they will make this one a nail biter, but the Pats should pull it out. The Ravens-Steelers matchup is always one of the least exciting games to watch as it will be low scoring defensive controlled game. I think the Ravens will pull it out though and be headed to Gilette for the AFC title which the Pats will win.

    • I agree with a Pats-Ravens AFC championship. When I said the Packers are more predictable than the Eagles, I didn’t mean to discredit them. I put them in the Super Bowl based on my predictions last week — I think they are very good.

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