2010-2011 Patriots: To Address What Happened

Patriots vs Jets

Now….let me first say that being in the Bahamas was a blessing this past week following the Patriots loss to the Jets. I largely avoided the onslaught that came with the loss, although I’m sure I’ll still hear plenty about it. That said, in the spirit of fairness, I must address the topic rather than hiding under a rock. Here’s my take:

Give the Jets complete credit. They played a great game, especially defensively, and Mark Sanchez avoided turnovers. In this case, as opposed to other past Patriots-NY football games, the team that played better won. No doubt about it.

Now I’m faced with a dilemma; who do I root for in the AFC? I’m going to have to go with the Jets, as much as I hate it, because I don’t want Big Ben to get his third ring in Pittsburgh. Ben < Tom, and I don’t want to hear those comparisons. That said, I’m rooting for the Packers to win it all.

A very disappointing end to a great Patriots season. You can’t take anything away from the Pats regular season; a 14-2 record and arguably the best regular season by any quarterback in NFL history were pretty awesome to watch. I’m sure they’ll be back next year, and I know they’ll be extra hungry.

Following a horrible Celtics loss in game 7 of the NBA Finals, an injury plagued Red Sox season, and now this loss, Boston has had a tough go of it lately. What do you have to say about that, Celtics (or Red Sox)?

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14 responses to “2010-2011 Patriots: To Address What Happened

  1. Williams

    why bring this back up? Just because you were in the Bahamas doesnt mean you can come back and bring up something we’ve all already gotten over

  2. j-bone

    I think it was a big hit to the Brady legacy

    • I think that’s a ridiculous statement…..if that we’re true then Peyton Manning would have about 10 big hits to his legacy for blowing big playoff games after awesome regular seasons

      • j-bone

        The bill of goods we are sold on Brady is that he is the best playoff qb and is money when it matters most. He has lost his last three play off games and has not played all that well in any of them.

        List of qb’s that have won a playoff game more recently then Brady
        Eli Manning
        Kurt Warner
        Phil Rivers
        Joe Flacco
        Donovan McNabb
        Ben Roethlisberger
        Drew Brees
        Peyton Manning
        Tony Romo
        Mark Sanchez
        Matt Hasselbeck
        Aaron Rodgers
        Jay Cutler

      • Congrats, that’s the most irrelevant list I’ve ever seen.

      • j-bone

        When you are the best qb of all time and 14 qb’s (Favre is also on that list) have a more recent playoff win I think that is relevant. Are these number relevant?

        Brady last three playoff games average:
        27/45 5.3 yards per attempt, 240 yards, 1.3 td, 1 pick and a 73.5 qb average

        Pretty average numbers from the best qb of all time

      • Wow, you did some good research for once. Well done, seriously. I think it’s fair to say (without confirming those numbers) that they are very average at best and certainly represent a slumping playoff Brady. Maybe an indication that the Pats need to draft some O-linemen?

      • j-bone

        All I hear about every year is how many draft picks the Pats have in the first 3 rounds and how great they are at drafting

      • The Patriots draft incredibly, I’ll back that up til the day I die. And they have more picks in the early rounds by a mile over any other team this year. They haven’t drafted a lot of O-lineman lately, maybe this year they should? That’s what I was implying. Any thoughts on that idea?

      • j-bone

        I am not saying that they do not draft well, what I am saying is if the o-line was the problem 3 years ago in the super bowl and they consistently have high draft picks, either they dont see it as that big a problem or made mistakes in who they drafted.

  3. Williams

    Peyton 10-9 Brady 14-5

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