Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon Sign with Rays?

Manny Ramirez Rays

I say……good for them! I don’t like this move because it obviously makes the Rays much more competitive than they would be without these guys. That’s a very solid lead-off hitter and an all-time great clean-up hitter. Sure, they are old, but I don’t want to hear it. Both of these guys are great players and have plenty left in the tank, although Manny is also an all-star head case. It’s good to see that the Rays aren’t simply dumping all of their players and are making moves to remain competitive in the AL East.

Both players signed one year deals, Damon for $5.25 mil plus incentives and Manny for $2 mil. In my book, both of those deals are straight up bargains. You can’t tell me that signing Manny Ramirez to the Red Sox for $2 mil wouldn’t have been a great move. Well played, Rays.

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28 responses to “Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon Sign with Rays?

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    but they are old.

    • Sure, they are old. I think Manny was the better deal of the two. You can’t tell me that mofo can’t still hit a baseball with the best of them. And he’s going to be DHing to prolong his career.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        I only said they were old because you said “Sure they are old, but i don’t want to hear about it.”.. also they are kinda old.

        i do think it was a good pick up, mainly because of the price. Becoming a DH was the next natural step for Manny, im sure he will do well at it.
        I missed you Mr. G It, i expect a write up about your trip.

      • Workn on it as we speak babe.

  2. j-bone

    I think it is an interesting signing and at those prices it hard to find anything bad about it. Maybe having two recognizable players might get some more people in the seats.

  3. Torin D

    Fill seats? Sure, Tampa is full of retirement homes. These two guys spent most of last season (when they were on the field) at DH. And my money is that they have to split time there again this season. If Desmond Jennings flops, it will increase the likelihood of either of these seeing time in the field (unless either can play first base). I can’t say that their experience will help with the young guns there. Manny is a head case and Johnny is not far from one. Zobrist will lead on the Rays next year…these two are purely for seat filling. Next up, Barry Bonds?

    • Sure, maybe much of their allure in signing them was seat filling. And make no doubt about it, these guys are both head cases. I think that Manny can still put up big numbers from the DH position. Johnny will be a bit more of a question mark. You’re definitely right about Zobrist.

  4. A. Rab Money

    with crawford leaving i expect damon to see more time in the of than he did in detroit, and i think this will lead to better production for him. both good moves though by a team that is always trying to keep up with the 2 other teams and their offseason acquisitions.

  5. j-bone

    Worth the gamble yes, but I really doubt he is gonna put up 30 and 100 unless papi, manny, and the needle are getting the band back together.

    • Don’t just read the headlines, read the articles. It’s common knowledge what Manny tested positive for (not steroids), and Ortiz is going to make public what he tested for as soon as MLB tells him (which still hasn’t happened). Keep your fantasies alive, or go read about the Yankees who all did in fact test positive.

      • j-bone

        We have had this back and forth so it is going to go no where. Fantasy is believing that your favorite baseball players did it on hard work and heart when every other team pretty much has embraced that their team had people who took PED’s, something Papi tested positive for.

      • All PED’s are not created equal. Marajuana is listed as a PED. Marajuana is not equal to steroids. Just an example.

  6. A. Rab Money

    well it claims their names came from the same list that a rod’s came from. At least he stood up and admitted what he did like a man. they obviously were tested for the same things as arod and came up positive so how much more evidence do you need.

    • Another uninformed comment. MLB has already said there are players on “the list” who in fact did not test positive for anything. Also, yes they were tested for the same things which includes a veryyyyyyyyyyyy long list of PEDs. A-Rod used straight roids. There’s nothing saying Manny or Ortiz did.

      • j-bone

        You can keep that thought process, us here outside of never never land know what really happened.

      • Well then you’re living in the wrong country. It’s innocent til proven guilty bud, and when one of the players showed no change physically and said he’d publicized his test results, well, that says a lot.

  7. j-bone

    Yeah disregard the number jump, just take a look at his fat body

    • He went from no protection to Manny Ramirez protection. He went from Minnesota to being a lefty in Fenway. He got a new hitting coach. All big differences from a power hitter.

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