Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks? In a New York Minute

Carmelo Anthony Knicks

By Mark McCormick, howiGit Contributing Writer, Boston, MA

I suppose the first step in combatting a problem is admission of guilt. As a devout Boston Celtics fan, I have committed treason. This deceit comes in the form of a secret and well-hidden man crush for the New York Knicks and all of the glitz and glamour that is carried with the franchise; the allure of Madison Square Garden, the countless number of greats that have come from New York City, Coney Island and other basketball epicenters that make New York crucial to the NBA and basketball in general.

The Knicks are a symbol of excellence, regardless of recent performance.They have produced magical moments from such greats as Willis Reed, Elgin Baylor, and Patrick Ewing. Under the guidance of Isiah Thomas, the Knicks became irrelevant due to painfully inept leadership that left everyone scratching their heads. “What the hell are they thinking?” and “How much money did they give Keith Van Horn?” was a common sentiment. Egregious contract signings included Jared Jeffries, Stephon Marbury(now playing in China, damn Steph), Eddy Curry and millions to alcoholic center Vin Baker, who we all hope is still on the wagon. God speed Vin.

Post-Isaiah, the combined genius of Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoini have made the Knicks relevant again. The best part is that their mission is just beginning. After a sultry summer that saw a new big three form in South Beach, Melo and Chris Paul added to the intrigue by toasting at Melo’s wedding to play together one day. CP3 appears to be tied to New Orleans, as ownership is reluctant to trade their best player and one of few draws that putts asses in the seats. CP3 may be out, but where does that leave Carmelo? We’ll tackle that later.

GM Walsh should be praised for creating the cap space that almost saw the Knicks acquire Lebron James as well as assembling a solid roster with the signings of Amare Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, and Landry Fields. People fail to remember just how bad of a situation Walsh and D’Antoin inherited. They have done a Houdini-like act by trimming the fat and bringing the excitement back to MSG. The final feather in Walshs’ cap is that he knows the Knicks are poised to make a huge splash in 2011 free agency, having enough cap space to sign one max player. Who will it be?

Welcome home Carmelo! Being a member of the Knicks will be great for Melo as well as the NBA. David Stern needs the booming market that NYC has to offer to prosper as much as possible. Simply stated, it’s good business. The Garden is already sold out every night, good team or Vin Baker’s Knicks missing jumpers. But being featured on nationally televised games, challenging the Celtics and Heat for Eastern Conference supremacy while allowing Madison Square Garden to bask in all of its glory is something that every basketball fan should crave and will only make the league more profitable, competitive and balanced. Carmelo also will enjoy the fruits of this signing, with increased exposure to the multitude of media markets and outlets that New York possesses. Being a figurehead for the one of the best markets and the brand recognition that comes with that automatically increases notoriety. Translation: inordinate amounts of endorsement cash. Overall, great move for the NBA as well as Melo.

After the Nets trade saga, Melo has endured boos from his current home crowd in Denver. It represents the epitome of disrespect for a player that has played seven years with the same team, always playing hard and hitting the big shot. He’s matured from a young man being featured in gangster DVD’s in Baltimore, claiming “snitches end up in ditches” to a businessman who, regardless of the uncertainty of next year’s CBA, knows it’s time to go to the big stage, be the man, and cash in. Lebron couldn’t do that and he will always be remembered as the guy who was anointed to save the Knicks but couldn’t take the chance. Don’t make the same mistake Carmelo. You are too uniquely talented to not play in one of the best stadiums and cities that sports have to offer. Accept your position on the throne, a truly special place that has bared witness to stars such as Broadway Joe, Derek Jeter, and Mark Messier just to name a few. Get in to that New York State of mind and take the Heat to the cleaners. Just not the Celts. Go Green.

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13 responses to “Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks? In a New York Minute

  1. Fans will always be fans…passionate and desiring the players to actually enjoy playing for their teams. It’s hard for people to accept the reality that players might not enjoy working in a particular city. Like every NBA player who was drafted, Melo had no control of where he worked and has spend the first seven years of his career tied to one franchise. Now with an opportunity to become a free agent and work in the city of his choice, Denver fans slam Melo for acting in his best interest and not theirs. I don’t recall Melo slamming Denver and stating publicly that his despises the Nuggets organization. He isn’t toying with the organization or the fans like Lebron did to Cleveland. Instead Melo is playing hard and leading the Nuggets with 23.9 points per game. Fans should be applauding Melo for not mailing in the final year of his contract and for being up front with them that he is leaving. But that is asking far too much, especially when fans realize that without Melo they could very well be next year’s Cleveland.


    • Great points all around. I really like your take on this. Fans never consider what is best for the athlete, which was very apparent in the Lebron fiasco even though he screwed that one up in other ways. How would you like if everyone told you where you should be working, and you got yelled at if you chose elsewhere? Sure, he’s got a fan base in Denver and it’s disapointing to them. But it’s not their decision. Carmelo should have the freedom to play where he wants.

  2. A. Rab Money

    If Denver is smart they will find a way to get a deal done before the trade deadline. Knowing that Melo has no interest in playing there next year it is in their best interest to make a trade for him now. If they dont trade him its a lose lose since they will lose their best player and not get anything in return. They have been very stubborn with what they want in return for Melo, not thinking that if they don’t back their demands down they will end up with nothing in the end. As a Knick fan myself, though not a die hard, I would love if they land him in the summer seeing as they do not have a legitimate shot at winning this year anyways, and if they trade will likely lose Fields and Gallinari who will be big role players to back up A’mare and Melo.

    • Wow wow wow. Let’s start here: The Knicks do not have a legitimate shot of winning this year. No way, not even close, your dreaming. The Heat, Celtics, Lakers, and Spurs would all toast the Knicks in a playoff series. Don’t get ahead of yourself. That said, Melo is everything that the Knicks and NYC need, in almost every way.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      the knicks are 4 games ahead of the sixers.. that is like saying the sixers have a legitimate shot.. completly ridiculous statement a-rab

  3. j-bone

    I am pretty sure his direct quote is “I would love if they land him in the summer seeing as they do not have a legitimate shot at winning this year anyways” I would expect better reading from a English major and a law student

  4. j-bone

    The reason to trade for Melo this season is cap related. If and package of Gallo, Fields, Randloph/1st round pick would entice the Nuggets, not saying it would, it would allow the Knicks to be more flexible this coming off season. If they sign him this off season they will use pretty much all their cap space on Melo.

  5. A. Rab Money

    Thank you to J Bone who can actually read good for correcting you baffoons. He is also right about the cap room, but if they land him in the offseason and keep their current roster they would not need to make any other moves. The team would be ready to make a run as is with the addition of just Melo, that is what I hope happens.

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