The Fighter — What You’ve Heard is What You Get

The Fighter Mark Wahlberg Amy Adams

I’ve developed an uncanny ability to see a movie trailer and immediately know if it’s something I’m interested in seeing. Maybe I just know my own tastes. Regardless, The Fighter was one of those movies that I immediately knew that I wanted to see. It took me far too long to actually get to the theater, but once I did, the movie lived up to everything I’d heard about it: The underlying reviews seemed to be, “An awesome movie, but Christian Bale’s performance is what makes it.” Yup — that’d couldn’t be more spot on.

In the movie Bale plays the older brother of Mark Wahlberg’s character. He’s a washed up, crack-addicted, sometimes-when-he’s- not-high boxing trainer. He looks the part and acts the part so well you wonder if they actually had him smoking crack before shooting each scene. I’ve never particularly liked Bale, but this movie changed my mind. The movie’s leading lady, Amy Adams, is also a great touch. She manages to play a sexy yet tough Lowell broad while adding some humor to the film. All of that said, Mark Wahlberg is the man as usual. I give this movie an “A” — you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

That said, I can’t help but notice the number of awesome Boston/Massachusetts based movies to come out in recent years — The Departed, The Town, The Fighter coupled with oldies like Mystic River and Good Will Hunting. While I love all of these movies, the depiction of neighborhoods (namely Southie, Charlestown, Lowell, etc) is pretty funny. Half of the country must picture Boston as an extremely white, blue-collar city where everybody’s cousin sells coke and every broad is sitting on the couch smoking camels just waiting to pop another delinquent child. I live next to Charlestown and I can assure you that this portrayal, while partially true, is only half of the picture. What can I say, I guess America loves blue-collar white people.

Oh yea, so the BCS National Championship game was last night. It was a close one, but still it was boringgggggggg. College football is massively overrated.

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15 responses to “The Fighter — What You’ve Heard is What You Get

  1. A. Rab Money

    agree on the movie, and i think a lot of those movies coming out based in and around boston have to do with the people who made them being from boston. The Town was produced by Ben Affleck who is from Boston, as was Good Will Hunting, and The Fighter was produced by Whalberg and he is also from Boston.

    I could not disagree more about the BCS championship game. It was a hard fought game by both teams with a lot of great coaching decisions and big plays. I dont know what football game you had on but this was a great matchup of two teams with tons of talent and was as entertaining a football game as you could ask for. Fake punts, fourth and goals, 90 yard bombs and guys taking wounds to the head, but yea it was boringggg. You are just not a college football fan I think and thats why you were unimpressed.

    • College football is definitely not my favorite but the game did not impress. All you hear about if how flashy and amazing Cam Newton is, and while he had a good game, there was very little flash to it. Nothing spectacular. I’m looking for some Reggie Bushesque running and Michael Vick passing, and it just wasn’t there.

      • j-bone

        I think the movies portrayal of Boston is pretty spot on. White drug addicts with tons of problems but deep down most of them have good hearts.

        College football is very frustrating to me, I thought the game was pretty good but I disagree with probably 90% of what goes on in college football. The BCS is complete bullshit, there is no continuity to who is suspended for what reason and for how long, coaches can leave whenever they want but players are locked in. It really is a caste system where the rich have all the power, but in alot of cases are not that good. While the NFL has its own problems and Goodell is a moron, they do not come close to touching the NCAA in being screwed up.

      • Agreed on college football. The NFL, despite its issues, is an absolute machine. College football is hypocritical and all about money, which is funny coming from the NCAA and all. Do I have a good heart?

    • j-bone

      The NFL is a machine, however with the labor dispute upcoming we will see some of their warts. Your heart is so so.

  2. A. Rab Money

    I dont know who you heard say he was “flashy”, but that isnt really the style he plays, especially running. He is a big guy who runs the ball more with power and pushes guys over most of the time, not like Reggie Bush type running from 5 years ago. His passing is quite good actually, and he made some great throws last night as well. If you had watched him at all this season then you would know that he played pretty consistently with his performances from this season, aside from not having as many rushing yards, but that was due to Oregon having a good gameplan for him, and the rookie back Dyer on Auburn who was running well.

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    I havent seen the fighter, but heard it was good.. Like you I too can watch a trailer and decide if i’m interested in the movie or not. It is like the sole purpose of a trailer is to give you a brief glimpse about the movie, all while helping you decide if it is something you want to spend your money on. I am glad I am not alone in having this super power, its both a gift and a curse.

    College Football is dumb. Who takes 6 weeks off after the season is over to play their championship game? It makes no sense at all and i just lose whatever minimal interest I had in the sport by the time the game rolls around. So i didn’t watch the game last night. But from the score it seemed like a defensive battle, which to me isn’t that fun to watch if I don’t care about or have some sort of stake in either of the teams playing.

  4. Teck 9

    Howigit….do you recall what i said about marky mark’s sisters?

    college football is way hypocritical and not nearly as much fun to watch as the NFL. I agree the game last night aside from the end was somewhat boring. The long time from end of season to the bowl game is ridiculous. the ohio st players being suspended for five games next season but not the bowl game is complete and utter bbullshit. Pete Carroll knew what was going on with USC but right before shit hit the fan he jumped ship and went to the NFL. REally noone on the current usc team had any thing to do with what happened back then but they are the ones paying the price for it now

  5. j-bone

    My favorite is the AQ schools especially the Big Ten talking down to the Boise’s and TCU’s when they consistantly work the big time schools when given the chance

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