howiGit’s Outta Here — Vacation Time People

Nassau, Bahamas

Next stops: Miami, Key West, and a couple of places in the Bahamas. I know, I know, you’re week won’t be the same without me. You’ll have to make it on your own. You can expect an epic post next week when I return.

Think of all the fun your going to have watching the Patriots whip the Jets. Seriously though, I give the Pats a 71% chance of winning. The thing that nobody is mentioning is simple — the Jets have absolutely nothing to lose. Nobody expects them to win, and that’s a great mindset to have going into a big game. But I expect Tom to take care of business.

It’s going to be nice being the one sitting in 80 degree weather for once while the sky dumps on Boston and everybody sits around racking it up to “being a New Englander” and pretending they love it. Later, suckas.

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9 responses to “howiGit’s Outta Here — Vacation Time People

  1. A. Rab Money

    Well maybe in boston no one expects them to win but in the rest of the country there are people who believe they are going to win. Not saying I think they will because I dont but sometimes you Boston people are oblivious to what people say outside of your city.

    Have fun in the Caribbean you bastard

  2. Torin D

    They didn’t!

    Nice meeting you in Nassau, G. I expect to see a writeup of the nightlife of the Bahamas in the next report! Let me know when you come back.

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    Pats/Giants exhibition game this week.. who wins? I say eagles do.

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