Tom Brady — For All You Haters

Tom Brady GQ 25 Coolest Athletes

For Tom Brady, the accolades just keep on coming. And for all of you Brady haters out there who insist that Brady is hated by everyone outside of New England (such a NY thing to say — you think us Boston folks are Boston-centric, yet you’re the ones who refer to NYC as “the city” — talk about obnoxious) here’s proof that you couldn’t be more wrong.

The most recent GQ magazine put together what is honestly an excellent list of The 25 Coolest Athletes of All-Time. You know it! Tom Brady made the list.  I was lucky enough to read the entire article, including a write-up of each athlete on the list. While all of these athletes are pretty damn cool, Brady’s write-up was hysterical. I wanted to include a link to the article, but it’s not available online. The gist of the article was:

Tom brady is too good-looking. Tom Brady is too good at football. That said, he has had a messy swap between an actress and a super model, and he did lose a Super Bowl so he’s not perfect and you can’t hate him. But even when he does mess up, he goes home to a too perfect Brazilian super model who consoles him and gives him massages. He’s too cool, he really is. Just embrace him for being everything you wish you were, and don’t hate.

It’s really is a hysterical article, and it makes a pretty good point. Now I know GQ magazine won’t sell all of you, so you can instead check out this article on ESPN. Brady just won his 2nd AP Offensive Player of the Year award, making him the only quarterback in NFL history to win the award twice. He’s also the only active player to win the award twice. Also, note the statistic showing the highest touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history. Just another statistic where he dominates Peyton Manning, not to mention every other QB in NFL history. You can’t blame Peyton for this one though — interceptions run in the family.

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57 responses to “Tom Brady — For All You Haters

  1. “Also, note the statistic showing the highest touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history. Just another statistic where he dominates Peyton Manning, not to mention every other QB in NFL history. You can’t blame Peyton for this one though — interceptions run in the family”

    Hilarious (seriously). I’ll provide you with my Colts Fan retort in an article I am working on for tomorrow.

  2. Williams

    I dont care if he threw for a million touchdowns and no interceptions this year. He sucked in the only game that mattered and is 2-3 in his last 5 playoff games.

    • Yet he still has just about the best playoff record ever. You play enough playoff games, you’re going to have a rough patch here or there. 2-3 is not so bad. We’ve been spoiled by his success, but when you look in the mirror is there anyone else you’d rather have out there leading the Patriots? That’s what I thought. Relax and all will be well.

  3. Williams

    Ben Roethlisberger is 10-2 with 2 championships… not real good at math but I think 10-2 is better than 14-5

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    “Brady just won his 2nd AP Offensive Player of the Year award, making him the only quarterback in NFL history to win the award twice. He’s also the only active player to win the award twice. “… Technically correct, but kinda overkill. no?
    side note: im predicting he wins mvp too. That said he will be the only player to win mvp and and offensive player of the year in the same year twice as well.

    but the only publication that is less reputable than GQ is howigit’s blog.

    However, I loved how you snuck in some eli bashing

    • Why is that overkill? He will win MVP, as he should. GQ and howiGit’s blog are both very reputable, no more cheap jabs ok? I was talking about Archie! I swear…

      • Kevin Youkillis

        It is overkill because if he is the only player in NFL history to ever win the award twice, it would only make sense that he is also the only active player to have won it twice.

        I apologize for the jabs you know i enjoy the blog. I check facebook, then come directly here.

      • I don’t think he’s the only player in history to win it twice, just the only QB. That’s sweet of you.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        ahh that tricky “QB” confused me.. i stand corrected and humbled.

  5. Williams

    Yeah… Brady won the head to head matchup this year… except Roethlisberger is still playing and Brady is shooting UGG and Stetson commercials. I am not saying Brady isnt the best and one of the greatest ever… he is. I am just saying I could careless about individual accolades when they arent accompanied by a championship

    • I see your point, but individuals don’t win championships, teams do. You can’t blame Tom for not winning the championship. Our defense was bad, as was our O-line. I’m not saying Tom played great (he obviously didn’t) but you still can’t discount his individual accolades. They for sure count for something. Without his possibly best season ever, there’s no way the Pats go 14-2. The might not even go 8-8. Do you know how many games we won where the other team scored 30+ points? That’s Tom winning games for you.

      • j-bone


        So when Brady wins Super Bowls it is despite the receivers and defense but when he loses its because of them? I know you love to have things both ways but at some point reality has to settle in.

        The AP offensive player of the year is great, MVP is better.

      • Agreed, and he’ll win the MVP too. No that’s not what I’m saying. When the defense is good, give them credit. When it’s bad, don’t give them credit. This is a team sport. The credit is not entirely the defenses one way or another. But when you let up 30 points a game, it sure makes the QB’s job a lot harder. There’s no denying that. GQ is a legitimate publication on a national level and they think Tom Brady is one of the cooler athletes ever. You are a sad New Yorker who doesn’t want him to go down as they best you’ve ever seen, so you don’t think he’s cool. I’ll go with GQ.

      • j-bone

        GQ is a very legitimate publication and when I want to know what suit I should wear this coming spring, or to read a cool story on the most recent drug ring bust I will be at the newstand. If I want someone opinion of athletes I would probably go to a magazine that, you know focuses on sports.

        Want to talk about credit, in Brady 3 Super Bowl winning season he has had 2 top ten defenses, one top ten offense. Seems that the defense would deserve a majority of that credit. In the playoffs Brady’s offense has only been better then the defense in terms of yards per game once, 2004.

        You are a sad Bostoner who still have not gotten over Eli Manning outplaying “Mr. GQ Cool”

      • I’m over it long ago, which was much easier having had the Pats win 3 before that. If that was their won chance to win, it would have been far worse. I agree Tom had had some great defenses, but let me ask you this — did those defenses in any of those super bowls score at the end of the game to win it? Nope, not once. Tom orchestrated the winning drives.

  6. A. Rab Money

    Williams makes a much better point. Individual accolades are essentially meaningless without rings. For Brady this doesnt matter seeing as he already has 3, but a I garantee he would trade the OPOY and MVP for the Lombardi trophy. Here’s a great example of what i mean. Would you conisder Marino as one of the best ever? Likely not since he never won a championship. If you ask NFL experts they would all say he was one of the most talented to ever play the position and possibly the best quarterback ever, but without the titles to back it up he will never been seen as the best.

    • I agree with you John, but I must admit, this is very funny to me. All I’ve heard over the years is how Peyton’s putting up stats and winning MVP’s. I used to counter that with “Brady’s winning championships.” Now that Brady isn’t and he’s putting up stats and MVP’s, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter and it’s all about championships.

  7. j-bone

    For players with atleast 6 starts Brady currently sits tied for six in playoff winning percentage. Up there but not “just about”

  8. “I agree Tom had had some great defenses, but let me ask you this — did those defenses in any of those super bowls score at the end of the game to win it? Nope, not once. Tom orchestrated the winning drives.”

    Mr. GQ did orchestrate those drives, but would we even be debating Brady’s greatness without Adam Vinateri kicking the game winning field goal in each of the 3 Super Bowl wins???

    • I’ll flip that on you — would we ever have celebrated Adam Vinateri’s greatness if it hadn’t been for Tom driving him down the field with time expiring and putting him in a position to win it? I’m pretty sure Vinateri has since been hanging out in Indy with Peyton, and hasn’t been half as great because he hasn’t gotten himself to that position.

      • I’ll give you that…if only because Vinateri has continued to be money in Indianapolis, but the Colts offense and defense has ensured that he only has one additionally Super Bowl ring. Why did you guys get rid of him again? Wasn’t he your good luck charm?

      • It was horrible to see him go. I’m working on becoming GM so I can handle these sorts of situations from here on out.

      • j-bone

        For God sakes, we have had this argument before. 2004 does not count his “game winning drive” ended with a score with 7 minutes left.

        2001- Brady’s “heroics” were 3 dump passes to J.R. Redmond for 21 yards. I’m glad he really showed off his arm strenghth flipping the ball out to his rb in the flat. that would seem to be pretty bad defense.

        2003- The Panthers score with 1:08 to play and promptly kick the ball out of bounds. Tom moves the ball 30 yards in 1 minute. Impressive? ehhhh, maybe. Many qb’s have done alot more in less time. But he did what he had to do.

        Those are not exactly going to make the list for most epic super bowl drives, he did what he had to do to win. But I have seen better more then a few times.

      • I’ll mail you some tapes.

      • j-bone

        That was the reponse last time too, I don’t need tape. Those are cold hard facts. If Roethlisberger wins and the inevitable Ben vs Brady debate starts, I would not say just go watch what Ben does, just watch. That is a bs cop out answer for when stats and facts are staring you in the face, step your game up.

      • Well if you watch game tape you’d say that instead of a dropped interception, a hail mary, and a 5 yard pass to a wide open receiver, Eli Manning threw 2 completions. Which I saw with my own eyes, and let me tell you that’s not the same thing. The tapes are in the mail.

      • j-bone

        Hey what do you know, Eli come up again when this is why Tom Brady is not as good as you think he is. This literally has nothing to do with Eli. I would love for you to once answer Brady criticism without your favorite secuity blanket. First its well he wins championships, but his defense helped a whole lot; well he drove them down the field, but was it really that impressive; well just watch, but that really doesnt mean anything; ELI! stepping your game up does not mean bring up players that have nothing to do with the conversation at all.

      • It has to do with the conversation because he is your favorite team’s QB and Brady is mine. You seem to have no problem thinking of Eli as a very good QB when he does things like leading the league in interceptions, yet when I present you with evidence that Brady is an all-time great you ignore it. So it’s very relevant.

      • j-bone

        First you stated that Brady is the best football player of all time, not an all time great, second there are probably 500 replys on your blog from me, it is creepy how much I do not ingore you. Third, Eli has nothing to do with it, I never stated he was the best qb of all time, I never stated just watch him, just watch the greatness, I do not believe I have ever posted an article about Eli, something you have done more then a few times. Eli has nothing NOTHING to do with this conversation, zero, nada. If you think bringing Eli up does anything to your arguement that Brady is the best footbal player of all time you are mistaken. Go home get some sleep and tomorrow step your game up.

      • I’m just looking for some consistency out of you. If you ask most coaches what they are looking for in an ideal QB, they will pretty much describe Brady to a T. If you ask them what they least want, they’ll pretty much say “The guy that leads the league in interceptions.” Yet you don’t see it that way. My game, which was elevated by Mr. Brady (just being near him) could not possibly be stepped up anymore.

      • j-bone

        You do not seem capable of leaving out of it, it is actually kind of funny. You want consistancy out of me, I consistantly debunk your Brady “myths” and your response is bringing up a qb that the only tie to Brady he has is beating him in the super bowl.

      • You do not debunk myths as much as you ignore truths.

      • j-bone

        What truths have I ignored, back them up with facts or numbers. Not just watch, hes cool, his wife is hot, actually real tangible truths

      • He has 3 super bowls. He has 28 game winning drives. He has the record for TD passes in a season. He has the record for fewest turnovers in a season. He has a perfect regular season. He just came off probably the best regular season ever. He has the highest winning percentage of any QB in the super bowl era, by far. Nuff said.

      • j-bone

        A few players have 3 super bowls or more; Peyton has 46 game winners, Marino 51, Elway 46, Roethlisberger 25 (shouldn’t have made me look at that); turnovers=impressive; did not win the super bowl that year; winning percentage can be attributed to the coaching staff, defense, o-line, and qb. You would think the best football player of all time would be better then that.

  9. Do you have any aspirations of being the first GM for two NFL teams at one time? I’m getting the noose ready for Bill Polian.

  10. I’m not from Indiana, nor do I live close to the State. Does that count for at least one regular and postseason win?

  11. Appreciated. I’ll put you on my blogroll then

  12. Right on. Until tomorrow when I serve up a heaping pile of Peyton Manning.

  13. Kevin Youkillis

    i actually finally just got around to looking at this list… its horrible.. evil kanevil an athlete? mario andretti.. who is jean claude killy…ted turner, 2 golfers.. horrible list

  14. Thank you Kevin for reminding me that I also had not read the list. I’ll agree with the list being mostly horrible. Kanevil, Turner, Lincecum? I even have a problem with Bob Gibson (who is one of the greatest). Since when did anyone ever associate coolness with Gibson? I’m assuming that you don’t consider golfers to be athletes?

    I was glad to see Pete Maravich on the list though. One of my writers did a great piece on him a while back. Check it out:

  15. well said. I’ve always been a big Brady backer and will never go down without a fight with those Peyton lovers out there. Brady is the best, simple as that. Those who don’t like him are jealous haters. I have read the article and agree that is was ridiculously great, i happened to get the cover with joe namath who was the ultimate playboy, still has nothing on Brady. Check out my blog about Brady/Montana/Manning for an in depth look at King Brady.

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